Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Trucks Review 2022!

Who knew that a little T-shaped thing can have such a huge impact on our skateboards, right? Well, trucks are a must-have accessory for every skateboard. They’re mounted on the underside of the skateboard to protect the wheels and bearings. Today you are going to read our complete paris v2 trucks review.

Trucks are quite vital to a skateboard as they have an immense effect on how the board will ride and its overall performance.

What good that expensive board is if it comes with lousy trucks, no? Not all trucks deliver the same level of performance as there are several factors that make them differ from each other. They are usually made of aluminum since they have to endure heavy impacts and loads.

Paris V2 180mm longboard truck is one of the finest trucks in the market. It’s made with top-notch materials blended with unique technology. Let’s take a look at our Paris V2 trucks review to get an in-depth idea on this product.

Paris V2 Trucks Review

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks

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The Features of Paris V2 Longboard Trucks

Though this unit didn’t make it to our best longboard trucks guide, it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

Material and Design

The Paris V2 trucks are suitable for all sorts of riding styles and setups. They are made with gravity molded virgin aluminum that offers incredible durability. It uses a secondary heat treatment process that makes the trucks super resilient. The amazing built quality of the trucks offers outstanding in and out carves in all kinds of terrain.

The Paris V2 not only has great specs but also looks great. It comes in 14 different shade ranges so that everyone gets their desired shade.


The baseplate is the flat surface of the truck which connects to the deck of the board. It’s mounted to the deck through four to six mounting holes that enable the truck to provide even pressure distribution.

The Paris V2 supports universal mounting. Its 6-hole baseplate is compatible will both new-school and old-school mounting methods.


Bushings are the one that determines how the board will react to the rider. Usually, the harder the bushing the more it reacts back to the rider’s input. The Paris V2 is equipped with urethane bushing that provides the best response and rebound.

The Paris V2 has cone bushing on top with a cup washer and barrel bushing on the bottom with a cup washer as well. The bottom barrel helps to provide a stable center point along with a lot of return to the center. The cone bushing on top allows the truck to move quicker and gives me a more agile feeling.

paris v2 180mm 50° trucks review

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The kingpin is the giant bolt that holds the trucks together and it’s one of the most important features of a truck. The best part about kingpins is that they’re replaceable which means you don’t need to replace the entire truck if the kingpin breaks.

The Paris V2 trucks are made with virgin aluminum that offers the maximum amount to strength and durability. It features pressed-in kingpins that add to the overall longevity and performance of the trucks.


The hanger is the T-shaped area of the truck that’s usually made with aluminum alloy. It’s vital that the hanger is made with durable material as it has direct contact with the rails and curbs during grinds.

The Paris V2 is equipped with two positive hanger rake that provides a full-tilt that offers smooth carving and pumping.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable material
  • Sturdy built quality
  • 14 different color range
  • Beginner-friendly
  • The baseplate supports both old-school and new-school mounting
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not suitable for boards with a width less than 9 inches
  • Hardware is not included

Paris Street 169-mm Skateboard Truck Set

Paris Street 169-mm Skateboard Truck Set

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From our extensive research, we have found Paris Street 169-mm Skateboard Trucks to be among the highest-rated longboard trucks available on the market. Here’s what makes it one of our top contenders.

Designed specifically for hybrid longboard and skateboards, the Paris Street Truck Set is suitable for bigger dual-kick skateboards with wheels between 60 mm and 70 mm diameter, based on the deck. With an axle height of 57.15 mm, the trucks have additional wheel gap to eliminate unnecessary wheel-bites.

You can mount these on boards which are used for road skating or hybrid electric skating. Just make sure the truck’s width aligns with the board’s. And if you want to boost the board’s kick-flipping feature and reduce the risk of unintentionally kicking the wheel, make sure the wheels are placed below the board’s edge.

Although bushings in this set don’t really match normal reversible kingpin bushings, like Riptide or Venom, the wheels are compatible with Khiro longboard bushings.

Much similar to other conventional kingpin longboard trucks, the Paris Street Skateboard Trucks have a great deal of lift. If you’re looking to set up trucks on your longboard with a short wheelbase or kick-tails, get one of these truck sets.


  • Can be installed with both traditional and modern mounting systems
  • T6 heat treatment on virgin aluminium hangars make it very sturdy
  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Paris 90A Urethane Bushings from USA provides excellent rebound
  • 57.15 mm axles provide extra wheel stability and no excessive wheel-bite


  • Bushings not compatible with regular reversible kingpin bushings

Paris Savant 180-mm Skateboard Truck Set

Paris Savant 180-mm Skateboard Truck Set

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Here, we’ve got another highly rated longboard & skateboard truck set, the Paris Savant 180-mm Skateboard Truck Set. It includes two trucks with precision-built design. Let’s find out what makes it so amazing.

Widely recognized for its consistency, efficiency and style, the Paris Savant is committed to giving you a new experience with its unparalleled power and accuracy, whilst also providing a smoother ride on all kinds of terrain.

Whether you prefer skating downhill, freely or all-around, the precisely designed style of the trucks guarantee optimum flexibility and balance. The truck’s extremely powerful and reliable forged hangers make them so special as the T6 heat-treated virgin aluminum hangers add unparalleled strength.

While the heat-treated hangers boost the resistance rate, the stamping of metal into form makes it incredibly dense and nearly invincible. These additional improvements offer a far more precise and reliable skating experience.

All things considered, not only are the Paris Savant Trucks ideal for various uses, they are also the best downhill longboard trucks out there.


  • Grade 10 pins for enhanced sturdiness
  • Great longevity due to forged 6061 virgin aluminium hangars with T6 heat treatment
  • Convenient for skating on all-terrain
  • Dead straight axles with patent – protected “Captive Axle Lock” framework
  • Highly precise models offer comfortable and seamless rides
  • Comes with a guarantee that it will last indefinitely


  • Relatively costly skateboard truck set
  • Mounting essentials and bearings, not part of the package

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. What is the weight of the trucks?

The trucks weigh only 2.05lbs.

2. Does this truck have traditional kingpin or reverse kingpin?

The Paris V2 is equipped with the reverse kingpin.

3. Is there any warranty on these trucks?

Yes, the Paris V2 comes with a lifetime manufactures warranty.

4. Do these trucks come in a pair or single unit?

You’ll get a pair of trucks with each order.

5. What are the components that come with these trucks?

The Paris V2 trucks include two hangers, four-axle nuts, four speed-rings, two baseplates with kingpins, four bushings, two small cup washers, and two large cup washers.

6. Is the mounting hardware included with the trucks?

The mounting hardware, bearings, and bearing spacers are not included with the trucks.

Final Words!

The performance of your skateboard relies heavily on the kinds of trucks it is equipped with. The market is filled with numerous skateboard trucks but getting your hands on a good one is quite a daunting task. Yes, I know, you’re quite impressed and might have placed orders even before you were done the reading Paris V2 trucks review!

Paris has created some outstanding trucks and the V2 is hands down one of their best creations. It’s super affordable and suitable for skaters with all skill levels. Paris has given plenty of attention to the details and made sure every component is synchronized to deliver the best performance.

The Paris V2 trucks review would be an incredible choice if you’re looking for quality trucks at a budget-friendly price. It’s made with top-notch material that will last you through the apocalypse. So, get your hands on this bad boy and ride like a pro.

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