Longboard vs Scooter – Which One Is For You?


Longboard VS Scooter:- So, you are looking for something that is going to solve the problem of you walking the last mile after a commute? Searching for something that will let you travel short distances exceptionally fast? Well, we were in the same position as you a couple of months back.

That is where we decided to look into the topic of longboard vs scooter because these two are the ones most people opt for. While researching, we found plenty of useful information that made the choosing process easier for you. And we are going to describe each of them elaborately in this article.

Longboard vs Scooter

longboard vs scooter

Let us not waste any more of your precious time and get right into stating the things that make one of these stand out from the other.

Longboard vs Scooter: Key Differences

There is a high chance that you are completely new to this realm of riding something that has a deck on the top. Well, this segment will offer you a general idea about both the things we are going to talk about. First of all, the kick scooters are generally the ones that have two wheels. The wheels are generally aligned.

Alongside that, the scooters will have a handlebar on top of the front wheel. That is for steering. But for the skateboard, there will be four wheels. Also, there will not be any handlebars on the deck. This varied design is one of the key differences.

Talking of which, skateboards and scooters have a deck. That is where the rider will stand. Even though the length of the deck might be the same for some of the models, the stance for riding will not be the same. This is another key difference that lies between these two.

Longboard vs Scooter: Ease of Riding (Winner: Scooter)

longboard vs scooter

There is a huge difference in terms of maneuvering both of the vehicles. And these difference makes riding one a bit easier, while the other one is a bit tricky. Now, let us take a look at the moves that a rider has to perform to ride one of these:

  • Kick Pushing

For the scooter, kicking is an easier thing to do to gain speed. As the rider is going to hold the handle while kicking, it is easier to perform kick pushing effortlessly. But for the longboard, there is nothing you can hold on to. So, the balance will be your best friend in this case.

  • Steering

It goes without saying that steering the scooter is easier than a longboard. But do you know why? The steering handle is the reason. It will let the rider make turns easily. But for the longboard, you need to put pressure into the rail and move your body and shoulders to make a turn.

  • Rolling

In comparison, the stability on top of the scooter is generally higher than the longboard. Again, the reason behind the increased stability is the handlebar. It will let you easily balance your body on top of the deck. For that reason, rolling on it will be easy.

On the other hand, new longboarders will find it exceptionally difficult to roll the board on terrains consistently. A simple bump can deteriorate the overall balance of the body. And as there is nothing to hold onto, the chances of the rider falling will be exceptionally high.

  • Maneuvering

Another factor where the scooter will take the lead is maneuvering. For the handlebar, it is easier to maneuver it around. It will also be easier to move around the tricky situations with that. But making a tight turn with a skateboard can be exceptionally hard.

  • Stopping

The scooter has been on a roll in this factor. It has been winning every other thing that we were looking at. And the case is the same for this one. Now, it has a dedicated brake in terms of stopping, which is like a fender-like component. The rider can make the wheels come to a stop but pushing it.

On that note, some of the scooters might come with a BMX-style braking mechanism. Those work better in terms of quickly stopping the back wheel. Even if any of the scooters do not come with a brake, it will be comparatively easy to stop it for the handlebar.

But the longboards do not come with any of the dedicated braking mechanisms. Here, you need to rely on your foot and different maneuvers to make the wheels stop.

Longboard vs Scooter: Learning Curve (Winner: Scooter)

longboard vs scooter

This is the factor that most of the new riders are the most interested in. Speaking from experience, we have had team members that did not ride any of these before. When we were testing different models, they invested their time into it. And all of the members stated that it was easier to get the hang of the scooter.

Again, the reason for it being easier to ride is the handlebar. It makes the process of balancing the body and getting the right stance effortless. That is why most of the newbies will get used to riding a scooter faster than a longboard. And through practice, acquiring hard and advanced skills will be a piece of cake.

On the other hand, getting used to the basic skills of longboarding is a thing that will take a considerably higher amount of time. Learning how to kick push, balance the body, and stop the wheels is something that demands a lot of practice and patience.

In addition to that, tackling different obstacles is easier with a scooter. To complete a similar type of challenge with a longboard, you would need to gain a good amount of skills. And again, acquiring those skills is going to take a good amount of time and patience.

Let us not forget about the advanced skills that are required to do certain tricks and gain the upper hand over the other riders. Those will be easier to acquire in the case of scooters. But with the skateboards or longboards, you would need to do a good amount of practice and be highly patient to get those.

Longboard vs Scooter: Convenience (Winner: Longboard)

longboard vs scotter

For short-distance commuting, the scooter will not be that much of an ideal choice. Wondering why? Well, the longboard is easier to carry around. It will be possible to easily carry it within in your hands, your backpack, or the trunk of the car. Also, the chances of it getting stolen will be considerably low as it will stay with you.

However, there are some scooters that will have a foldable mechanism. There are lightweight versions as well. Even though those are relatively easy to carry, they will not be as easy as carrying a longboard. That is why the longboard takes the lead in the case of overall convenience.

Longboard vs Scooter: Mastering The Skills (Tie)

longboard vs scooter

The basic skills are not really the end in the case of both the units we have in hand here. Beyond them, there are advanced skills that most of the riders are interested in. And they can make them capable of performing certain tricks, get higher speed, and ride the things properly after gaining those advanced skills.

Talking of which, it will take about six to eight hours for a complete newbie to learn how to do an ollie with a longboard. But some of the advanced tricks for the scooter, such as the tailwhip or a complete 360, will take a lot more time.

However, some of the tricks are easier to master with a scooter. But those are pretty basic. And to get deeper into the skill-building path, the rider would have to invest a good amount of time and practice a load. With each of the steps, things can get a bit tough.

Similarly, there are harder skills for the longboard as well. Nose manuals, doing a 50’s, and the other advanced tricks will take months to learn. And learning how to do Tre Flips and hardflips can take years. Considering all of that, we can not really pick the winner in this case.

Longboard vs Scooter: The Cool Factor (Winner: Longboard)

longboard vs scotter the cool factor

Riding the last mile in any commute is not the only thing that most of the riders are interested in. Many of the riders look for the cool factor as well. Now, one thing that we have learned is that the primary market for kick scooters is the kids and the teens. There are hardly any models that are advertised for adults.

On the other hand, the skateboards or the longboards are generally targeted at teens and adults. That is why the baseline of the cool factor is generally higher for these. But one thing we can say for certain is that you are going to look a lot cooler if you ride a longboard on the street. The scooters do not really have the wow factor.

Now, we are not stating that riding a scooter is not fun. Learning it and gaining all of the skills are challenges that will make riding it exceptionally fun. But riding a longboard is an exciting thing. You will face challenges, and you need to consider the balance and other factors to ride it safely. 

That being said, the scooter industry is evolving gradually. They are now pushing out models that are specifically for adults. But it will certainly take some time to catch up to the market that the skateboard or longboard has. Overall, the clear winner here is the longboard.

Longboard vs Scooter: Safety (Winner: Scooter)

longboard vs scooter

We have had a good amount of experience with these. In fact, we rode these for a long amount of time. And from our experience, we can say that the kick scooters are considerably safer than longboards. Here are the reasons why:

  • The center of gravity for the skateboards and longboards is generally higher in comparison. That means they are going to ride very low to the ground. But the decks need to be relatively higher from the ground. This will make the task of balancing the body by gaining the right stance a bit hard.
  • For the skateboard, there is nothing to hold onto to get the extra support. That means there is a higher risk of falling after losing the entire balance of the body. But the scooter has a handlebar, which is used for steering. It can offer extra support and lower the chances of you falling.
  • Speed wobbles are a common thing for skateboards and longboards. If the riders can not tame those wobbles probably, when the board achieves a considerably high amount of speed, accidents are bound to happen. And falling into concrete is going to hurt a lot.

On the other hand, scooters are exceptionally stable. They are not that prone to speed wobbles for the two-wheel design. Also, they have tighter axles, which is going to lower the chances of speed wobbling occurring when the wheels are at a higher speed.

Longboard vs Scooter: Exercise (Winner: Longboard)

longboard vs scooter exercisec

As we have mentioned above, the inclusion of the handlebar makes the task of riding a scooter pretty easy. And for that reason, you will not find yourself doing too much work in terms of carving, turning, and balancing the body on top of the deck. That makes riding a scooter a fairly effortless task.

On the contrary, riding a longboard is basically doing a complete workout. You will work into getting the right balance, being at the right stance, pushing the board, moving your shoulders, and many more. All of these are going to result in more burning of calories.

For that reason, commuting using a longboard is going to take more effort. And considering that, we can say that the longboard will be the ideal pick if you want to work out a bit while traveling from one place to another.

Longboard vs Scooter: Which One Is Easier to Learn? (Winner: Scooter)

longboard vs scooter learn

As you know by now, the learning curve for the scooter is not that steep. Yes, it can get steep once you get all the basics right and learn advanced skills. But it will not get that hard. There will be a need to invest a good amount of time and effort only if you want to learn the advanced skills.

On the other hand, the basics of the longboard will consume a good amount of time to begin with. And learning the advanced skills can take months. Let us not forget the fact that some of the skills can take years to master. Considering all of these, we are going to say that learning how to ride a scooter is comparatively easy.

Longboard vs Scooter: Differences At a Glance

Now that we have gone through the differences, in brief, we would like to provide you a short recapitulation of the things that makes one better than the other. So, without further ado, the short chart is as follows:

Ease of RidingThe scooter is comparatively easy to ride. It is easier to maneuver around, and thanks to the handlebar, a lot of the basics can be gained pretty easily.There is no handlebar on the skateboard or longboard. That makes riding one of these comparatively difficult. Also, the basics demand a lot of skills.
Learning CurveIn comparison, learning how to ride a scooter is comparatively easy. And the handlebar has a large role to play in this case.Learning skateboarding and longboarding takes a good amount of time and patience. Some of the riders tend to even give up for the effort they have to invest into learning how to ride these boards.
ConvenienceIf we take transportation or portability into consideration, the scooters are not that convenient. Carrying them can be hard. Also, most of these are generally heavy in nature.Carrying a longboard or skateboard is not that hard. You can easily take them within your hands, pack them inside the backpack, and take these from one place to another effortlessly.
Mastering the SkillsEven though learning how to ride a scooter is easy, gaining highly advanced skills will demand a good amount of effort. Also, the same thing goes for the longboards. You would need to practice a lot and be patient to master the advanced skills. So, this factor is a tie.
The Cool FactorTurning heads and gaining attention in the street while riding a scooter will be pretty hard unless you perform some amazing tricks.Longboarding or skateboarding is considered an adult thing. And that is why riding it has a cool factor that the scooters can not certainly match.
SafetyScooters are generally safer to ride. It has a handlebar that will offer additional support. And that additional support can lower the chances of the rider falling off. Also, there is a considerably less amount of speed wobbles.Longboards and skateboards are highly prone to speed wobbles. And without getting the hang of it or having a good amount of experience, those speed wobbles can throw you off the board. Also, there is no handlebar available to offer extra support to the rider.
ExerciseAs we have mentioned earlier, learning how to properly ride a scooter does not demand that much effort. Also, you can easily ride one of these in relaxed mode. That is why they are not that ideal in terms of exercising.Taking the longboard out for the ride would be ideal if you want to do some exercise. Here, you will find yourself putting in a good amount of effort to push the board forward and getting over different obstacles. So, in the case of exercising, the skateboards or longboards have an edge.
Easier to learnWhen compared, learning how to ride a scooter is fairly easy. It will take a short amount of time to gain all the basic skills. However, the highly advanced skills might take a good amount of time to get used to.Learning how to longboard is pretty hard to begin with. Also, the advanced skills will require a considerably higher amount of time. And the highly advanced tricks can take years to master.

Recommended Models

After going through the comparison table and the brief differences, you might be ready to purchase one of these now. Well, we have got some models to recommend. And we are recommending these through extensive testing and research. So, we believe you will not go wrong by purchasing any of these:


  1. Viro Rides VR 230 – Best for Stunts

This model from Viro has a unique design that will make the task of performing stunts easier. Also, the design made it easier for our team members to learn how to ride a scooter. So, we would recommend this for beginners as well.

  1. Razor A Kick Scooter – Best for Kids

Unlike some of the other models we have tested, this one had a kid-friendly design. It is pretty light in weight and has a foldable mechanism, which is going to make the task of carrying it around and storing it easy. Also, the handlebar of this unit is adjustable. So, the kids can have a finely tuned riding experience.

  1. Macwheels Electric ScooterBest Electric Scooter

The thing that makes this one stand out the most is the battery that it packs. This makes it fully electric. That means it would be possible to gain a good amount of speed while riding it. Also, the electric nature will make riding it a more relaxed thing. Even the height of the handlebar is adjustable in this one.

  1. Jetson Jupiter – Best Lightweight Scooter For Kids

This model has a considerably lightweight body. And the foldable mechanism will make storing and transporting it an effortless task. Also, it has LED lighting on the front, on the wheels, and on the deck. Those will increase the cool factor and will surely turn some heads when you are riding it on the street.

  1. Segway Ninebot MAX – Best for Speed

While testing out the different top-rated models, the one that managed to amaze us in terms of speed was this one. It can reach 18.6 MPH with a fully charged battery.  The foldable mechanism can let you convert it into something that compact and highly portable. Also, the braking mechanism is stellar on this one.


  1. Magneto 44 inch – Best for Beginners

Though learning how to longboard is not that easy task, this one made that a bit easier. Also, the board has smooth trucks, which are going to do a proper job in terms of offering a smooth overall riding experience. The wheels on the bottom are high in quality as well.

  1. OUDEW 41 InchBest Durable Option

One of the pretty underwhelming things for most of the models we looked at is the durability. However, this offering from OUDEW managed is not one of them. The deck is exceptionally sturdy. It has eight different layers and can withstand high impacts pretty easily. We can certainly say that it will last for a long time.

  1. Magneto Glider CollectionBest for Smooth Rides

The standout feature of this board is the large wheels. They are capable of offering a smooth ride on a good amount of terrains. Also, the overall design of the units is pretty unique. You will surely stand out among the crowd while riding this one. The riding experience is pretty stellar as well.

  1. Volador 42inch FreerideBest for Freestyling

Performing different tricks with longboards is not an easy task. But the design of this board can make performing most of the tricks relatively easy. Also, the overall build quality of the board is pretty praiseworthy. So, you can expect this one to last for a long amount of time without showing any issues.

  1. LAKVEE 41-Inch Downhill – Best for Heavy Riders

Unlike some of the other boards, this one has a considerably high weight capacity. It can withstand up to 380 pounds of weight. That makes it ideal for heavy riders. Also, the wheels are highly capable of absorbing shocks. So, it is capable of offering a redefined overall riding experience.

Skateboard vs Scooter | Which Is Better For You?

skateboard vs scooter

Skateboards and scooters are both fun to ride, but they offer different experiences. A skateboard has a deck that’s made of wood or metal with 4 wheels on the underside. It’s easier to control than a scooter because it only moves in one direction – forward. Scooters have 2 wheels at the front and 2 at the back, so they can move in any direction. They also typically have bigger wheels which makes them faster than a skateboard but harder to control. If you want something fast and easy-to-control then go for a skateboard! But if you want something more versatile that will allow you to do tricks like ollies and kickflips, then get yourself a scooter! The choice is yours!

Skateboards and scooters are both great ways to get around, but which one is better?

A skateboard can be a fun way to get from point A to point B. It’s also a good workout for your lower body. But it takes more skill than a scooter and you might not want to ride it in the rain or snow. Scooters are easier for beginners because they don’t require as much balance and coordination. They’re also safer because they have brakes on all four wheels so if you lose control of the handlebars, you won’t fall off like with a skateboard. And unlike with skates, there aren’t any sharp edges that could injure your feet or ankles while riding them! Desire: If you’re looking for something easy-to-use that will help keep up your fitness level without being too hard on your joints, then maybe try out a scooter instead of a skateboard!

Read our article about skateboard vs bike. I think it will help u about this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it easier to master scooter than a longboard?

Yes, it is easier to master riding a scooter than a longboard. And the primary reason is the handlebar and the brakes. Those will increase the overall safety and make the unit easier to maneuver around.

  • Is a longboard faster than a scooter?

It is certainly possible to gain a good amount of speed on top of a longboard. Also,  the electric scooters are capable of reaching reasonably higher speeds. However, if you go downhill, the scooter’s speed and the longboard will be the same.

  • Are scooters better than skateboards?

There are some factors where the scooter will be better than the skateboard, but there are some other factors where the skateboard will be better. For example, the scooter is easy to learn, but the skateboards are highly convenient.

  • Why do skateboarders hate scooters?

The primary reason behind the hate is that the scooters are not that flexible in terms of skills. There are many tricks that are extremely cool, but riders will not be able to perform them using a skateboard.


Now that you have acquired in-depth knowledge about the topic of longboard vs scooter, hopefully, making a decision will not be that hard for you. However, ensure that you wear safety gear while riding one of these.

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