Magneto Bamboo Longboard Review in Current Market


Longboarding is a great sport and activity that you might love with. I also love longboarding pretty much. Because longboarding with your friends makes your day. Today you are going to read our complete Magneto bamboo longboard review.

If you are someone who wants to have a better, efficient, and flexible bamboo drop through longboard, but you have found yourself so tired to figure out which brand is comfortable for you. And by which longboard brand’s, you can use with a variety of styles.

Magneto Bamboo Longboard ReviewMagneto Longboard

Recently, I have come with magneto bamboo longboard review. And the Magento is one of the best longboard brands out there. Though the magneto is relatively new to the industry, however, the quality of their products, productivity, proper materials, and components make it stand out. 

In this article, I will be talking about the Magento bamboo drop through longboard from all aspects. And I will include the advantages and disadvantages of the board, and all those things that you wanted to know about. Besides, I’m going to share my experience with the bamboo longboard. So, without further ado, let’s get below to the review. 

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill and Dancing

Bamboo Longboard

Magneto bamboo longboard is included in my favorite longboard list and is one of the bamboo longboards by which I’ve experienced for a while. And I’ve found it perfect, and excellent longboard including quality materials made the deck, durable trucks of fantastic quality, a little bit soft wheels, and the upgraded bearings.

The longboard is ideal for cruiser, carving, tricks, and even handling the downhill ride. And I think the things that I love for its polished look. The bamboo longboard comes with innovative design and shapes to give it a better look while cruising around the town. Besides, the graphic and burnished wood with their magneto logo is pretty much beautiful and charming in the street.

So, if you are looking for more details, here you are. I have explained all the essential things below.

DeckMagneto longboard deck

The most crucial part is the deck. The magneto bamboo longboard comes with a flexible deck that is shaped in a drop-through style. It measures 38.5 inches by 9 inches, which perfect for carving with any turns. 

The bamboo drop through longboard deck is made with Canadian maple that means a high-quality stiff wood that makes sure the excellent hardness and durability. Besides, it looks polished and impressive beauty while cruising around. 

Magneto bamboo longboard deck is equipped with suitable materials such as bamboo, which the excellent resources for building up the deck. Moreover, this material ensures strength and flexibility. Also, the board is made with fiberglass to make it perfect and lightweight. And it increases strength and durability. 

There’s one more thing is carbon fiber used in the deck, which is the great materials ensuring the downhill ride with adequate balance. Also, the carbon makes it pretty much stiff and lightweight. So, this convenient allows you to carve, cruise, and unlimited ride as fast as you want as well as even fast downhill ride.


The most striking part in longboard is trucks. These keep the board higher off the ground. And it helps to turn in even some rough surfaces or roads. The trucks are 7 inches in size and made with heavy quality aluminum for carving and sharp turns. If you have the trucks loosen up, you might need to tighten the trucks for better carving and cruising around. 

Moreover, the trucks are super steady and significant for bombing hills or cruising around. So, it can be an excellent choice for whether beginner, intermediate, or pro.

WheelsMagneto Longboard wheels

The wheels are a little bit soft, and it’s perfect for drifting. The size is 7-0mm by 53mm. These are a bit loosen up for fast carving and cruising experience. However, when you are planning to go downhill through the board, you might need to tighten up for stability. 

BearingsMagneto Longboard bearings

Magneto bamboo longboard comes with high-quality bearings. They run well and are a little bit smoother. It boasts with eleven ABEC ratings to ensure the quality.

Why you should buy magneto bamboo longboard (Pros)

I think the things I really love is the magneto bamboo longboard is: 

  • Lightweight  – it means the board is easy to use, and move while carrying out. Also, the wrapped fiberglass and carbon fiber ensure the longboard is lightweight.
  • Super flexible – the bamboo drop through longboard deck ensures the flexibility and controlling balance during downhill riding.
  • Super steady – while pushing off the ground. And great for downhill and cruising around.
  • Excellent design – which is equipped with varnished wood and fantastic graphics looking pretty much polished
  • Excellent for everyone – that means it is quite useful for whether beginner, intermediate or even pro rider. 

And there’s no need to buy a grip tape for it. Because it already has come with sandblasting clear style grip. It feels more balanced when riding downhill.

Cons to know:

  • The bearings and the wheels might have to loosen up or changed for more riding experience. However, the components they have added is quite excellent and able to roll over for very long.
  • The wheels are loose enough. However, there's nothing to be worried about. You can tighten up when it is needed; it's dependent up to you.



There are many longboards in the market. But choosing the best longboards is a little bit difficult. I hope which things I pointed out and explained is going to be helpful to figure out the best one. 

Why I have chosen the board is when I first saw the magneto bamboo longboard, it took me by surprise. The design and right quality materials can quickly satisfy you. And one more thing that makes it a perfect buy is the board comes with the lowest price. So, good for the money.

Overall, I think my magneto bamboo longboard review is favorable when you are going to this model. Besides, it might encourage you, because I've found myself satisfied with this excellent bamboo longboard. So, I highly recommend this product and hope it helps.



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