Why is Teamgee Electric Skateboard Not Charging? [Reasons & Solutions]

teamgee electric skateboard not charging

Electric skateboards are enjoyable, eco-friendly, practical, and reliable to ride around. You will find so many best electric skateboard brands on the market and the Teamgee electric skateboard is one of them.

However, Teamgee has many advantages, as well as most riders, have complained about some common issues that are battery and charging-related. Yet, Teamgee is working to fix these issues. Many people face these charging issues but do not know precisely why is Teamgee’s electric skateboard not charging. And how to fix Teamgee’s e-skateboard charging issues.

That’s why we have made this guide, where we have discussed all the related issues besides charging issues and described how you could maintain your Teamgee electric skateboard. So let’s get started without wasting time.

Why is Teamgee Electric Skateboard Not Charging?

Why is Teamgee Electric Skateboard Not Charging

First, Take out your charger, connect it to the electric power outlet, and ON the switch; if the charger’s indicator light glows, that means the charger is still good.

Then connect the other end of the charger to your Teamgee electric skateboard charging port; now, if the indicator light glows while charging, that means charging is in progress.

Keep the charge on your Teamgee e-board for as long as the owner’s manual describes, then remove the charger after charging is complete. All of these things happen when the charger is normal. But when your e-skateboard has an issue with charger or battery related, you will see exceptions.

Now the question is, what are the reasons for Teamgee electric skateboard not charging?

The battery and the charging issues are very close, due to which before going to the final stage, you have to look at some aspects properly. However, many experts blame the bad BMS system for Teamgee’s electric skateboard charging issues.

There are many reasons to blame the BMS system; we saw that most users had complained BMS trouble is the leading cause of most of Teamgee’s charging issues. However, in this case, without going directly to the BMS system, you can first follow the following steps to find out the main problem.

Possible Reasons Why Your Electric Skateboard Not Charging!

First, you need to test the electric skateboard charger; that’s why first connect the charger with an electric power outlet, then connect another end with an e-skateboard; if the charging indicator is not glowing, that means there is an issue with the charger. Next, take a multimeter, and test the output voltage. If its voltage is Zero or Below, then the charger is no longer working. So it needs to be changed.

If there is charging, but a burning or other damage-type smell comes from inside the skateboard, it means that any component damage, battery leaks, or other causes are happening inside the e-skateboard. In this case, you need to go for electric skateboard repairs.

If all the above aspects work properly, follow these steps; first, you need to determine when your battery was last fully charged. Keep in mind that, after each use, you need to charge the battery fully, and the charge must be fully charged at least once in 30 days. If the battery has not been charged for the last six months, then your electric skateboard battery has a high chance of being damaged, so you may have to replace the battery.

Also, if you have two e-skateboards, and you are using one skateboard’s chargers to charge another without looking at the voltage, then there may be an issue with the battery or BMS system.

You can check the charger port well. However, because of the many times IN and OUT, there is a possibility of connection loss. In this case, you can replace the charger by checking with a multimeter.

How Long Should I Charge My Teamgee Electric Skateboard?

Depending on the battery capacity and charger types, different models have different charging times. Thus, to get excellent battery backup, you must refrain from overcharging and using a complete charge during riding.

Teamgee boards take an average of 2 hours to complete charge. So, preferably, you must read the manual here.

Why Teamgee H5 skateboard not working?

There could be a few reasons why your Teamgee H5 skateboard is not working. The first thing to check is whether or not the battery is properly installed. Make sure that the battery is correctly inserted into the skateboard and that the green light is on. If everything looks okay, then the next step is to try and power on the skateboard. If you have trouble turning it on, then it may be the battery. Try replacing the battery with a fresh one.

If you have tried the above steps and still cannot get your Teamgee H5 skateboard to work, then it might be the controller. Try resetting the controller by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. If that does not work, then it might be the board itself. Try replacing the board if it is within the warranty period.

TeamGee H20 Mini not powering on or charging!

There are a few things that could be causing your TeamGee H20 Mini, not to power on or charge. First, make sure that the battery is fully charged by plugging it into an outlet and waiting for the indicator light to turn off (which usually takes about 2 hours). If the battery is still not charging, try replacing the battery. If that does not work, it may be necessary to send the TeamGee H20 Mini in for repair.

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Teamgee skateboard Charger blinking and won’t load!

There could be a few reasons why your Teamgee skateboard charger is blinking and won’t load. The most common issue is that the battery is dead or needs to be replaced. To check if the battery is dead, try plugging in the charger and turning it on. If the skateboard charger doesn’t turn on, then the battery may be dead. To replace the battery, unscrew the bottom of the charger and take out the old battery. Put in a new battery and screw the bottom back on. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the battery.

Teamgee electric skateboard Remote Problem!

If you are having trouble controlling your Teamgee electric skateboard with the remote, there is a good chance that the battery is drained. So Teamgee electric skateboard remote is not working properly. when they try to use it to control the board, it just doesn’t seem to be responding correctly. If you’re experiencing this problem, we recommend trying the following solutions:

1. Reset the Teamgee electric skateboard remote by pressing and holding the reset button for 3 seconds.

2. Make sure that your batteries are fully charged by inserting the included USB cable into your electric skateboard and into an outlet.

3. Try connecting your electric skateboard to your computer using the included USB cable. If that doesn’t work, try connecting it to another power source like a wall outlet or car charger.

How to Maintain Your Teamgee Electric Skateboard

To avoid this kind of problem, you need to maintain your Teamgee electric skateboard properly. Here you can keep some of the essential things described below.


The battery is one of the essential components of your electric skateboard, which is also called the heart of an e-skateboard. Therefore, always try to maintain it appropriately, especially when charging, and pay special attention to maintaining and charging the proper user manual guide.

Also, always ride your e-skateboard at 10 to 30℃ temperature to get excellent battery protection. 


As we mentioned earlier, you need special consideration in the field of charging. After buying a new electric skateboard, take full charge before using it.

Also, you need to fully charge after each use to increase the efficiency of the lithium battery. So remember that while you are riding, don’t use full battery power, don’t go below the minimum 15% battery life.

Another vital aspect you must remember is that don’t regularly overcharge, because it will reduce the battery’s efficiency. Also, if you decide to not use an e-skateboard for a long time, store it in a cool and dry room; you must keep the battery fully charged once every 15 to 20 days.


Always keep your e-skateboard clean, try as much as possible to use a soft damp cloth during cleaning, as well as if you use water or any cleaning solution, be careful it should not enter inside the housing, charging port, ESC, and other gaps. 

Also, regularly monitor trucks, wheels, and decks. A looser truck will help you get a proper curving, speed, and smooth riding experience. Try to customize depending on your comfortability.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Teamgee is one of the best electric skateboard brands. However, to not face Teamgee electric skateboard not charging issues, you have to be very careful while using the skateboard and pay the charging according to the user guide.

If you face the reasons mentioned above, you can easily fix them yourself. But if there are any issues related to the BMS system or other crucial components damage, and if you do not have proper knowledge about electric parts, I will recommend you take expert repair help.

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