Boosted Electric Skateboard Review : A Higher Speed Board!

Electric skateboarding has been booming since 1999. And boosted skateboard is pretty much helpful for commuters, riders, and cruisers. In order to have a higher-speed skateboard, boosted comes with a mini X electric skateboard. Today you are going to read our complete Boosted electric skateboard review.

In this field, boosted is a well-known brand as they have been providing top-notch skateboards over the years. The boost was found in 2012 by some students at Stanford University. And they successfully launched a big campaign and started selling their quality products.

In this article, I will be explaining the difference between the longboard and the shortboard. Besides, I will include a boosted electric skateboard explaining the quality and the excellent materials they have added. As a result, you will have a better decision to buy an expensive, which is worth the price. If you were looking for a top-notch skateboard that can meet your needs, here you are. Read the entire boosted board review and decide on a better buy.

How Long Does a Boosted Board Last?

After a little study on a Reddit discussion board, I determined that your board should be able to travel at least a couple of hundred miles, if not a few thousand miles now. One Redditor says he offered his boosted board “2 years ago, 10k + miles, still getting stronger!” Very impressive, yet!

Boosted Electric Skateboard Review

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 32.36 x 12.13 x 8 inches; 16.8 Pounds.
  • Brand: Boosted.
  • Material: Composite
  • Color: Black
  • Wheel Size: 80 Millimeters
  • Item Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Battery: Requires 1 lithium-ion battery (Included)
boosted electric skateboard review

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There is a multitude of different types of electric skateboards on the market. However, I have come with the boosted mini X electric skateboard review which has a new standard deck design, the right amount of speeds, gradual acceleration, super speed motorized wheels, and balanced control while riding.

The boosted mini X electric skateboard can not only sports equipment but also, good transportation, especially the skateboard for commuters.

The boosted longboard mini x shorter than a traditional longboard. As a result, it makes it lighter when you are carrying it. It can be the best outdoor sport when you can carry out and go and put it down anywhere like a coffee shop, restaurant, and other places. On the other hand, carrying a longboard is hard.

There’s no way around it to make it lighter. It measures over 20 pounds, which is heavier and drags along the ground unless you hold it pretty high. Besides, it’s longer than the mini and might touch the ground.

And the boosted stealth review, the mini X electric skateboard doesn’t have the amount of flex as electric longboards have. Because the longboard has a gap between the wheels feeling a lot of flex. On the other hand, the mini has not had many gaps and is not able to give you much flex. However, riding around, especially at higher speeds, helps you feel more controlled, stable, and smooth.

The boosted stealth electric skateboard comes with better grip tape to help make it balanced while riding downhill. Also, have stronger materials, and all the motors, belts, and trucks’ overall construction is rock-solid right off the bat. It is smaller, but it feels smoother riding around even on imperfection roads.

So, this is the time to talk about the boosted board stealth from all aspects in detail. And I will include the advantages and disadvantages of the board so, without further ado, let’s begin.

Design and Factor:

The boosted longboard is 29.5 inches, which makes it feel a little bit bigger than a mini boosted board electric longboard though. And the weight is 16.8 pounds which is quite heavy as a mini boosted board is cheap. However, it’s still lighter regarding on longboard.

The most exciting thing is the range of the board is 14 miles. But if you ride faster as a pro, you will find over 15 miles on a single charge. You can ride through it at over 20 MPH, which is faster and can take you by surprise. If the short distance is getting to your destination, this electric board is ideal for regular use.


One of the most striking parts is the deck. You must pay attention to which materials are included in the deck. Because, without quality materials, a deck is considered a dull affair.

The boosted mini X electric skateboard comes with a high-quality deck including fiberglass, and excellent grip tape to keep you locked in. It’s got a concave shape, and a pretty much lovely look as well.

The boost electric skateboard has a sloping carve in the middle of the board which helps you know where to put your feet on the board without looking. And looking down sometimes might be dangerous while riding. Overall the deck feels quite flexible and balanced in control.

There are lithium-ion batteries underneath the deck which might be annoying cause to built in the center. But still, the board is perfect for torque and regular use.

There one more thing is the deck has a tail that helps you turn around. The tail is a little bit raised so that you can shift quickly.

boosted electric skateboard deck

Trucks & Wheels:

The trucks are adjustable to turn quickly. It depends on your ride and how happy you are with the tightness levels. The wheels are pretty much soft meaning they can handle the road imperfections and ride smoother and faster. The most exciting thing is a pair of wheels are motorized on the boost skateboard board. Which increases the boosted board speed you need and gives a perfect and smooth ride.


I think the only thing that I loved is the remote control system. The remote has got a pistol-style look. This convenient remote allows you to roll the wheels back and forth to speed up and slow down. there are different types of acceleration modes based on rider skill.

That means whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro, you can control the speeds based on your needs. A USB mini-boosted electric skateboard can charge this remote. Overall the boosted mini X electric skateboard is an excellent choice to have smooth and balanced control.

electric skateboard controls

Boosted Mini X Price:

Very nice this mini portable electric skateboard is ideal for old boosted skateboards. Whose speed will give you a very good experience? And the boost board price  of this Boosted Mini X is within your reach and it is very perfect for different conditions. If you want, you can see either the used condition or the brand-new condition. Prices range from 549$ to 2,197$ on amazon. My suggestion is that you can take it from Amazon if you want and I will get some commission for it.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to turn around
  • Excellent style
  • Convenient remote control
  • Equipped with good materials


  • Less amount of flex
  • It seems heavier after a long time of carrying.

01. Is a boosted board good?

Bad thing. Compared to the various electric-powered long skateboards, Boosted’s fashions are generally clean for the experience and at the fingertips of new riders. Fortunately, that hasn’t changed with Boosted Stealth. … It allows you to hit a 24-mile Pinnacle speed, 2 miles faster than it can reach in various boosted fashions.

02. How much does a boosted board cost?

The boosted skateboards cost $749 and for every financing choice, you are simplest paying an added $12.eighty for 3 months, $22.forty for 6 months, and $41.ninety for twelve months… That’s nothing!

03. Is there a Boosted Board app?

Boosted approached TM to assist layout of an iOS app for his or her boards. Its primary precedence changed to present its riders with the cap potential to replace the board’s firmware without delay from their smartphones as new functions are released.

04. Are Boosted Boards street legal?

Yes, Boosted electric powered boosted skateboards are a felony to personal and carry. No regulation everywhere says you can not personal a Boosted Board. The trouble turns into after you hit the street and in which you ride.

05. Can you ride Boosted Boards in the rain?

Boosted nevertheless recommends using the brand new boosted electric skateboard within side the rain due to the fact you may nevertheless do harm the bearings, and prolonged publicity to water may want to nevertheless damage the electronics. (Hence the usage of water-resistant, now no longer waterproof.)

The Bottom Line

The boosted skateboard brand is thriving their boost electric skateboard day by day. And pretty much features are convenient to get a better riding experience. If you are planning to get a booster board skateboard. I recommend the boosted mini S at a low price. However, if you want to get more premium feels in riding, then it can be an excellent choice. With this model, you can carve, turn, and cruise around with ease.

I hope this boosted electric skateboard review is helpful while buying as I have included all the aspects of the electric mini-board and reviewed one of their top-notch board to ensure quality and reliability. If you are a skateboard lover, buy it ASAP and enjoy the great riding.

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