Top 5 Best Loaded Longboards Review In 2021!

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Loaded longboards review: The brainchild of Don Tashman, Loaded Boards has been a company known to produce some top-tier skateboards for over a decade now. Hustling through two decades, this California-based company is now at the top of their game, bringing out some crowd-pleasing favorites for the longboard enthusiasts out there. Free-riding has never been more fun!

So, if you’re planning to jump into the fray and pick up one of these bad boys, our loaded longboards review will be more than just an asset to up your game. In fact, complete with a buying guide and a list of the top-rated longboard brands, this is an article meant to arm you with everything you need to hit the jackpot.

Let’s get right into it then, shall we?

Loaded longboards review

Benefits of Loaded Longboards

Are Loaded longboards good? Do they really live up to their hype, and what exactly are the benefits of getting one for yourself? Well, besides the great price and awesome build, certain key points make these boards totally worth each penny.


There’s no point in getting an expensive or super popular longboard just to have it last 6 months, right? Due to their bamboo and fiberglass construction, these boards have decks that are less prone to chipping.

Rest assured that these boards will last you more than a year easily. And if you’re taking good care of them, having them last even three or four years is possible.

Doubles the Fun of Dancing

For skaters who love to dance and freestyle, having fun is what matters the most. Fortunately, this company understands that very well and has been making some dope decks aiming to double the fun of dancing for long-boarders out there.

As most of these boards provide wider platforms, you’ll get that extra wiggle room for your footwork. The kick tails and drop-through designs just make them perfect for the dancing free-riders to have all the fun in the world.

High-Quality Wheels

No loaded longboard complete can be fully experienced without the company’s specialty wheels. This is also another huge pro of getting a Loaded board; the company produces its own signature Orangatang wheels.

These are some of the coolest wheels out there and are favorites of skaters around the world. They’ve got color-coded urethane representing the various durometers.And we think it’s universally true that a good board needs a great wheel for it to reach its full potential.

Staying Healthy

Longboarding, as an outdoor sport, is really flexible and works the various muscles of the body. This physical aspect, combined with its adventurous and thrilling side makes it a very healthy hobby to be involved in.

Longboarding helps support the cardio muscles, increases body flexibility, and improves the quality of sleep. Moreover, to improve overall body coordination and balance, longboarding is a great practice.

5 Best Loaded Longboards Review

Though there’s no short-cut to finding the perfect types of skateboard, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to skim through the pile of unsuitable rubble either. We’ve got you covered with this concise list of the 5 best loaded longboards out there.

1. Loaded Dervish Sama Review

In our search for the best loaded board, the first one to catch our attention was the funky Loaded Dervish Sama. One of the finest drop-through boards of the company, this is great both as a freestyle companion and an urban commuting alternative.

The design is funky and fun to look at mixing in the tropical colors of orange and greens with the black and grey contrast.

This is a high-performance board with three different flex ratings available to fit the rider’s style and weight. If you’re the aggressive type, then go for the one with lower flex. But if you’re looking for a board that’s responsive and suitable for lighter rides, the higher flex option will be great.

Moreover, you can make deep carves and tight turns using this board since it has maximum wheel clearance owing to the large cutouts.

When you first look at this cambered board, it might actually remind you of another sport. That’s right, as this board has been designed with inspiration from snowboards, its construction allows for alively yet lightweight ride.

Materials used to make this includes bamboo and fiberglass. Hence, you can be sure of the “green”and eco-friendliness of the product as well.



2. Loaded Icarus Review

Looking for something that feels as smooth as surfing through the high waves? Then the Icarus board will not disappoint. While it’s quite similar to the Dervish, this has its own uniqueness and specialty — especially when curving is considered.

The Icarus was built to a curve having lesser wheel bite and giving more room for bigger and bolder wheels.

And if you’ve longed to try out the OrangatangKegel’s, then this should be your chance because the larger cutout on this happens to be a perfect fit for the wheels. As this is available in two different flex options, you can also have it fit your style and purpose of use properly.

Its concave shape in the center prevents folding while giving a good locked in place stance. This makes it comfortable.

This has a cork bottom, which provides the skater with vibration damping. At the price point, this is available in, the speed and pace are absolutely worth it. Its compact size with lightweight (7 pounds) is great for carrying around.

And the composite construction of bamboo, which has been vertically laminated and fiberglass material, is a recipe for the durability-meets-functionality kind of experience.



3. Loaded Bhangra V2 Review

Loaded Bhangra V2 still the top dancing longboard ever. This one’s for all the tricksters and dancers out there who just can’t resist the urge to kick out some epic moves in the parks. Designed to fit the fanciest footwork, this 48.5-inch Bhangra board is the real deal.

With this, you can get everything starting from the flex type to the Orangatang wheels customized to fit your specific style of riding. Be it sliding, freestyle dancing, or regular cruising, this board can act as the jack of all trades.

With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the green factor is on many consumer’s priority lists when it comes to getting new products. If that’s the case with you, then here’s the good news — this is a board with bio-epoxy construction.

The combination of basalt and bio-epoxy gives you the best of both worlds- eco-friendliness along with higher strength.

When building these boards, the company innovatively put mild grip tape on the platform where riders stand. As a result, there’s the added edge control that we all love especially while doing pirouettes or a pivot.

These also come with matte black 180 mm Paris Trucks, which have great turning responses and are ideal for freestyle dancing. So, if you want something that caters to your dancing needs, this is a great option.



4. Loaded Tan Tien Review

Traditional longboards can get a bit, dare we say, boring once you’ve mastered almost all the tricks in the book. So, if you’re stuck in that skater’s block, consider getting this feisty little board for a new challenge.

The Tan Tien Bamboo brings a spicy kick in a small package. While this is a stable board, by all means, its compact size and complex contours in design make it just the right amount of flexy and energetic.

This board has been constructed using bamboo and fiberglass with three different flex ratings. The flex range caters to riders starting from 80 all the way up to 270 pounds and fits the style and rhythm accordingly.

For carve-oriented skating, this is the perfect board to go with. It’s super trick friendly, and the mild concave shape makes it responsive to a comfortable platform.

As this has true twin support, combined with the concave shaping, the boards allow your feet to stay more stable and have more support. So, you’ll get increased maneuverability when riding this even at higher speeds.

And since the company provides both grippy and sliding wheels for this board, you have more room for versatility. The 39-inch deck is perfect for cruising around the neighborhood while kicking out a few trickshere and there using the kicktail.



5. Loaded Tarab Review

Durability is what either makes or breaks the deal when it comes to buying new boards for the freestylers out there. Because we all know how beat up freestyle dancing longboards can get.

That’s why our final pick was the Tarab board that carries the legacy of the first Longboard Dancer of 2008 and the Bhangra with a twist of its own.

This has been built using light materials, basalt, and bamboo, to be precise. There’s a cork top covering, which complements the design of the grip tape perfectly.

Due to this, the standing platform has non-abrasive traction along with vibration damping. It’s got two different flexes, one from 80 to 190 pounds and the other from 140 to 270 pounds.

The reason we decided to include this because certain features were used to increase this particular skateboard’s durability, thus making it fit for aggressive usage.

A kicktail that’s been reinforced with urethane, a grippy UHMWPE rail, and strong materials — all make it more durable for the aggressive freestyle dance moves that we all love.

Its 47-inch length is also roomy enough to stay stable and pivot or cruise around normally.So, you can use it on and off the skating ring with ease.



What to Look for Before Buying?

Loaded longboards are one of the most popular longboards available out there. Many say that the best loaded board is the one that’s strong and very durable. But there’s actually a lot more to it than just durability and strength.

The weight, flex options, design, and materials used for constructing the entire piece all add up when you’re judging them based on quality. Where are loaded longboards made? The factory location also matters since a local company will cater to its local favorites, whereas international ones will branch out more.

So, the million-dollar question here is — what should one prioritize when choosing one? Take a look at these key points as some pointers.

Fit for Your Style?

The first thing you need to consider before buying a longboard is your riding style obviously. Are you buying a freestyle longboard to kick around the city? Or to travel over distances by pushing and kicking? Or free-riding and sliding on smaller hills? Or to do freestyle tricks in parks and pools?

For casual cruising, freestyle, and dancing, loaded has a wide range of boards. There are drop mounted boards as well as top-mounted boards. These boards have featured like kick tails, concave and trucks, and materials such as bamboo and fiberglass. There are also flex options that are categorized according to weight.


We all love a bang for the buck, right? But how do you make sure your product is going to give you the service you’re paying for? Here’s where the brand and durability of construction comes into play. Like we said before, bamboo is more durable than maple.

But don’t get confused with American Maple and regular ones since the American one actually suppresses bamboo in many ways quality-wise. Moreover, if your location tends to see rainy days a lot, waterlogging might be an issue. In that case, getting waterproof boards will be more future proof.


Portability is one of the most important aspects to be considered before buying a new deck. You can’t be ready to whip out cool moves anytime if your board isn’t comfortable to carry with, you know?

Besides, for big guys and gals, it’s a lot more future proof to get a board that can both stand more weight and takes a good beating out of the free-riding adventures. Consider something that’s got a light built but more core strength.

Mount Type

loaded longboard review

Here comes the age-old debate about which is the best- top mount or drop-throughs? But we’re not going to start another epic debate over this but tell you like it is.

If you want to freestyle and do tricks a lot, then you might want top mounts. Top mounts will give you easy control and responsiveness but are harder to push on and less stable if compared to other mount types. In contrast, if you’re the cruising type — often traveling over longer distances with your board, drop-throughs will be your bestie.

Longboards with drop-throughs are much easier to push and travel on. These longboards have greater stability on speed, are easier to break into slides. The drawback of drop-throughs is that they are a bit less responsive.

The Board Size

Your deck size depends on your idea of portability and stability. How stable or portable do you want your board to be? To summarize, shorter boards are more portable, but longer boards are stable. You need to select your board size, depending on the tradeoff you would like to make.

Longboards come in three sizes. Smaller boards are generally 34 inches and less. Midsized ones are between 35 inches and 40 inches. And larger boards are more than 40 inches. When it comes to longboards, they can get even longer.

Board Shape

After choosing your riding style, mount type, and size of your longboard, you have to choose the shape of your longboard. There are usually two shape options available — symmetrical or directional ones.

If you are going to freestyle and dance, you should choose asymmetrical boards. Symmetrical boards allow you to switch quickly and easily as they generally have a nose and kicktail.On the flip side, if you want a longboard to commute, we recommend directional shapes as they are better suited for speed and stability.

Flex Options

Board flex is an important factor while choosing a longboard. Flex can be an essential aspect of how your board feels and fits your riding style. A board with more flex can give you more rebound when craving and can make your turns more efficient.

Flexy boards absorb shock and thus can give you a pleasant and smooth ride.On the other hand, too much flex can make it harder to performs freestyle kicks and flicks. Stability at higher speeds also decreases as the flex of a board increases.

Price Point

With premium products, you’ll get premium prices. So, it’s really not an option to complain when you’re getting something super high quality and top-notch in the market. That said, if you’re looking for something within a budget, you can still get something really good.

The trick is getting what’s suited to your style the most and ditching whatever is extra or not your priority. Besides, with so many skateboards companies focusing on their longboard lineup today, you’re bound to get what you need within a solid budget, no problem.

Also, you can read the Loaded Longboard Buyers Guide to know more details, and also you can know How to set up a loaded board.

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Top-Rated Brands on the Market

Although Loaded Boards has been the rising star of the show, there are a few other brands that produce some dope skateboards too. Considering buyer feedback and popularity-to-value ratio, here’s our take on the top-rated brands in the longboard market of today.

Loaded longboard review

Quiet the surprise, we know. But as far as edgy and funky longboards with versatility are concerned, we just had to rate it as number one.Where to buy loaded longboards you ask? Check out their website or any platform for selling longboards online — you’ll find one easy as pie.


Let’s face it — we all had that Dinghy-obsessed phase when the Landyachtz was the talk of the town. Years later, they still are. And with their eco-friendly policy of planting a tree for each board sold, they’re the favorites of many hipster skateboarders. Who doesn’t love saving the planet while having fun?


Rayne longboard

Another Canadian brand, Rayne Longboards, is the ultimate go-to for the pro skateboarder. Many of their boards have been spotted on the international podiums and world cup racing events. But since this is a high-end brand, it’s better to invest in their boards as a professional or expert rather than regular usage.

Riviera Longboards

For an aesthetically pleasing cruiser board, we can’t recommend this brand enough. These guys make some serious eye-catching boards, and the best thing is— you don’t have to bust all of your savings to buy one.

Sector 9 Longboards

Sector 9 Longboards

A very recognizable brand logo is the Sector 9’s flashy yellow and black design. With a motto of “We make fun”the brand has soared high from its base in San Diego and has now reached a huge audience thanks to its vast array of products.

Their stores have something to offer for everyone be it a cool board or some rad accessories to go with it.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

For the newbie riders and the ones in the entry-level, Santa Cruz boards will be an absolute dream. However,they won’t be like the premium ones out there;being the oldest skateboards company in the world (literally!), they do have some awesome products to offer. Longboards are not their main focus, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, the top mount shape where the center of gravity stays higher with higher deck placement is the best shape for longboards.

For riding types that keep you within 25 mph, including cruising and carving, drop-down boards are awesome. So yes, you can cruise with ease using them.

A rule of thumb is this — shorter boards mean sharpness, and longer ones mean stability. But the ideal length of a longboard is between 32 to 42 inches. It’s difficult to specify since skateboards are a thing of personal preference at the end of the day.

The weight your board can hold will depend on its build material.  For instance, 8-ply wood decks can hold a 250 lbs. weighing person easily. The bamboo made decks can hold more (around 280 lbs.) while being flexible.

So, if you’re a newbie learning the ropes, some fun tricks that you can try out our pivots, the Ghostride flip, the pirouette frontside, the pivot frontside, and nollies.

Compared to your typical skateboard, a longboard is safer and more stable to ride. The deck size and shape make it have a better balance. That said, you’ll still need to use proper safety gear since accidents don’t come with warnings.

Bamboo is definitely the winner if you consider “better”as synonymous with stiffness and durability.

Usually, a longboard weighs anything from 8 to 11 pounds. This can vary depending on deck size and the weight of its trucks.

Usually, skateboards can be made for a range of activities like dancing, cruising, downhill, uphill rides, carving, or freestyling. There are longboards meant for each activity individually as well as hybrid boards that have multiple uses.

Wheel bite can happen for any of the following — your trucks are super loose; the wheels are too large for the cutout, or there’s no wheel well cutout, to begin with. And yes, this is pretty bad given that the wheels can rub against the board deck and damage it a lot.

Final Words

Flexing your moves is fun when you’ve got the right board to in sync with your style. And what can be more in sync to fit your vibes than a top-tier board from our loaded longboards review list? The best skaters deserve exactly that.

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