Are Egg Boards Hard to Ride? Is It Good for Beginners?

are egg boards hard to ride:Eggboards Mini Longboard review

Eggboard mini longboard skateboard is the most popular, especially for beginners learning and getting short-distance riding.

If you are a newbie skater and decide to buy the best skateboard for beginners, then maybe you have already heard the name of egg boards. You may have at least once thought the question is, are egg boards hard to ride? Are egg boards good for beginners?

This is a natural question; in most cases, beginners are asking these common questions. That’s why our team has created this complete guide, where we have tried to cover almost all the essential points with egg boards riding. So, without wasting time. Let’s get started on our journey.

Are Egg Boards Hard to Ride?

are eggboard hard to ride?

Definitely, egg boards are easy to ride; Especially once you obtain used to egg skateboards, you will feel most suitable for you in overall aspects. There are several reasons why egg skateboard is the best option for beginners to learn riding. We have smashed both the advantage and disadvantages part to make it easier to understand.

What We Like The Egg Boards Skateboard

In this section, we have analyzed why we think egg skateboard is best for beginners. We also highlighted all the features.


When you are going to learn skateboarding at the opening level, you have many chances of an accident as well as repeated accidents are likely to cause bad damage to the skateboard. In most cases, standard brand skateboards cannot withstand this type of accident, resulting in several essential parts like trucks, bearing, deck, or wheels being badly damaged.

However, one of the most pleasing aspects of egg skateboard is that it is designed to be beginner-friendly. As a result, each part is exceptionally durable, and several times the accident does not cause any major damage easily.

Larger Wheels:

Some models’ Egg skateboard wheels are much larger, which provides a better experience in the field of riding. Larger wheels are best for riding, especially rocks, cracks streets without any kind of hangup.

Also, egg skateboard wheels are more comprehensive and softer, providing a smoother riding experience and great for less pushing and more impressive for cruising. Because of the slower speed, the beginner gets better performance in the field of learning.

Easy to Control:

As it is very small in terms of measurements, on the one hand, it is very portable; on the other hand, it is much easier to control on a comparative egg skateboard. So egg skateboard is suitable for both beginners to experts to get better control.

Easier to Turning:

According to experts, egg board trucks are much more robust and provide better stability than standard skateboards. Originally egg board trucks size 7 inches, which is aluminium reverse kingpins. This makes turning easier than traditional kingpin skateboard trucks.


One of the special features of the Egg board is its convenient design. This makes it easy to get anywhere. In addition, many challenging spots can be easily ridden away. That’s why egg riding skateboard is an easy way to ride or store somewhere.

What We Didn’t Like Egg Boards Skateboard

There are many advantages as well as some disadvantages of egg skateboard. We have highlighted them in this section.

Short Standing Platform:

As we mentioned earlier, the egg skateboard is much more portable and convenient, due to which its deck is relatively short. In the new state, larger deck skateboards are much more convenient for learning to ride and learning and applying skateboard tips and tricks.

However, according to many consumers, once you adapt to the short standing deck, it will be much easier for you to ride. So it can be said that this is not a prominent issue.

Not Faster:

Egg skateboard wheels are much softer, which makes it much smoother to run. However, in the case of running on the rough street, its wheels move smoothly and cannot cruise fast like other skateboard brands, so if you are planning to ride faster way. Maybe egg board skateboard not be the best alternative for you.

However, there is another way you can replace the wheels; after changing the wheels, you will get a faster riding experience.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a longer board easier to ride?

In most cases, this question can be heard from beginners. You may be happy to know that longer skateboards are easy to ride. Because longer and wider deck will help to keep your foot on one side as well as drop through will lower your center of gravity.

2. Are cruiser boards good for beginners?

The short answer is “Yes.” A cruiser skateboard is a good option, especially for beginners. Though there are many reasons for this, some important reasons are that the size of the cruiser board is a bit large, as well as its wheels are soft and can easily roll over any surface. In this way, there are mostly no chances of falling at the beginning of skateboard learning.

3. Can an adult use a mini skateboard?

Again, the short answer is “Yes.” An adult can use a mini skateboard board, like an egg board mini skateboard. The great advantage of mini skateboarding is that you can ride here smoothly and faster. The wheels are designed in the same way as the deck so that you can easily carry them anywhere, and ideally, children, adults, beginners can easily skate here. Another feature of the mini skateboard is that it can be cruising and rolling on any terrain.

4. What is the best size skateboard for a beginner?

According to most expert skaters at the first beginning level, a newbie should choose 7.75 inches or 8.0 inches deck skateboard. This is the right size skateboard for any beginner to learn skating. When the skill develops slowly, you will need to use a wider skateboard for learning different tricks.

5. Where can I practice skateboarding for beginners?

Of course, for beginner-level skateboarding learning, empty street parking lots, the less used sidewalk is excellent places to practice skateboarding. However, if the surface of the place is rough and cracks where you will learn skateboarding, then we will suggest avoiding these places as much as possible. Because in the newbie condition, there is a lot of risk on the rough surface. In this case, try as much as possible to choose a smoother surface to get a smooth ride experience.

Final Verdict

In a sentence, undoubtedly, egg skateboard riding is a pretty easy in the field of learning. Hopefully, you got the answer to your question is, are egg boards hard to ride in detail. We are analyze everything part by part so that you can easily understand.

If you are still thinking of buying an egg board skateboard, you can read our experts eggboard skateboard review guide. This will help you to make a decision efficiently.

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