Is Electric Skateboard Worth It? Should You Buy One?

is electric skateboard worth it

The demand for electric skateboards in various countries is increasing along with the number of users. Many of us buy skateboarding as a hobby, while others efficiently use it to travel to different places in their daily lives. Electric skateboard has many advantages as well as many disadvantages.

Electric skateboards may not be suitable for everyone, primarily because of their expensive price range. So if you finally decide to buy on this expensive budget, then before buying, you must first know whether is electric skateboard worth it. Then you need to consider other things, after that, you should decide whether to buy it.

To make your decision process more accessible, we have created this complete guide, where we have covered almost all the aspects of an electric skateboard, which will help you to understand easily. Is it really worth it for you or not? So let’s first get familiarized with electric skateboards.

What is an Electric Skateboard? How Does It Work?

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It

An electric skateboard is similar to a regular skateboard, but it includes an electric motor and some advanced features, due to which electric board has made a lot of difference from the regular skateboard. With an electric skateboard, you will get a wireless remote control system. Basically, it will help you to increase or decrease the speed, as well as you can command it to go forward and come back and control the whole board.

You can see many different types of electric skateboards in the market as conventional skateboards, bamboo skateboards, and many more and they come with different speed ranges and features. However, almost all e-skateboards can run smoothly on the road from 15 kilometers to 80 kilometers per hour.

Reason to Buy an Electric Skateboard!

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It? Should You Buy One?

There are dozens of reasons and so many benefits of an electric skateboard, which is why you need to buy an electric skateboard. However, some of the vital reasons we have highlighted below. 

Avoid Annoying Traffic Jams

One of the problems of the busiest city is the hour-long traffic jam, which besides wasting your time, constantly interrupts you in any critical work field. E-skateboard can be a great option to avoid the annoying jam, which you can continue on the road and walking space.

You Can Go to Any Compact Space

Often, when you want to go through different short spaces for a shortcut, you can’t go because of the measurement of your car. An electric skateboard is an excellent option for easy access to any tight and shortcut space, public place, park, road, or anywhere you can go effortlessly.

Improve Physical and Mental Health

Research has confirmed that your mental health is much better when you are immersed in any fun outside. An E-skateboard keeps your mental health, as well as physical health good when you are riding and spending outside time with an electric skateboard. On the one hand, depending on your skating style, it also helps the leg exercises and balancing of your body.

On the other hand, you are getting the necessary Vitamin D from the sun, and every exciting moment during skating gives you a lot of pleasure as well as keeps you mentally healthy.

Better For Environment

Greenhouse gas is making our environment more critical day by day. In this case, in shortcut places, if you ride an e-skateboard without using the car. On the one hand, you can save some cost; on the other hand, you can be a part of protecting the environment from polluted carbon gas.

Reason to Not Buys an Electric Skateboard!

Electric Skateboard Worth It

Though there are many solid reasons and benefits for electric skateboards, there are also many reasons and disadvantages of an electric skateboard. Here are some of them:

Not Legal for Everywhere

Electric skateboarding is still growing in popularity; it is illegal in many states, but it is not yet widely available. Soon, new laws and rules will come in different states, and it will be legal. However, before purchasing an electric skateboard and using it, you must properly check your state’s rules and regulations.

You Need Always to Charge It

The electric skateboard is battery-operated, so any long-distance journey may require charging at any moment. So you always have to keep the charge along with the essential safety gear of the electric skateboard.

But this problem is not so significant; to avoid these battery capacity issues, you can place the best electric skateboard battery on your skateboard to increase the battery level. It will get a long battery backup, as well as a stable ride far away.

It will be Dangerous

Electric skateboards may not be safe for everyone because you must learn to control it properly before riding on the road. Besides, as a result of fast riding in the traffic area, there is a risk of an accident.

So no matter you are how experienced a skater, there is a chance of an accident if you handle it without properly maintaining a safety guide and wearing protective gear.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Many people tag electric skateboards as very safe; I do not completely agree with them. Because electric skateboard has many dangerous sides, many beginners are unaware of the dangers.

When you first go electric skateboarding, you always have to keep the basic safety things. During skating time, you must always have Helmets, Elbow Pads, and Knee Pads with you. If you are a beginner e-skater, then you must drive at a slower speed, as well as have greater control.

Most importantly, you must know your state’s electric skateboard laws, and rules and manage them accordingly, always with safety protocol. During e-skateboarding, stay away from high-traffic areas as much as possible.

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It?

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It?

The best electric skateboard provides better performance, great brakes, and excellent balance; it also gives you a lot of fun in regular life and makes traveling a lot easier.

On the other hand, it is not legal for all states, and there are chances of accidents due to carelessness at the beginning level. The biggest thing is that its price range is almost beyond the reach of most people. When you decide to shift to an e-skateboard, you have to personally consider whether it is really suitable for the work you want to take.

However, considering the overall advantage and disadvantages sides, in my opinion, everyone who is currently in the city, and the road facilities are good. For them, an electric skateboard is definitely a worthy selection in almost all cases.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly in current circumstances, the use of electric skateboards in regular life will gradually increase, and it will become an essential part of our lives. Hopefully, you have got answered your question, Is an electric skateboard worth it? The rest of the aspects depend on you, so you have to decide on those personal aspects.

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