Magneto Bamboo Longboard Review in Current Market!


Longboarding is a great sport and activity that you might love with. I also love longboarding pretty much. Because longboarding with your friends makes your day. Today you are going to read our complete Magneto bamboo longboard review.

If you are someone who wants to have a better, efficient, and flexible bamboo drop through longboard, but you have found yourself so tired to figure out which brand is comfortable for you. And by which longboard brand’s, you can use with a variety of styles.

Magneto Bamboo Longboard Review

Recently, I have come with magneto bamboo longboard review. And the Magento is one of the best longboard brands out there. Though the magneto is relatively new to the industry, however, the quality of their products, productivity, proper materials, and components make it stand out. 

In this article, I will be talking about the Magento bamboo drop through longboard from all aspects. And I will include the advantages and disadvantages of the board, and all those things that you wanted to know about. Besides, I’m going to share my experience with the bamboo longboard. So, without further ado, let’s get below to the magneto longboard review. 

Magneto Bamboo Dancer Longboard

The demand for good longboards is increasing day by day and if it is a magneto bamboo dancer longboard then there is no question. Day by day this company is moving towards improvement with these boards. Made with high quality and strong bamboo, this magneto dancing board is quite light in weight for its light material. And riders can play a variety of tricks on this dancing longboard. They feel very comfortable in it.

Magneto Dancing Longboard Review

If you are looking for the best board and want to dance while playing this board again, then this magneto dancing longboard is for you and you can dance side step and some nice things.

Magneto bamboo longboard is included in my favorite longboard list and is one of the bamboo longboards by which I’ve experienced for a while. And I’ve found it perfect, and excellent longboard including quality materials made the deck, durable trucks of fantastic quality, a little bit soft wheels, and the upgraded bearings.

The magneto dancing longboards are ideal for cruiser, carving, tricks, and even handling the downhill ride. And I think the things that I love for its polished look. The bamboo longboard comes with innovative designs and shapes to give it a better look while cruising around the town. Besides, the graphic and burnished wood with their magneto longboards logo is pretty much beautiful and charming in the street.

So, if you are looking for more details, here you are. I have explained all the essential things below.


magneto bamboo

The most crucial part is the deck. The magneto bamboo longboard comes with a flexible deck that is shaped in a drop-through style. It measures 38.5 inches by 9 inches, which perfect for carving with any turns. 

The bamboo drop through longboard deck is made with Canadian maple that means a high-quality stiff wood that makes sure the excellent hardness and durability. Besides, it looks polished and impressive beauty while cruising around. 

Magneto bamboo longboard deck is equipped with suitable materials such as bamboo, which the excellent resources for building up the deck. Moreover, this material ensures strength and flexibility. Also, the board is made with fiberglass to make it perfect and lightweight. And it increases strength and durability. 

There’s one more thing is carbon fiber used in the deck, which is the great materials ensuring the downhill ride with adequate balance. Also, the carbon makes it pretty much stiff and lightweight. So, this convenient allows you to carve, cruise, and unlimited ride as fast as you want as well as even fast downhill ride.


The most striking part in longboard is trucks. These keep the board higher off the ground. And it helps to turn in even some rough surfaces or roads. The trucks are 7 inches in size and made with heavy quality aluminum for carving and sharp turns. If you have the trucks loosen up, you might need to tighten the trucks for better carving and cruising around. 

Moreover, the trucks are super steady and significant for bombing hills or cruising around. So, it can be an excellent choice for whether beginner, intermediate, or pro.


Magneto Bamboo Longboard wheels

The wheels are a little bit soft, and it’s perfect for drifting. The size is 7-0mm by 53mm. These are a bit loosen up for fast carving and cruising experience. However, when you are planning to go downhill through the board, you might need to tighten up for stability. 


Magneto Bamboo Longboard bearings

Magneto bamboo longboard comes with high-quality bearings. They run well and are a little bit smoother. It boasts with eleven ABEC ratings to ensure the quality.

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Why you should buy magneto bamboo longboard (Pros)

I think the things I really love is the magneto bamboo longboard is: 

And there’s no need to buy a grip tape for it. Because it already has come with sandblasting clear style grip. It feels more balanced when riding downhill.

Cons to know:

Magneto downhill longboards reviews

Magneto Carbon Fiber Downhill longboard review

Since the invention of longboards from the 1950s, they have become quite famous in the skateboarding community. And if you are in searchof something that provides you universal usage, sturdy construction, and reliable functionality, then you have just hit the jackpot!

Deck Design & Specification


You see, this product from Magento is made from bamboo and fiberglass. The fiberglass and carbon build are a good option if you are looking for a board that offers you improved stability and versatility. Now, add bamboo to the construction, you get a board that has unmatched flexibility, along with boosted toughness. 

Therefore, we assure you that you can use the product for all types of skating activities such as cruising, freestyling, downhill skating, dancing, and carving. 

Now coming to the design, this was inspired by classical skateboard types of vinyl. That is more than enough to get you hooked to the looks of the board. And the Magneto logo that was carved on its carbon fiber surface gives the board a much more dashing look. 


Magneto Carbon Longboard Truck

For RECESSED TRUCK the deck of this skateboard works in a way that will make you more attracted to this board. Which reduces gravity during riding and increases the sliding capacity.The recesses are designed parallel to the ground plane which will give you good pleasure in turning performance.

Plus, apart from sturdiness and pliability, the masterpiece has a couple of other quirks up its sleeves. It has four 78A high rebound wheels with dimensions of 73mm in length and 53mm in breadth and 7-inch precision gravity trucks, which yields outstanding stability and will offer you a very comfortable experience. 

Wheel & Bearing

Speaking of smoothing skating experience, its high-quality stainless-steel bearings allow swift movement of the wheels. If that is not enough, then its 37.5-inch long and 11-inch broad frame should give you sufficient footing and should also upgrade the overall stability of the board even further. 

Magneto Carbon Longboard Review​



Magento 42-Inch Hana Twin Bamboo longboard​ Review

Are you looking for a longboard that aims to serve all purposes, such as multipurpose usage, remarkable stability, and longevity? Look no more, Amigo, as we present to you Magento’s Hana longboard, which is considered as one of the best types of longboard by many pros.


Magento 42-Inch Hana Twin longboard Deck

Right of the bat, the board’s deck is pretty sizable. Length-wise, it is 42-inches and has a breadth of 9.5-inch, which should be more than enough for a stable and comfortable footing. Thus, letting you ride with maximum comfort. 


Magento 42-Inch Hana Twin longboard Wheel

In addition to that, the stability of the board is heightened even further by its 32-inch wheelbase, and 70-mm wheels.


Magento 42-Inch Hana Twin longboard Truck

Also, the Paris-style trucks improve the smoothness of the item and make you feel like you are skating on a smooth surface.

So, if you are longing for a skateboard that offers smooth riding and assures efficient curving, then this is it. Furthermore, the cutout shape optimizes sharp turning and reduces the wheel bites, which makes it supreme for carvings as well.

Design & Constructions

Magento 42-Inch Hana Twin longboard Construction

Now, let us talk about the skateboard’s construction. Made from bamboo, the item is quite well-made and certifies terrific flexibility. Consequently, you get enhanced mobility. 

However, being made from bamboo doesn’t make the board frail. It has a maple core that upgrades the toughness of the entire board a lot. Therefore, we can confidently tell you that you will be using the board for a long time without any issue.

Since the board is not too big, you’ll be able to tuck it in the corner of your place. So, this is an ideal choice for those who have storage issues.

Magento Bamboo longboard Review Hana Twin 42-Inch



Magneto pintail longboard reviews

In the skateboard world, Magento’s skateboards are considered to be among the finest, especially their Hana Longboard. Magento’s Hana collection is one of their best in the market. In that collection, the pintail is probably the most stylish of the bunch.


Nevertheless, do not consider this as an “all show, no go” product. This comes with a 31-inch wheelbase with four 70-mm wheels and Paris-style trucks. Hence, we assure you that anyone can use the item and enjoy a stable and smooth skating anywhere.


When manufacturers were making the board, they wanted you to have something that portrayed the bold style of skateboarding. That is why they came up with this layout that emphasizes more on the aesthetics. The bamboo and maple finish increases the desirability of the thing up by a notch.

By the way, the bamboo and maple used in its making are not only for show. You see, the bamboo gives the skateboard unrivaled flexibility and toughness, which is improved exponentially by the maple core. Therefore, keep doing your tricks without worrying about the lifespan. 

Now, there are a few other perks that this board proposes. One of them is that its grit sand surface that guarantees you finer traction for your feet. Also, this has a design that prevents wheel bite. In short, if you want to enjoy a fun cruise down the beach, in the city, or just freestyle with your buds, then this is just the one to choose.

Magento Bamboo longboard Review Hana Pintail 42-Inch



Magento Laguna 36-inch Twin Longboards Review


Sizeable deck, wide wheels, and a strong build are some of the key features that make the Laguna Twin longboard a genuine gem. And when this is paired with its fantastic laser-etched graphics, you will be swept off your feet immediately.

You will be pleased to learn that graphics on the board will almost never come off as the designs are etched using a laser. Next, each of the corners has a symmetrical deck, which raises the aesthetics of the board.


Moreover, its 28-inch wheelbase provides you an amazing balance,and the 70-mm wheels upgrade the stability of the product notably. But the manufacturers decided to take the steadiness up a notch! They installed the Paris-style trucks, which lets you have very enjoyable riding experience.

Besides, the item also assures you exceptional durability and robustness. The deck has 8-layers of hard maple (laminated) boards stacked on top of each other. This not only beautifies your board but also makes the whole contraption extremely sturdy. 

One of the significant issues that a skateboarder might face is a wheel bite. Magento knows about that and hence, has a cutout shape that reduces the wheel bite and enables you to take those carves like its nothing. Therefore, all these features make it the perfect item to be used for freestyling, cruising, and carving. 

Are you worried about grip tapes? Well, there is no need to ponder about that as this arrives with a sanded grit finish, which increases the traction between the feet and the deck, making it slip-proof. In short, it is a reliable board that will be by your side all the time. 



Magneto Laguna 36-Inch Pintail Longboard

The wordLagunareminds us of a more tropical region. As the name of the product suggests, Magneto Laguna is a prominent alternative if you want to experience a fun ride on the beach. Its light color assigns it that tropical look, which is what you need for a casual ride with your friends. 


Its dimensions are 36-inch in length and 9.5-inch in breadth. Such a good size allows you to have an astonishing footing,and also grants you a wide are for a comfortable foot-placement. And when that is added with its sanded grit surface, you get a slip-resistant skateboard. 

If you think the board is frail, then don’t judge a book by its cover! You see, it is made from bamboo and maple board. The bamboo used in its construction makes it light,and the maple core gives the itemthe strength to endure heavy weights, dents, and practically any punishment. 

Moreover, the product comes with ergonomics that reduce wheel bite. So, if you are looking for the cool board that lets you hit those deep carvings effortlessly, then this is the one to go for. 


On top of all this, the footing of the thing is praiseworthy. Its wide wheelbase of 29 inch and 70-mm wheels offer you the balance you would want from your boards. Once you are done with the day, you can neatly place this item without having it taking up too much space, all thanks to its sizeable dimensions.



Magento Maple Deck Kid's Skateboard Review

Is your son or daughter a fan of the legendary Tony Hawk? In case he/she is a fan, this is your chance to help them follow the footsteps of their idol. Magento has solely focused on this product for kids, and once your child has this bad boy, they will fall in love with it instantly.


Is your son or daughter a fan of the legendary Tony Hawk? In case he/she is a fan, this is your chance to help them follow the footsteps of their idol. Magento has solely focused on this product for kids, and once your child has this bad boy, they will fall in love with it instantly.


The board is perfect for ages 5 to 15. So, if you are looking for the best gift for your little one, then this is the supreme present you could get them so far. Besides, its massive 27.5-inch and the 7.75-inch roomy deck is absolute for a beginner to learn how to skate with reduced difficulty.

However, that is not all the item has to offer. It comes in with three smart and cool graphic designs, which your child is going to love at first sight.

Are you worried whether the thing will be able to hold its integrity, and do you fear that it might break as your child is using it? We are happy to inform you that this one is made from some heavy-duty material that grants its outstanding durability.


And the 5-inch aluminum trucks and steel axels ensure superb stability along with enhanced longevity. In addition to that, the board has four pre-installed high traction wheels that are 52-mm and are made from 95A polyurethane, which will allow the user to maximize stability and smooth skating experience.


Lastly, the board is constructed of seven maple boards stacked on top and bottom of each other, which gives it extreme sturdiness.

Magneto Kids Skateboard Review



Magento 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Review

In most cases, you will see that the expensive boards found in the market have the best features. This can be disheartening when you have a tight budget. But listen up closely, we have some good news for you! The 44-inch kicktail is probably one of the most affordable skateboards that Magneto has in its arsenal.


Magento 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Truck

Apart from being the ultimate cruiser, this one is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy a smooth cruising. It has a gravity cast and 7-inch aluminum trucks, which tweaks the balance of the item and also ensures that you have a fun and safe ride. 


Magento 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard wheel

By the way, those two features are not the only thing that improves the stability of the board. This is installed with four big 70-mm wheels that improve the overall balance. Therefore, we can tell you that you can use this skateboard for almost everything.

Also, the 70-mm wheels have a polyurethane construction that grants the wheels extraordinary lifespan and robustness. Thus, giving them what they need to face the hard and uneven asphalt roads of the urban areas with ease.


The cherry on the cake is the deck of the board! Since the board has been made from maple and bamboo, your footing will not dwindle from its place. The two materials also make the item look rugged and extremely fashionable. So, you get a board that looks amazing and will deliver you world-class service for several years without fail.

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Magneto Mini Skateboard Cruiser Review

Remember, the hype when Sony released Tony Hawk games on the PS2? In those days, everyone wanted to learn how to skate, and the craze of skateboards has still has not subsided. So, if you want to replenish your old memories and skill, then you have found your match.

For the best experience, Magento’s mini cruiser has a large frame with dimensions that are 7.5-inch broad and 27.5-inch long, making it a great choice for people of all ages (kids, teens, and even adults). And it’s super-light that enables you to carry it anywhere you want, and its compact size allows you to store it anywhere.


Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Deck

Other than that, it has dual kicks, which offers you superior versatilely and hence, is the best choice for freestyle. Followed by that, the board has a Canadian maple deck, that guarantees an incredible user endurance and certifies that it will serve them for several years.

Plus, the deck has a sanded grit surface that guarantees you comfortable footing and will provide you the traction that should prevent you from slipping off when you are using it.


By the way, do you love doing skateboard tricks? Well, if you do, then this is the classic choice of you, as it is installed with double kicks, versatile and stable construction that lets you do the most complex tricks with ease. Also, The tracks are made of aluminum and are very strong and reliable. Paris style trucks have 5 inch hangers and a kingpin angle of 55 degrees.


Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Wheel

The wheels are very nice. You must be happy with the firmness of the wheels. And there are no plastic parts in it! The thing that makes this item a must-have is its design. Manufacturers gave this masterpiece a bold and eye-catching model. Prepared to get your breath snatched.

Let's watch on the video of Magneto Mini Skateboard Cruiser Review




Magneto brands offer the best longboards with quality and their price is very reasonable.

Bamboo is a flexible and light material and its durability is low. It grows best in summer major regions such as Asian countries. Bamboo longboards are faster and more famous than maple longboard.

No you don’t need to buy this. Because they give a sandblasting coating on the top of the board which is super grippy, to hold your feet when you ride the board.

Conclusion Of Magneto Bamboo Longboard Review

There are many longboards in the market. But choosing the best longboards is a little bit difficult. I hope which things I pointed out and explained is going to be helpful to figure out the best one. 

Why I have chosen the board is when I first saw the magneto bamboo longboard, it took me by surprise. The design and right quality materials can quickly satisfy you. And one more thing that makes it a perfect buy is the board comes with the lowest price. So, good for the money.

Overall, I think my magneto longboard review is favorable when you are going to this model. Besides, it might encourage you, because I’ve found myself satisfied with this excellent bamboo longboard. So, I highly recommend this product and hope it helps.



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