Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: Which Should You Choose?

electric skateboard vs electric scooter

First things first! If you are interested in the topic of electric skateboard vs electric scooter, let us assure you that you are trying to sign yourself up for an exhilarating ride! And these are an ideal pick for the last mile commuting in any specific journey.

Now, like you, we were confused about which one we should pick. However, we had the luxury to try out both of them, which many do not have.

And none of us would like to spend money on something that will not offer that much value, right? Well, that is where this guide steps in.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard

electric skateboard vs electric scooter

It goes without saying that even if you get the best electric scooter, it will not offer you that much value if scooters are not your thing. The same goes for the case of getting the best electric skateboard.

Our team consists of people that are into skateboards and scooters. They have both tried out the heavy-duty and powerful e-board as well as affordable and budget-friendly ones. On that note, some of our members are into both.

And we have gathered a good amount of information from the experience and knowledge that they have from years of riding to state the differences.

Knowing about these differences will make it easier for you to know which one is your thing. So, let us not waste any more of your valuable time and get right into stating the differences, shall we?

Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: Cost (Tie)

Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: Cost

When we are comparing something, it is our natural instinct to compare the price. Well, we did the same thing for this case. And the results that we have found are not that concrete. Do you want to know why? First of all, the prices will vary from one manufacturer to another.
For example, we have vigorously tested out the Razor E100 for scooters, which is a recommendation-worthy budget option, and it is well under the $200 range. On the other hand, we rode the Segway Ninebot S MAX which is close to the $1200 range.
The same thing goes for skateboards. Some options are sitting pretty under the $260 range, such as the Hiboy S11. And at the same time, you can get something that costs more than a grand. To illustrate, the AZBO Y8 Skateboard.
It is highly likely that you are wondering why the price varies so much. Well, there is a clear answer for that. There are plenty of factors that bump up the price.
The battery, build quality, and overall construction will not be the same for all. That is why the prices are not the same for all of the options.
Talking of which, the name of the brand has a big part to play in cost. Some of the well-known and well-reputed brands will offer some options that are going to cost twice or thrice as much as the generic offerings. However, the differences between them will be pretty much negligible in most cases.
Our advice here would be to predefine your budget before making a choice. Whether you are purchasing a scooter or a skateboard, the first thing that you need to consider is how much you would like to spend on one of these bad boys. And after that, consider the other factors.
However, if you were looking for a clear winner in the case of cost, there is none. As the prices vary a lot from one offering to another for both cases, this factor will be a tie.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Safety and Brakes (E-Scooters)

Even though we could not find that much of a noteworthy difference in cost, we managed to find a significant one in terms of safety and brakes. Can you guess which one will take the lead? If scooters were in your mind, then you are on the right track.

The scooters are simply the best in terms of overall safety. Wondering why? Well, the first thing would be the hand brakes. Most of the offerings will have hydraulic brakes. However, many will rock a manual cable brake. Both of them are operated through a lever.

Now, most of the brakes found on the e-scooters will be more like bicycle brakes. All you need to do is close your hand while grabbing the braking handle, just like a bicycle brake.

Nonetheless, many of the units will come with a foot brake. This mechanism will highly depend on the weight of your foot.

On that note, the foot brakes will not excel that much when it comes to overall safety. But the level of safety that they can offer is not something you can take for granted because it is good to have something than nothing, right?

Other than that, you will find some options that will come with a regenerative system. This mechanism will rely on the remote.

To activate the mechanism, you just need to pull the knob or the wheel backward, and that will do the trick.

However, the remote has a specific range, and in most cases, the wireless mechanism will only work if the controller is in the rider’s hand.

Also, disconnecting issues are not that common in this case. Most of the brands are going to ensure that the reception and transmission quality is top-notch.

Nevertheless, when we take a look at skateboards, your legs are the only brakes in most cases.

In other words, there is no dedicated braking mechanism in most of the models. Some of the brands will integrate advanced technology to mitigate this problem, but they certainly will not be as reliable as having a dedicated brake.

So, for this factor, the electric scooters are going to take the win. But if you get used to the speed and the riding style of a skateboard, you can get away with not having any brakes. Your skills are going to come into play in the case of safety while riding a skateboard.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Range (E-Scooters)

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Range

One of the buyers’ primary concerns is the range because the last mile of commuting might not always be the last mile. It can be a couple of miles. And for this case again, the e-scooters are going to take the lead. Wondering why? The range will primarily depend on the size and the power of the battery.

On that note, when it comes to the battery, scooters have more room than a skateboard. That is why they are capable of holding a chunky battery. And usually, most hefty batteries have a higher power rating. As a result, they hold the ability to offer more range.

Nonetheless, some skateboards can pack a high-capacity battery. But the range that they can offer will not come as close to the scooters with a chunky battery.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Fun Factor (E-Skateboards)

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Fun Factor

To be honest, we had fun riding both the scooter and skateboards. However, the experience on your end will not be the same.

Remember? We said that you would have to find the “one.” Here, you might have more fun riding a scooter. On the other hand, you might enjoy riding a skateboard more than a scooter.

But some of our members loved riding the skateboard. They described that nothing could beat the feeling that they achieved while gliding through the roads on one of them.

And the case might be the same for you. However, they were not totally against scooters in this factor. They agreed that they are quite fun to ride as well.

However, from our research, we found that most people love the carving experience that e-boards can offer. This experience is basically an emulation of gliding down a snowy mountain.

And that is quite exciting, right? So, we are going to make skateboards a winner for this factor.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Top Speed (E-Skateboards)

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Top Speed

Another one of the main concerns for buyers is speed. We do feel the need for speed. And in those cases, we opt for the skateboards. But why? Well, as we have mentioned, we vigorously tested many models for both skateboards and scooters.
From our tests, among the models that we were happy to recommend for the scooters, the top speed of one unit was 18.6 MPH. We are talking about the Segway Ninebot here. However, for skateboards, the maximum speed of one of the models was a staggering 28 MPH. And that model is the Meepo V3 Electric skateboard.
So, you can guess why we opt for skateboards when we feel the need for speed. The max top speed unit can get us from one place to another pretty fast. However, the Ninebot is pretty capable as well. It can get you from one place to another reasonably fast.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Weight (E-Skateboards)

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Weight

One of the crucial factors is weight. Now, many people think that skateboards are going to be light in weight.
This thinking is not entirely incorrect as these boards are small in size compared to a scooter. However, that is not the only thing we are concerned about here.
First of all, scooters are pretty portable. Even though they are comparatively heftier, it is easier to push these around. That means transporting these around is going to be easy.
But there is one downside. Some of the models are pretty heavy. And carrying them uphill will undoubtedly be an issue.
Secondly, skateboards are considerably light in weight. And the good thing about these is that you can easily hold one in between your arms.
Also, some specialized backpacks will enable you to carry one of these on your back. The only downside is that it will not be possible to drag these around like a scooter.
Nevertheless, as we mentioned, weight is one of the crucial points. And if you are planning to commute through trains and buses while carrying any of these, we would recommend opting for a portable e-skate.
It will not be ideal to go for a scooter. Our pick here would be the Hiboy S11. It is only 7.94 pounds.

See more: what is the weight limit for a skateboard?

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Commuting and Practicality (E-Scooters)

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Commuting and Practicality

The most critical factor in this topic is practicality because it will primarily depend on a couple of factors.

First, the range! As you know by now, e-scooters offer a higher amount of range on average. But even if the range is not taken into consideration, the scooters will have an edge.

In comparison, most of the riders will choose the scooters to ride the longer range. And if you are wondering why it is simply because most of the riders find it easier to commute with. This will not be applicable to most models because some models will be pretty janky and hard to maneuver.

Now, when it comes to that janky maneuvering thing, some of the e-boards are highly capable of lowering that.

They can minimize the shakiness and can work reasonably well for longer commutes. But, you cannot deny that having a handlebar on the front will not offer you more control over the directions.

On the other hand, both can offer some praiseworthy numbers when it comes to high speeds. And some boards are capable of hitting the high-speed limit of some average car. But that speed is not the only thing to consider when it comes to practicality.

Overall, the winner here is the electric scooters. They can offer the ease of meandering, which simply the e-skateboards cannot offer. That is why the scooters are going to take the lead here.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: The comfort of the Ride (Tie)

Another critical factor of the topic is comfort. This is something that will also depend on the models. And as you know, not all of the models are similar. Both the scooters and the skateboards will integrate some special design to mitigate the shakiness and enhance comfort.

On that note, some models of the scooters might be capable of mitigating that to a significant amount, while some of the e-boards can do it better than most e-scooters. And some riders might be more comfortable with riding an e-scooter than an e-board.

That being said, we cannot simply pick a winner here because things will vary from one rider to another and one model to another. For that reason, we will state this factor as a tie.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Learning Curve (E-Scooters)

Let us get into one of the things that most of the riders worry about in the beginning. The learning curve is not ambiguous like some of the factors we looked at. We do have a clear winner here. And before we state that, allow us to share an experience.

In our team, we had a person that did not ride any of these before. And while we were testing these, we included him even though he did not want to.

Well, can you guess which one he learned faster? The electric scooter! Yes! The handles played a significant role here.

From that experience, we think it is not necessary anymore to state the winner, right? That being said, it is not that hard to learn skateboarding. All you are going to need is some help. Even then, scooters are easier to get the hang of.

On that note, the braking system on the e-scooters will make riding them pretty safe in the very beginning. So, if you are not willing to go for something that will require some time to learn, opt for the scooters. But if you can afford the time and effort, you can opt for the skateboard.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Rules and Regulation (Tie)

The laws are not the same for each of the states. Some of them might not allow you to ride any of these on the street, while there are plenty of states that will let you drive both. Considering this variation of the laws, we cannot just suggest you get one or the other in this factor.

For most of the states, the jurisdictions will group skateboard and scooter riders as non-vehicle occupants. As in, they are going to be treated just like bicyclists.

However, the motor of these will make things a bit complicated because some of these can reach exceptionally high speed.

Nevertheless, we would recommend you look up laws related to e-skateboards and e-scooters for the state you live in. If there is none, keep the rules of regular versions in your mind and pick any of the two.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Maintenance (Tie)

It goes without saying that if you want to make something last for a reasonable amount of time, you need to take proper care of it. And the same goes for both of these.

But that is not our main concern here. What we are going to focus on is which one is easier to maintain.

Well, the case is a bit complicated in this case as well. There are plenty of models available for both. And the parts that each of the models is going to utilize will not be the same.

While some of the brands might utilize the ones that are easier to work with, some might integrate intricate parts.

There is another thing as well, which is the maintenance cost. What if some parts start to malfunction and you need to replace them? And the case is ambiguous in this factor as well.

The parts will also have varying prices. Some might be highly accessible and affordable, while some will be pretty pricey.

Considering all of that, we cannot simply choose a winner here. However, some of the e-skateboards will come with easy-to-remove parts.

This overall design will make the task of maintaining the unit easier. Also, some e-scooters will come with removable batteries.

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard: Style and Recognition (E-Skateboards)

Some of the riders are not going to factor in any of the crucial differences we talked about before this factor while purchasing one of these. Instead of considering them, they will simply focus on the style, community, and overall recognition.

Well, in this case, the e-scooters have been around for a long amount of time. And for being around for a long amount of time, it has a good-sized community. But the e-skateboard community is not that far behind.

They are growing in size, and due to people focusing on tricks, there has been a massive rise in popularity lately.

Now, you might be asking which one will get more attention. You are surely going to turn some heads around if you start sliding down a sloped road on an e-board.

But the same case is not applicable to e-scooters. They do not have the style factor as much as e-skateboards.

That being said, we have found that the community of e-skateboards is reasonably active. They organize different rides in the major cities.

These events are the reason why e-skating is picking up so much attention. In comparison, the e-scooter community is not that active. They hardly organize events.

Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: Differences At a Glance!

CostIt is a tie because there are plenty of different brands offering models at various price points.
Safety and BrakesUsually, the skateboards will not have any dedicated braking mechanism.The e-scooters will come with dedicated braking mechanisms.
RangeFor the overall form factor, these cannot accommodate a high-capacity battery. So, the range is not that praiseworthy.E-scooters can accommodate a chunky battery, which leads them to offer a higher range.
Fun FactorSkateboards are fun to ride. And due to the fact, that you can do loads of tricks with these, you would be signing up for an exciting riding experience.The scooters are relatively fun to ride. But riding them will not be as exciting as riding a skateboard.
Top SpeedMost e-skateboards can reach exceptionally high speeds.Due to the shape and the overall form factor, these cannot reach that high speed.
WeightAs the size of these is small and compact, the e-skateboards are considerably light in weight.Usually, some of the e-scooters are relatively hefty.
Comfort and RideIt will depend on your riding style and your preference.
Learning CurveE-skateboards are not that easy to get used to.In comparison, you can learn about e-scooters exceptionally fast.
Rules and RegulationsThis is a tie! It will depend on the state you are living in.
MaintenanceAnother factor that is a tie is maintenance. It will depend on the model.
Style and RecognitionE-skateboards have the cool factor that will surely let you catch some attention.In comparison, e-scooters do not really have that much recognition.

Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: Recommended Models!

Before we conclude, we would like to introduce you to the models that we have tested and found to be worthy of recommendation.
This segment will answer the question of which electric skateboard is best for what. Additionally, you will find the answer to what is the best electric scooter for you in this segment.


This model sports a 350 watts motor. And it can reach the top speed of 18.6 Mph.

The thing that makes this one stand out is the build quality. It is of high-quality alloy and has a higher durability level.

This specific model from Razor has a small deck. And the size of the deck makes it kid-friendly. Also, the build quality is praiseworthy too.

  • Macwheel E9 PRO – Best Lightweight E-Scooter

One of the things that make this one stand out is the weight. It weighs just 14 pounds. Also, it integrates other cool features as well.


This one will get you from one location to another exceptionally fast. The top speed of the model is a staggering 28 Mph.

The unit comes with a wireless remote, which will make the task of controlling the unit easier. Also, it is pretty light in weight.

This particular model from Teamgee utilizes a high-capacity battery. For that reason, it can operate for up to 11 miles with a single charge.

The thing that makes this one stand out the most is the ability to tread through off-road tracks. Also, it packs a powerful motor.

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Should I get an electric scooter or skateboard?

This is a tricky thing to say. However, if you consider the main differences, the choice process can get easier for you.

  • Which is better, skateboard or scooter?

There are some factors where the skateboard will stand out the most, while in some factors, the scooter will take the lead. It would be best if you considered the things that matter to you the most and choose one.

  • What is easier to move around on?

In comparison, moving around with an e-scooter is easier than moving around with an e-skateboard.

  • What is better, an electric bike or scooter?

In terms of portability, a scooter is going to take the lead. However, for range, the e-bike is a better pick.

  • Why do skateboarders hate scooters?

The primary reason is that skateboards have the cool factor and more recognition than a scooter. However, there are other things as well.

  • Is Kick scooter dangerous?

Without proper safety gear, it can be dangerous. Many states even banned them and made them illegal.


It will be pretty hard to make a purchase decision without having in-depth knowledge about the topic of electric skateboards vs electric scooter. And hopefully, we were able to provide that properly. Now that you know all about the subject, we hope that choosing one is now easier for you!

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