Are Egg Skateboards Good for Beginners?

are eggboard good for beginner

If you buy a beginner-friendly most suitable skateboard, then learning skateboard riding will not be a difficult task for you at all. However, the problem is that newbies make the biggest mistakes in choosing the best types of skateboard, which makes them easy learning process more difficult for them. Egg Skateboard is a well-known skateboard manufacturer on the market.

Egg skateboards may seem like beginner-friendly skateboards, but many of us have a lot of confusion about are egg skateboards good for beginners or not. Anyway, our main topic is basically all elements of egg skateboard, we will not discuss egg skateboard review in this guide. We will highlight just all those aspects of why it is beginner-friendly.

Why Egg Skateboard Best?

Eggboards Mini Longboard

In this section, we will be concerned about some of the main features of egg skateboards, which many people consider egg skateboards as a great option.


The first factor to consider when choosing a skateboard is how durable this skateboard is. Because its durability depends on its other part’s usages and capabilities to face challenging situations, in the case of learning to skate in a new situation, you may repeatedly fail. Furthermore, if the skateboard is not durable, it will be damaged after a few days of use.

One of the great aspects of Egg Skateboard is that each of its components is built to handle all situations. Especially its deck is very thick due to which it is able to carry heavyweight. On the other hand, the truck is made of strong aluminum, which makes it extremely lightweight and durable.

Rubber wheels provide smooth suspension as well as a smooth riding experience. Its bearing and brushing are outstanding! Overall, I’m pretty sure the durability aspect won’t make you unsatisfied.

Sizes and Weight:

Large sizes skateboards are very difficult to handle, especially for those who are learning new. It is also important to have sizes that match your height. In most cases, skateboards are much larger in size or not in accordance with the needs of beginners, which makes it difficult to apply many tricks. Also, if the skateboard is overweight, then it has a considerable adverse effect on the field of riding.

Egg skateboards are very convenient in terms of size and weight, as well as their maximum skateboards size is excellent for the average user. So you can be sure of the same size and weight.


Portability has been given more importance along with other sides in making egg skateboards. Its design is much like a round shape egg, which makes it easy to carry in any average sizes bag. And can be kept anywhere safely. 

Are Egg Skateboards Good for Beginners?

Eggboards Mini Longboard review

Undoubtedly, Egg skateboards are an outstanding option for developing and learning skating skills at the beginning level than other longboards and skateboards.

Also, perfect deck size, soft wheels, durable trucks, and an original solid bearing egg made the skateboard more durable and reliable. Also, most pro skaters and egg skateboard is especially recommended for beginners. Overall, egg skateboard is an outstanding selection for newbie skaters in the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions!

1. How to ride an egg board: Is an egg board easy to ride?

When you go to learn skateboarding in the first place, you can face very difficult situations. Also wrong selected skateboard is very difficult for your first riding. This is why when you go to learn skateboarding, you need to choose a skateboard that is suitable for you.

Egg skateboard is basically the best skateboard for beginners; its complete design is basically accomplished that way. Besides, it is very easy to balance in the first position because it is very convenient.

2. What is the easiest type of skateboard to learn on?

Originally a complete beginner rider, whose average height is 5 feet 5 inches to 6 feet and who has never experienced skateboarding before. Then a longboard is an excellent option over penny boards or other average skateboards, which helps overcome various adversities in the field of learning most efficiently.

3. Are Eggboards worth it? 

Eggboards are considered by many to be as wide and stable as longboards, as well as comparable to penny boards for their convenient and small size with easy carrying and carrying anywhere. Moreover, it is efficient to use, especially for new skaters. This is why if you want to learn skating as well as learn new skateboard tricks, then Eggboards is a worthy selection for you.

4. Are bigger skateboards easier to ride?

This is one of the most common inquiries I hear from almost everyone. Of course, a bigger skateboard means an extensive deck, which is much more stable than a regular skateboard, but another thing to keep in mind is that a smaller skateboard is much easier to maneuver than a bigger skateboard.

However, it is difficult to say precisely which skateboards will be perfect for you. Because different types of skaters have different preferences, here we have recommendations you can ride with both sizes of skateboards for a while or a few days; you can start skating with the help of what you think is suitable.

5. Is a 7.75 inches skateboard a good size?

There is common confusion about the skateboard size between both pro and newbie skaters. First of all, you have to keep in mind that choosing skateboard size is an entirely personal preference; no one can tell you exactly which one will be the excellent option for you because the direction of skateboard deck sizes depends on your skating style.

However, we can suggest size to clear some of your confusion. Considering the type of skating of almost all skaters, 7.75 inches and 8.25 inches are called great sizes skateboards. So you have to look at which is a great option for you.

Final Verdict

Egg skateboard may be the first impression for some skaters because of its exceptional design and size. Their durability, excellent stability, deck, trucks, wheels, and other things will attract anyone. It will also be a good selection for those who want to come to skating in the new position to learn efficiently. So I think you got the right guide to your question are egg skateboards good for beginners?

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