Electric Skateboard Won’t Turn On? Reasons & Solutions!

Electric Skateboard Won't Turn On

After many attempts, your electric skateboard won’t Turn On. Whether your electric skateboard is brand-new or you have been using it for years, this type of problem can be worn by anyone at any moment, which is very frustrating for any skater.

An electric skateboard can have technical issues at any time. So don’t be too frustrated with why they won’t electric skateboard turn On because most professionals said it’s a common issue. However, in this guide, we will show you the strong reasons why skateboards not turning On and how to turn On electric skateboards; we will share some solutions.

Why Electric Skateboard Won’t Turn On?

Why Electric Skateboard Won't Turn On?

There are so many reasons why an electric skateboard keeps turning off, but the most common issue is maybe your electric skateboard battery defected and can’t hold a charge properly. That’s why you will need an electric skateboard battery replacement or maybe a defective charger.

There are also chances that the electric skateboard may be disconnected from the charger or battery line, or you may not have plugged in the charger properly. There is also the possibility of a defective motherboard or system error.

So it’s a lot more difficult to ensure the main issues; however, we have arranged our outline in detail below; let’s take a look.

Battery or Charger Issues

electric skateboard Battery or Charger Issues


Even after you fully charge your electric skateboard, if it runs out of charge before using it once, it possibly has defects in your battery or charger. Follow the steps below to check the battery and charger.

Checking the Charger

Checking the Charger

It is much easier to test the charger than to open your e-skateboard and check the battery so we will start with that first.

First, plug in the charger and notice the red or green light. If the red light stays, it means your battery is constantly loading power, and if the green light stays, it means your battery is fully charged.

But one thing to keep in mind is that even after your battery charge is fully charged, or close to a full charge when you again plug in a good charger, the red indicator will stay ON for at least a while or up to 1 minute. So if you have green stay even after charging plug-in, it means maybe there is a problem with your charger.

However, to ensure this, you borrow your friend’s electric skateboard charger, then use it to charge your board; if the same thing happens again, it means it is not your charger’s difficulty, but maybe your electric skateboard battery or motherboard issues. 

And if the red light shines after plugging in the charger, then keep it ON charge until the green light shines. Then turn ON the e-skateboard; if it is turned ON, it means that it was your charger issue.

Checking the Battery

Electric Skateboard not Turn On:Checking the Battery

If your charger can charge properly, and your electric skateboard will not turn ON still or lose power too quickly, that means your electric skateboard has a battery issue. In this case, you need to test the battery to ensure it. But, before that, you need to separate up the battery from your e-skateboard properly.

First, with the help of a Phillips screwdriver and Allen wrench, unscrew all the bolts on the skateboard, then safely separate the battery from the battery box.

Then unpin the two connectors of the battery to check whether the battery is still working; for this, take the help of a voltmeter to check its voltage. Next, attach the two-bit batteries of the voltmeter to the two pins; if the voltmeter is read up to 36 to 42 volts, it means the battery is OKAY, and if the value is lower than that, it means you have to replace the electric skateboard battery.

Here you can read our researcher’s prepared best electric skateboard battery review to get the ideal battery for your skateboard.

Motherboard or Wiring Issues

Electric Skateboard Won't Turn On:Motherboard or Wiring Issues

If you do not find any issues after checking your battery and charger in the above way, it means that there are issues somewhere else in your skateboard; it may be in the wires or the motherboard; to identify this, you can follow our below’s method.

Checking the Wires

Checking the Wires

First, take a closer look at the motherboard’s wiring, which is connected to the charging port, because disconnected cables or incorrectly plugged cables can be the main culprits of this difficulty. If any cables are incorrectly plugged, then plug them properly. As well as carefully tighten the other cables and connect them, after that try to charging again. I think if there are any issues in the wiring, then they should be fixed.

Checking the Motherboard

Checking the Motherboard

If your electric skateboard has wiring and is okay, then lastly, it chances a system error, otherwise your e-skateboard motherboard issues. If you can know how to check error codes on an e-skateboard, then check it. Otherwise, you can call the manufacturer’s customer’s care to know the trouble codes and the system guideline.

After checking the motherboard, if there are trouble codes, you will need to repair the e-skateboard.

After finding out the main issues of your e-skateboard, check its warranty paper. If there is a warranty period, then this is one of the best aspects for you. Then, you can repair your e-skateboard without any cost by contacting the supplier directly. Otherwise, if there is no warranty period, repair it with the help of good e-skateboard repairs.

If you are thinking of buying a new skateboard, then you can read our best electric skateboard review so that you can choose the good electric skateboard that is suitable for you.

Final Verdict

Electric skateboard is an easy transport that can easily take you to any near destination. Unfortunately, though it has many advantages, on the other way it can also throw you into a lot of disappointment. However, with proper maintenance, an e-skateboard can be operated for a long time without any issues.

But after you so much care in many fields, your e-skateboard can be worn in a very bad situation. One of the common issues is that the electric skateboard won’t turn On. However, the reasons we have shown above are the biggest reasons why your skateboard does not turn On. I’m pretty sure you will get the main culprits issues after checking your e-skateboard properly in the above ways.

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