Best Electric Skateboard Battery: Editors Top Picks!

best electric skateboard battery review

The battery is like the heart of any electric device; a good quality battery is important to ensure the most reliable performance. In the same way, your outdoor partner’s electric skateboard needs the best electric skateboard battery so that you will get longer and faster performance.

Though you can see dozens of esk8 batteries in the market, after maintaining all the essential aspects then finding great quality batteries is very challenging, especially for beginners. Don’t worry! To make your search process more convenient, we have created the best battery for the electric skateboard guide, where all e-skateboard batteries have been created by good research and consumer feedback analysis.

So let’s start our tour without wasting time But let’s first learn about the types of best electric skateboard batteries, to know which battery will be suitable for your esk8.

Different Types of Skateboard Batteries

You can find different types of many electric skateboard batteries, but we have highlighted some of the most popular batteries below.

best electric skateboard battery: how to choose a battery

LiPo (Lithium Polymer):

LiPo batteries are usually lightweight and have low voltage sag and a higher discharge rate. It can easily fit into compact spaces. Though these are suitable for use in the DIY work field, in my opinion, it is unreasonable to use them on an electric skateboard. There are many reasons for this, one of which is the safety issues.

Most of the time, when you use a skateboard for a long time, it will quickly start heating, and chances to accidentally start burning.

In most cases, manufacturers do not provide a battery warranty because the battery’s life cycle is much shorter than other batteries. However, many skateboard brands still use LiPo batteries with their e-skateboard.

Li-Ion (Lithium Ion):

You can see this battery in most electrical devices; its easy availability and excellent performance are one of the great reasons. Its life cycle is much longer than other batteries, and it has an onboard BMS system for managing battery cells, which is very safe compared to LiPo batteries. Maximum electric skateboard uses Li-Ion batteries in their e-skateboards.

LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate):

Lithium iron phosphate battery is called a new technology battery because it is specially designed to combine Li-Ion and Li-Po. It is a powerful and expensive option for anyone.

Though it is a very powerful battery option for electric skateboards, one of the downsides is that you can not easily find it everywhere.

Best Electric Skateboard Battery: Best Picks!

1. L-faster Electric Mountain Skateboard Battery:

Introducing the L-faster e-skateboard battery pack, which is our first selection in this article. It comes with a complete battery box with higher amps and voltage capacity, that is, 36 volts and 10 amps. That will help you to get faster and longer time skating performance.

One of the best features is its compact size, with a complete box that is 350mm in length and 195mm in width, which will easily fit in the battery section of the almost maximum skateboard.

The L-faster Lithium electric skateboard battery box has battery monitoring indicators that help you easily understand the current status of the battery and will help prevent overcharging. There is also one power button, which helps to easy access. Also, its wireless controller system has made it even better.

Another great advantage of this is that if you want, you can customize it for off-road skateboards.

Highlighted Features

  • 36 volts and 10 amps battery
  • It is completely customizable
  • It uses a high-quality 2000mAh 5C 18650 cell
  • It comes with a power button and battery indicator
  • The box is made of durable plastic materials.

Electric Mountain Skateboard Battery Pack

2. L-faster Electric Skateboard Battery Pack:

Many prefer a separate charger with an electric skateboard battery. This Lithium battery pack from L-Faster is one of the great options for them. Moreover, it comes with a faster charger, which safely charges the battery in a faster way than the default charger of an electric skateboard.

It comes with 36 volts and 5 amps, which is capable of giving long-lasting backup. This e-skateboard battery pack does not have any battery cover, but it is also very compact in size; its measurements are 20×4.5×7 cm, so you can easily use it on an electric scooter or bike and most standard skateboards in a suitable way.

Also, its price range is within everyone’s budget, so if you want to upgrade your e-skateboard battery, this may be an outstanding option for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • 36 volts and 5 amps battery
  • Compact in size, great for small e-skateboard
  • It comes with a fast charger
  • It uses a 2500mAh 18650 cell
  • Great battery for electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric skateboards

L-Fast Electric Skateboard Battery

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3. L-faster Electric Off-Road Skateboard Battery:

Are you searching for the best off-road electric skateboard battery? Then undoubtedly this electric skateboard battery of L-faster may be one of the excellent selections for you. It comes with a complete box just like our first pick, but it has a lot more advanced options with the battery and a lot more battery amps, so you get excellent off-roading performance.

It comes with 36 volts and 11 amps Lithium battery. Includes a separate charging port with the power button, which helps operate the battery differently. One of the most satisfying aspects of it is that it is as compact as our other picks in terms of size, as well as you can set your e-skateboard, and e-scooter suitably.

It has battery indicators, which will help you see the current battery charge and prevent overcharging. Besides, connectors of two motors are provided separately. Overall this is an excellent selection for anyone.

Highlighted Features

  • 36 volts and 11 amps Lithium battery
  • It uses high-quality LG 2200mah 18650 cell
  • Dual brushless motor controller board
  • Great for off-road electric skateboard
  • It comes as a power button and battery indicator
  • The plastic box is made of higher sturdy materials.

Electric Off Road Skateboard Battery

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4. Mighty Max Battery for E-Skateboard:

Most electric skateboards come with sealed lead-acid batteries, which require a similarly sealed lead battery to replace the battery. So if your skateboard battery is similar, then the Mighty Max will be an excellent option for you.

It comes with 12 volts and 12 amps, which provide outstanding backup. It is a completely rechargeable and maintenance-free battery, which will give more extended life performance. It has a wide operating temperature and a high discharge rate.

Also, one of the outstanding features of the battery is that you can easily set it in any position of the e-skateboard without any worries about shocks and vibration.

With it, you will get only 3 batteries; besides, it does not include any other type of terminal and mounting accessories. So you have to buy them separately, and if the terminals are already set in the battery box of your skateboard, then you do not need to buy them separately.

You can easily install it. You also get a 30 days refund policy with it and a one-year warranty to ensure longer life.

Highlighted Features

  • 12 volts and 12 amps
  • It is a low-temperature battery
  • It is mountable in any position
  • Shocks and vibration resistant
  • Maintenance-free and rechargeable battery
  • 30 days money back and 1-year warranty

E-Glide Electric Skateboard Mighty Max Battery

5. Universal Power Replacement Battery for Electric Skateboard:

The Universal Power battery is an excellent option for those who are looking for the best electric skateboard battery on their budget. It comes with a 3 pack 12 volts and 12 amps rechargeable battery that ultimately spills proof and is maintenance-free.

Most consumers are appreciated its vibration and shock resist features; it helps to set this battery in any position of your skateboard.

Also, another great advantage is that this electric skateboard battery replacement process is pretty easy. That’s why you won’t need to spend extra bucks for a replacement.

The dimensions of the batteries are very portable, so it fits effortlessly in almost all e-skateboard battery boxes, in any position.

Moreover, it does not require any extra maintenance, which is why you get performance from it for a long time. You also get one year warranty with this electric skateboard battery set to ensure quality.

Highlighted Features

  • 12 volts and 12 amps
  • Compact size and safe
  • Variety usable features
  • it didn’t need any maintenance
  • You will get one year warranty
  • Completely spill-proof battery
  • Shocks and vibration resistant

Universal Power Group Electric Skateboard Battery

6. DIYE Electric Skateboard Enclosure:

Do you want to build an electric skateboard yourself? And looking for a great quality battery enclosure for electric skateboard battery safety? Well, in this list, we have selected an electric skateboard battery as well as the best battery holder enclosure for you.

First of all, one of its downsides is that its price is a little bit higher than a regular battery enclosure, but trust me, its quality and higher customizable features are worth its price. The great thing is that it is made with ultra-strength durable materials, which are simultaneously flexible and scratch, crack-proof.

The greatest thing is that most of the battery enclosures are a bit heavier in terms of weight, which makes it more difficult during proper skating.

However, this battery enclosure of DIYE is designed in a very lightweight and low-profile way. In the field of outdoor skating, it properly protects the battery and has pre-drilled holes, which makes your customization process more accessible.

Highlighted Features

  • It can easily fit any skateboard.
  • Unique and low profile designed battery box
  • Made with ultra-strength and lightweight materials
  • Completely scratch and crack proof
  • You did not need any drilling
  • Flexible and customizable 

DIYE Electric Skateboard Enclosure Large Battery

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7. DIYE Mini Electric Skateboard Battery Enclosure

This electric skateboard battery enclosure from DIYE was initially designed for small skateboards so that you can easily hide the electric battery pack and other components in it.

However, in the making it too, more importance has been given to quality and features. In particular, it is highly customizable and heavy-duty constructed.

Also, one of the great sides is that it is a suitable option for high-performance skateboarding. It has been given a lot of flexibility as well as its great compact design almost fits easily on the maximum standard skateboard.

When you are skating, any skateboard’s scratch and crack issues are common, but the great thing is that this enclosure box of DIYE is completely sketchy and crackproof. It also has pre-drilled, so you don’t need to drill it.

So if you are looking for a mini battery enclosure considering durability and other features, then this might be a suitable option for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • It comes with completely scratch and cracks proof
  • It comes with a pre-drilled enclosure
  • Flexible, lightweight, and customizable 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for any standard e-skateboard
  • Suitable for outdoor skateboard

DIYE Mini Electric Skateboard Enclosure for Battery

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Things You Should Know Before Buying Electric Skateboard Battery

Even after reading our review, some other aspects must be needed to meet with the battery you choose. It will enable you to easily find the perfect battery option which is suitable for your e-skateboard.


When you buy any usable device, it is vital to look at its durability. Especially if it is an electric device, then you must see all the aspects in a proper way.

Each of our above-picked batteries has outstanding durable quality and longevity. So no matter which battery you choose, you can be sure of the stability.

Types of Battery

As we discussed earlier, battery types, maybe you already recognize which kinds of battery you need to choose. You can see Li-ion, LiPo, and LiFePo4, the three most common types of batteries. But we will recommend you select a Li-Ion battery, especially for your electric skateboard.


It is really an important part; you should see the e-skateboard battery box properly to see what battery you should use for an electric skateboard.

Then you have to choose the battery according to those dimensions. Ultimately, if you want, you can choose a customizable battery; then, you can easily fit that battery on your skateboard.


Like other parts, the range is another crucial part. For example, if you choose 5Ah Li-Ion batteries, you can run up to a maximum of 5 to 6 miles; on the other hand, if you select 10Ah to 12Ah batteries, you can travel 18 miles to 20 miles or more. So you should choose a battery depending on your usage.


In most cases, higher capacity battery weight is very heavy. But the sad thing is heavy batteries are not suitable for e-skateboard. So pay more attention to the weight of the battery you are trying to choose; choose lightweight as much as possible.


1. What types of batteries does an electric skateboard use?

Though you can see many electric batteries on the market, Li-Ion, LiFePo, and LiPo are the most commonly used. However, among these three, the Li-Ion battery is the most popular. Because as long as it lasts for a long time, it is also the best in terms of performance. That’s why most skaters choose Li-Ion batteries for their electric skateboards.

2. Can you overcharge your batteries?

The short answer is “Yes,” you can overcharge your batteries. This is because every battery has a battery system, which monitors the current charging status and protects against overcharging. However, in the case of using the e-skateboard battery, you must keep in mind some rules. For example, do not let your skateboard charge go below 30% to 40%. It has the potential to drain the battery.

Also, make sure that your skateboard has a battery management system because LiPo batteries are dangerous due to overcharging.

3. How long does the battery last on an electric skateboard?

If Li-ion batteries are maintained adequately before reaching 70% to 80%, they will last 500 to 1000 charge cycles. That means your e-skateboard battery will last 1.5 years to 3 years.

4. Can these electric skateboard batteries explode?

If you do not properly maintain everything, then all batteries have the potential to explode. So when you buy a battery for your e-skateboard, you must try to collect batteries from the most trusted brands.

And as much as possible, stay away from using your own built battery or any DIYer-built battery.

Also, from time to time, monitor the battery’s condition. As soon as possible replace the battery which is getting poorer day by day. If your e-skateboard has LiPo batteries, then you must be more careful.

Most states have not yet made any new rules for e-skateboard. Due to this, it is not yet legal at the maximum street. However, if your state does not have any specific rules about it yet, then you will be able to run it, especially in your near destination. But in this case, you must first know the rules of an electric skateboard.

Final Verdict

If you want to easily get rid of your headaches, you must choose the best electric skateboard battery for your e-skateboard. In our battery list, we have picked several types of batteries so that you can easily find suitable batteries for your e-skateboard. Hopefully, our detailed e-skateboard battery list has helped you a lot to choose the ideal battery.

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