Paris V3 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks Review In Current Market!


Skateboards aren’t just about the hawg wheels or the wooden decks with artsy designs. Without the right trucks, your high-end board will only get you so far in the skill ladder. But finding trucks that actually fit perfectly or give your board the boast it needs to be the best can be tricky. That’s where our Paris V3 Trucks Review comes in.

After taking into consideration the speed-rings, the axle and its nuts, the base plate, kingpin, and many more factors, which are the keys to a great truck, we’ve given our verdict here.

And to help the newbies out there, there’s a bunch of FAQs with the pros and cons listed out so that you have all the facts up your sleeve when you make your first purchase.

Paris V3 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

paris v3 trucks review

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Paris V3 Trucks Review​

The Paris V3 truck is stronger than almost all other trucks in the market today. If you want to combine the feel of wave surfing with the fun of smooth tricks on a cruiser, then this will easily suffice.

It’s been upgraded to having better bushings and a better pivot cup compared to its predecessor, the Paris V2 trucks. That makes it a lot smoother and a lot more fun to play around on.

Flips, curves, turns, and freestyling — you name the game, and these trucks will be down for it. You’ll notice how significantly lighter the base plate is since the trucks are very light. But despite the lightness, it’s still very strong. The hanger on this is stronger than before and this makes it an overall great value for durability.

As for the nitty-gritty details and all of its noticeable features, we’ve come up with a set of bullet points so that you don’t need any of the other boring stuff.


It’s no secret that the durability of trucks is a big factor for skateboarders who love to freestyle. This one has a reverse kingpin, stronger hangers, and a considerably light build, which makes it overall more durable than any other of its kind.

The company has aimed specifically to make this withstand rough use and abuse. Owing to this, it’s been made with alloys, and T6 heat-treated, making sure it can walk (or skate) the talk.

You can last more than 6 months with these no problem. And even after long periods, you’ll find the only thing worth complaining is how there’ll be scratches on them from the wear and tear or everyday rides. It’s one sweet investment.

Smoothness of Rebound

For fluidity, the base plate of 50 degrees is perfect. It comes with an open seat for the bushing alongside a rake that’s positive enough to allow curvy moves at every turn. The rebound transition and response timing is on point to make the rider get effortless surfing motions on the road.

This is mainly due to the added urethane to the top conical bushings that offer better support and rebound. Ultra-smooth turning response is what this product promises and duly delivers.

Top-notch Manufacturing

Since these trucks were manufactured with top-notch materials, you can be sure it’ll give you golden service. The axles are made of alloy steel and the pivot cups are made of hand-poured urethane.

With the redesigned kingpins of steel alloy and newly made conical shaped bushings and multiple color-ways, this is a product worthy of any skater’s attention.

All-Purpose Style

Despite the bumps and cracks on your way, these trucks on your base plate will never go out of style. They’re versatile in terms of design so that you can easily match them up with any freestyle longboard of your choice.

Rest assured that the 180 mm hanger will complement any of your riding styles and vibe with your board’s deck with ease. It’s the definition of a “go with the flow” type product.

So you can do freestyle tricks, flips, smooth transitions, or even deliver swoon-worthy dance moves on your board with these trucks on. You can get your ride height matched for better speeds and geometry when cruising on streets or racing.

Paris V3 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Strength of Design

Due to the nature of manufacturing, the trucks retain properties derived from forging, extrusion, and even casting. They’re strong with broadened shoulders of the hangers.

The barrel of the hangers has also been increased in diameter. On top of those, the base-plate support beam has been reinforced to be able to reduce stress while increasing its overall strength.

Our favorite feature by far was its 50-degree angle giving carving perfection and allowing fluid moves downhill or anything similar. There’s also a 43-degree angle available if more stability is what you’d prefer.

Package Inclusions

So, what’s actually included in the package? With these trucks, you’ll be getting 2 trucks for longboards, four speed-rings and axle nuts, two hangers, and base plates along with cup washers of two different sizes. Considering all this, it’s well worth the money.

Aesthetic Options

Last but definitely not least is the looks department. It’s a bonus but a big factor for anyone with good taste and an eye for perfection. With these, you’ll get color options like the spicy scarlet red, pearl white, magenta, or pine green.

And if colors aren’t your cup of tea, there’s a gorgeous matte black and more polished options too.


  • Super durable with great materials and build quality
  • Great geometry and adjustable height options
  • Comes in a variety of colors from pearl white to matte black to suit your board
  • Allows greater fluidity and curvy motions making it the ultimate freestyling board gear
  • Really light hangers make for a light base-plate
  • Perfect for almost all types of tricks and riding styles
  • These stay stable at 40 mph speed if tightened enough


  • They are not suitable for short-boards or small cruisers
  • Might require new bushings in the long-run

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do trucks matter when riding a longboard?

Yes, they do. Since the trucks for longer boards are wider to match the wider decks, you can’t use them interchanging with regular board trucks. For stability and better motion, complimentary trucks are a must-have.

What colors are available for the Paris V3 trucks?

You’ll get five different color options, including a bright red, magenta, green, and the old-school black and white.

Paris trucks V2 vs. V3- which is better?

Upon comparison, the V3 wins by a long shot thanks to its extra durability and added features like the redesigned kingpins and bushings. The V2 had lesser versatility while its successor is definitely the new and improved version meant for fluidity.

What sized trucks are best for my longboard?

Usually, you’ll need something of 10 inches for downhill rides and tricks or flips while the 9-inch ones are popular for transportation or curving. Freestyles are best on the longer ones. 

How loose should your trucks be?

When you first try them out, the trucks should be as tight as you are comfortable with. Too much looseness will cause issues. As you get a good feel to it, you can loosen them up to get more freedom and have a challenge.

Final Verdict

Not convinced by our Paris V3 Trucks review yet? Then you ought to get yourself a pair and ride the hype to find out first hand. And once you’re smooth-sailing your way home on your new Skateboard & longboard trucks, you’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot.

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