Is Magneto Bamboo A Dancer Longboard?

is magneto bamboo dancer longboard:magneto longboard review

If you’ve been interested in taking up longboarding, you must have seen the brand ‘Bamboo’ pop up every now and then. But is the magneto bamboo dancer longboard, and should you get it?

Yes, it is a longboard with amazing features and builds quality. Magneto has been selling bamboo dancer longboards for quite some time, and we couldn’t help but notice that it is hyped for all the right reasons.

According to reports, the Magneto bamboo dancer longboard was one of the 8 best-selling longboards of 2022.

So, here we are explaining the price, features, functions, and other essential information regarding it so that you can pick the ideal board for your preference. Excited to learn more about this? Then take a step further and find out!

Fun Fact! 

Magneto bamboo longboards are built by local skaters and are inspired by Southern California, where longboarding mainly originated from.

This is why the Magneto team tries to keep the designs as minimal as possible as they take inspiration from surf culture and natural materials. You will notice that they launch many neat, structured, and minimally designed boards that are great for people of all ages.

The Price, Features, and Functions

Magneto’s bamboo dancing longboard has received raving reviews from both beginner and professional skaters. These are a few things they love the most:


The Magneto dancer is an excellent buy for anyone looking for high functioning, affordable board to groove on. It costs around $140, not too expensive compared to other longboards that are too pricey but almost do the same work. 


The deck is flexible and robust enough to handle any dance move you can think of. In addition, the deck has twin kick tails that can be used for shove-its, manuals, and flip tricks. 

You won’t realize how a massive 46-by-9.5-inch board is constructed from three layers of bamboo and fiberglass. It feels like an expensive premium board.

Performing manual flips and shove-its are no trouble with the Magneto dancer’s massive symmetrical kicks. Stepping, pirouetting, and carving with a continuous edge are all possible thanks to the board’s shallow concave.

The 7-inch gravity cast aluminum trucks and 70mm 78A Magneto wheels come standard with the dancer. Let’s not forget the pop and flex of the Magneto bamboo dancer, which are particularly appealing to riders. Anyone who has used this board to learn dancing or freestyle on this board agrees.


Any skateboard may be used to learn longboard dance. However, learning the fundamentals and making progress will be simpler if the board is larger than the average. That is because you’ll need more room on your board if you want to do cross-stepping and other dynamic, continuous moves. 

Since Magneto received so many requests from fans and buyers, they finally came up with a longer dancer in stock. Besides, you also get a free skate tool by purchasing this board.

Magneto bamboo dancer’s 38.5″ x 9″ length is perfect. With a shallow concave, and arched chamber, the carver board is ideal for beginners and experts alike. Since you’ll dance or stand in the chamber, you will eventually notice that the board’s vibrations and responsiveness are highly amplified.

Board walking can also be done comfortably on the top mount flat top. The cambered profile provides a dynamic and springy feel when stepping and carving.

Adaptability and Skating Options

The deck’s adaptability is another critical factor. A somewhat stiffer deck is recommended to incorporate more technical and classic tricks into your riding style. If you ride longboards, you’ll definitely know how important stability is for a smooth ride.

For this purpose, Magneto longboards provide stability when dancing through the deck’s structure which is just firm but flexible enough to offer a comfortable ride. After all, it’s built for stability and performance. 

Your skating options are infinite. Many outdoor activities and modes of transportation can be done using this board.

You can take it wherever you want. Have fun riding or carving the board at any place you like. Let it be roads, hills, or on the beach, you name it. The possibilities are endless. Even learning land SUP paddling is a pleasure with this board. You can enjoy your time on ice and be creative!


Changing the bearings is highly recommended. Numerous riders have suggested upgrading the board to Caliber trucks and Blood Orange or Orangatang wheels. Fortunately, you will be excited to know that the overall cost of the setup will still be pretty reasonable.


You will find the packaging to be pretty basic, just containing the board. The board itself is fine, but once you hold it, you will know how heavy it really is. 

Are They Good?

Are Magneto longboards good? Although it is a longboard especially built for carving, a few users have claimed it to be not standing up to their expectations, especially when it comes to carving.

Some reviews even argued it to be not as strong as the creators’ claim. Many of the longboards quickly broke by just doing a regular manual. 

Quite a few reviewers even put it to the test. They did it by throwing the board with minimum pressure on a surface, breaking it. 

Many skaters prefer carving boards for cruising every day. So, the demand for the best carving longboard is constantly increasing. And it is essential to understand that there will be a difference in experience surrounding this board due to many reasons.

Each experience may differ based on packaging, delivery, or user. It is up to you to make sure you’re reaching the board’s full potential.

Get the Right Board for Your Needs Now!

The ideal board will be the one that matches all your demands as a user. Whether they are drop-through, blunt, or pintail longboards for deep carves and minimum risks, or just whatever – you should go for what matches your requirements.

Now that you have figured out the answer to the question, is Magneto Bamboo Dancer longboard, you must be ready to get it. And why not? You may even get several options and become an expert longboarder. After all, it all comes down to being more aware of your needs, depending on the situation and finances.

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