Is Skateboarding In The Winter The Most Trending Thing Now?

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Watching the snowfall covering the streets is one of the painful scenarios a skateboarder can experience.

To be honest, skateboarding in the winter is risky; but it’s fun in so many other ways. There are ways you can skateboard both indoors and outdoors during extreme temperatures.

But make sure wherever you’re skating, the place is dry enough. Besides, when the weather is too snowy, then skating outside is not a good idea.

This article includes some useful and effective tips and ideas regarding winter skateboarding. You can enjoy and practice your skating skill without any difficulties following the information below.

Skateboarding in the winter

Where to Skateboard in the Winter?

If you are clueless about where you can still skate when the weather isn’t favorable, these are some suggestions based on where pro skaters have fun in winter.

  • In Basement Or Underground

The best option for skateboarding during winter is to practice in your garage or basement. Besides, if you want some extra fun in your skateboarding, you can make your own obstacles to practice more difficult stunts.

  • In the Carpet

If you’re not comfortable skateboarding in the basement, you can try on a carpet or rug. It may create noise, but placing a piece of wood under the carpet can reduce the noise. Moreover, it’ll give a bouncy push while skating.

  • In the Indoor Park

You are blessed even this winter if you live near any indoor skatepark. Go there for skating, and make the best use of it. Entrance fees and skatepark etiquette are required, though, so keep these in mind when you skate in such a place.

Also, feel free to go with friends and make skateboarding sessions more fun and enjoyable.

  • In Empty Buildings

Abandoned buildings are one of the best places for skateboarding practice. But first, be sure to check if it’s legal or illegal in your area. If you find such a place, clear the site, and get off any broken glass or waste.

Moreover, you can bring a camera to capture the boarding shots – more fun indeed.

  • In the Parking Garage

If you locate a parking garage, the zeal and fun you’ll get from it will be like nothing else. But you’ve to be careful in some cases, like not hitting cars while turning or asking for permission if there’s any security guard.

One more thing, parking garages are often slippery and oily. So, make sure the place is dry enough for skating safely.

  • In the Ramp

When none of the above options are available for you, then a mini ramp in your area can be a decent place for skateboarding.

If the ramp is wet, use a floor squeegee to dry out the place. It’ll take 15-30 minutes to dry. And then, enjoy performing basic stuns with your skateboarding mates.

  • In the Living Room

The last option to skateboard during the winter season is nowhere else but your living room. I know this is not advisable, but you can try this out if you’re too bored.

However, take a rug or carpet so that the floor remains undisturbed. Try to do it on the rug or carpet only.

This option isn’t suitable for you if the living is packed with furniture and expensive stuff.

4 Best Tips to Skateboarding During the Winter!

Skateboarding during winter is more dangerous and can be injurious if you aren’t careful. Be sure to follow the tips below to make skating sessions safe and fun.

  • Make Sure the Place is Dry

First of all, look for a dry place. Skating in a wet area can make you slip and cause serious injuries. Other than that, you won’t enjoy skating if the place is wet.

If you don’t find a dry place, it’s better and safe to board inside the house or basement.

  • Dress Properly

Though your body will be warm from the continuous movement, you’ll easily catch a cold if you stand still for a few minutes without wearing warm clothes. So, better dress with proper winter sports clothing.

  • Snowboarding Instead of Skating

If you love skateboarding, you probably want to practice it every season. But in the winter, skating with a regular skateboard is quite a hassle.

So, it’ll be wise to snowboarding with a mini snowboard to be able to still engage in an outdoor sports activity during the winter.

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  • Take Safety Measurements

Undoubtedly, skateboarding in winter is risky. So, taking safety measures is a must. Serious injuries can happen if you’re not careful while skateboarding, as most places are wet.

Be sure to use a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and closed-toe shoes to guarantee your safety.

Other Fun Activities to Do in the Winter

As I said before, you can skate indoor or outdoor according to your preferences. But what if the weather isn’t favorable for skateboarding at all?

In that case, you can engage in other sports activities.

  • Snow Skating

This is one of the fun things to do in the winter. As the weather is too bad for skateboarding, you can definitely give it a try to snow skating.

However, Snowskates exist in various shapes and sizes but opt for a single board if you’re a beginner.

Snowskates have specific plastic grooves on the bottom and rubber patches on top to protect you from slipping, even if this is your very first time trying the sport.

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  • Invest in an Old Deck

You can grab your old deck and go to a nearby slope if you’ve nothing to do but are desperate to get into some outdoor sports. It’s a fun thing, yet less challenging than skateboarding.

  • Exercise Balancing on a Custom-Made Board

When the weather is too bad to skateboard, and you feel extremely bored getting trapped inside the house, you can practice balancing indoors without making any mess.

Make a custom-made balance board using a plastic bottle and board. Detail tutorials are available on YouTube for this.

  • Snowboarding

Although skateboarding and snowboarding are not the same, it won’t take much time to learn to ride a snowboard if you are really good at skateboarding.

Once you figure out how to snowboard, you’ll find it even more fun than skateboarding. Moreover, it will make you feel more confident stepping on the board.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is rain, heat, or cold harmful to your skateboard?

As wood is an organic substance, severe heat and cold temp can damage the material.

Your grip tape will fall off when exposed to moisture, which will also degrade the adhesive. Boards soaked in water lose their elasticity and begin to delaminate.

The thing is never to let your bearings get wet.

  • What do you wear when skating in the cold?

Wear a wind-resistant coat with a layer up to protect yourself from the wind. Do not forget to cover your head and neck with a hood. Also, it’s better to wear extra padding when skating in the cold.

  • What temperature is too freezing to skateboard?

The ideal temperature is 60 degrees. If the temperature is below 50 degrees, it’s advisable not to skate. 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature. Skating isn’t fun anymore when it’s below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.


So, I hope you got all the answers regarding whether you can do skateboarding in the winter or not. However, take all safety measurements, and keep in mind the mentioned tips above to make your skate safely in the winter.