List of different types of skate shoes!

types of skate shoes

It is hard to categorize all the Types of skate shoes available. When it comes to narrowing down your choice from within unlimited options of cupsoles and vulcanized shoes, it becomes a daunting task indeed.

But do not worry! Below, we speak about everything that you need to get started.

If you were wondering about skate shoes or planning to buy a pair, you would definitely gain some insight and ideas from this article.

Why Would You Need Skate Shoe?

As the name suggests, skate shoes are specially designed and produced for skateboarding involve rigorous feet movement that puts a lot of strain on them.

It is also risky at times, but that is where skate shoes come into action. These shoes can protect your feet when skateboarding and provide proper support.

Choosing the Correct Types of Skate Shoes

Choosing the Correct Type of Skate Shoes

Before you choose a pair of skate shoes, you have to understand your style of skating. Many board tricks can be performed, and the ones you choose will determine which kinds of skate shoes you need.

Lets know exactly 9 Reasons Why are Leather Shoes Are Great for Skateboarding!

It should be noted that there are various kinds of skate shoes available on the market, each of which has different functions and appearances.

But in general, there are two types of skate shoes; cupsoles, which are designed to protect from the heavy impact of aerial tricks, and vulcanized, which are designed for greater control of the board to perform tricks.

Vulcanized shoes are usually slim, lightweight, and flexible. They also look similar to casual shoes.

The advantage of vulcanized shoes over cupsole shoes is that the former gives the user more maneuverability and greater board control for tricks. They are not as cushioned as other skate shoes, though.

Cupsole shoes, on the other hand, have much thicker soles and more cushioning. These shoes are designed for skaters who perform aerial tricks, tricks that involve jumping from great heights.

Features of Skateboard Shoes

Features of Skateboard Shoes

Another critical factor that should be considered before choosing a shoe is cushioning. Different skate shoes use different types of cushioning, each of which functions differently to protect your feet.

In brief, skate shoes are produced with EVA foam which is lightweight but not as durable as shoes made with PU foam.

Some models also offer various types of cushion designs such as dual heel cushioning, heel collar, etc.

All of this serves the same purpose of protecting your feet but with varying comfort.
Some other notable features of skateboard shoes must be known;

Lace Guards

They protect the shoes’ laces from being damaged while skateboarding.

Triple Stitches and Seams

Some shoes come with extra layers of material to protect them from wear and tear. It is known to every skater that the seam of a shoe is its most vulnerable part, and therefore various shoe models come with hardened/reinforced seams.


While skateboarding, your feet, ankles, and joints are simultaneously facing stress, for which some skate shoes come with extra padding in the tongue, heel areas, and sidewalls.


It’s probably not necessary to elaborate much on why ventilation is required as nobody loves sweaty feet.

Types of Skate Shoes Available

different types of skate shoes

Now that we more or less know about what makes a skate shoe desirable, we can speak about some of the most highly trendy terms of the 21st century; high-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops.

These are the three different kinds of shoes, each of which differs in the height of the shaft.

Below, we will look at the differences, cons, and pros of these three types.

     1. High-Top Shoes

As the name suggests, these shoes are higher cut than other shoes; usually till the ankle. High-tops provide more stability and additional padding, which ensures more safety, protection, and comfort in the area of your ankles.

Furthermore, high-tops keep your feet warmer and are suitable as winter shoes due to this. But they are not very breathable, and if you have sweaty feet… you can assume the rest.

     2. Mid-Top Shoes

These are the perfect balance between high-tops and low-tops. But mid-top shoes offer more stability and padding than both the other types.

They are usually cut right below or leveled at the ankle. It results in better stability, dampening, and support to your ankle.

If you are not a fan of low-tops but also want to keep your feet warm, mid-top would be the correct choice for you.

     3. Low-Top Shoes

These shoes are cut below the ankle. They are comparatively flat, and due to the lower cut, the shoes are more lightweight. However, you lose the protection that mid-top and high-top shoes provide to your ankle.

Other than that, they are almost the same as these shoes do not cut down on cushioning and dampening.

Skate Shoes Materials

material used for skate shoes

All three types of skate shoes are produced with varying materials, each of which has a special advantage over the other. But the choice of materials usually boils down to two factors; comfort and durability.

Skate shoes generally have three main components; upper material, lining, and outsole.

The upper material is what we see on the outside. It could be made of suede, patent leather (a fancy name for leather produced from the animal hide), textile materials such as canvas, and even vegan shoes made without animal products!

Note that these names were written in order of durability; meaning, suede is the most durable and vegan shoes are the least durable.

Types Of Skate Shoes: Which Skate Shoes Should You Get?

Which Skate Shoes Should You Get?


In summary, if you’re more oriented to board tricks like ollies, grinds, and slides, you should opt for a vulcanized shoe that is thinner and flexible.

If you do aerial tricks that involve jumping, you should opt for a cupsole, which comes with a thicker sole to protect your feet and heel.

Finally, if you skate quite often, it is important that you buy a good pair of skate shoes. Do not let the price hold you back, as the right skate shoes could save you from unwanted injuries and also last longer than cheaper alternatives.


1. What is the most popular skate shoe?

There are many different types of skate shoes, but the most popular ones are the skateboarding shoes. This is because they provide good grip and support while skating. They are also designed to be comfortable, so you can wear them for long periods of time.

The skateboarding shoes come in many different styles and colors, so you can find one that suits your needs and style. Some of the popular brands include Nike, Adidas, and Vans. All of these brands have a variety of different skate shoes that you can choose from. Make sure to find the right size by trying them on in a store before you buy them.


Before making an impulse decision, take a moment and ask yourself if you really need skate shoes. If you do not skate that much, you probably do not need skate shoes unless you like being fashionable.

If you decide to get a pair, make sure that you get the correct one according to your skateboarding style.

It’s tough to highlight one particular shoe type as ideal amidst the different types of skate shoes.

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