Bear Grizzly 852 Skateboard Trucks Review & Guide!


Bear Grizzly Trucks Review: Skateboard trucks have an immense effect on the performance and quality of the board. The market is filled with numerous skateboard trucks, however, not all of them offer the same quality.

Today you are going to read our complete Bear Grizzly Trucks Review. Bear Grizzly is one of the top skateboard trucks manufacturers and their products are top of the line.

Bear trucks are a sister concern of the Landyachtz skateboards. They ensure the utmost quality so that the rider can the ultimate balance on the board. They are always coming up with new revolutionary technologies so that the skaters can equip their boards with the best quality truck that provides flawless performance throughout the year.

The Gen 5 852 is one of the finest creations by Bear Grizzly as it offers phenomenal performance at a very reasonable price. This new design focuses more on strength as well as weight reduction and it offers more versatility than the previous variants.

Let’s take a quick look at the features of the Bear Grizzly trucks review.

Bear Grizzly Trucks Review

The Features of Bear Grizzly Gen 5 Trucks

Though this unit didn’t make it to our best longboard trucks guide, & best longboard wheels guide it still has some quality features. Let’s have a look.

Design and Material

The Bear Grizzly Gen 5 is a versatile truck that is suitable for numerous riding styles and terrain conditions. The manufacturers have done a phenomenal job with weight reduction so that the rides can manoeuver the board with the utmost comfort. It weighs only 2 pounds thus not adding an extra pile of weight to the board.

These trucks are made with extremely durable material that can take some heavy beatings and help you excel regardless of the riding type. It comes in eight different vibrant color selections so you’ll definitely find the one that suits your personal taste and preference.


An axle is a pin that passes through the hanger and attaches to the wheel. These trucks feature 181mm that helps to deliver a smooth and flawless riding experience for skaters with all skill limits. These axles are excellent for riding downhill, carving, and freestyles.

Some users had complaints about the quality of the axle in previous Bear trucks. This time Bear Grizzly has made an update with their Gen 5 and they have ensured top-notch quality. However, even if you face any issues or faults in the axles, they are just a call away. Bear Grizzly prioritizes their customers so you can always ask for a refund or replacement.


The baseplate of a truck is the flat surface that connects it with the deck of the skateboard. The base plate is mounted to the deck by four to six holes which enable the truck to spread the pressure evenly throughout the deck.

The shape of the baseplate of Gen 5 is quite different than the regular trucks because Bear Grizzly has tried to minimize the weight of the trucks while keeping it looking sturdy enough. The wide rear baseplate helps to withstand heavy impacts during stunts or dives.


The bushing of a truck is the soft urethane rings that are fitted around the kingpin that enables the board to turn and manoeuver smoothly. The Bear Grizzly Gen 5 features urethane bushing that offers a superior response in all sorts of conditions.

Even after being highly reactive, the trucks provide phenomenal stability as the bushing seats are deeper than the average cast trucks on the market.


The kingpin is the large bolt that is fitted inside the bushing and holds all the trucks components together. Hollow kingpins are very popular nowadays as they are very lightweight and also offers superior durability.

Kingpins with tighter pressure settings can withstand more pressure. The Bear Gen 5 kingpins are pressed super tightly together thus offering top-notch tolerance.



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Bear Grizzly 852'S 181mm Green (Set of 2)

When it comes to skateboard trucks, Bear Grizzly has been renowned for coming up with high-quality trucks. This set of trucks is a great option to consider if you’re looking for trucks that offer maximum versatility. Besides, it puts much emphasis on weight reduction and toughness.

So, it is one of the best trucks for skateboards out there!This truck comes with high-quality, durable material of aluminum alloy.

This aluminum alloy used in the truck is designed, especially keeping in mind the different riding styles of riders. The durability of the material allows you to transcend terrain situations and withstand wear and tear.These trucks come with a 181mm axle bound to the wheel and of supreme quality.

And the axle of these trucks is designed to offer a balance in carving and freestyles. So, the riders can utilize their freestyle options in different ways.Another feature in the trucks is the baseplate, which is wide and attached to the deck portion of the board. To avoid warping, the rear base plates are provided with maximum thickness.

Moreover, the trucks also come with the feature of the bushing of urethane rings. These rings provide flexibility in trying out stunts and tricks and even during freestyles.

You can also enjoy the feature of a hollow and tight kingpin in the bushing in the trucks. It usually acts as the rope that binds all the other parts together to offer equilibrium in all conditions.

Bear Grizzly 852'S 181mm Green truck Review



Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

The Bear Grizzly Gen 5 is equipped with reverse kingpins.

Yes, these trucks are extremely durable and they can withstand large impacts. Hence, they are an excellent choice for freestyles and stunts.

These trucks come in a package of two.

The Bear Gen 5 trucks are extremely lightweight and they weigh only over a pound.

Yes, these trucks are designed to be equipped in longboards.

No, the mounting hardware is not included with the trucks.

Wrapping Up Of Bear Grizzly Trucks Review

Bear Grizzly trucks are one of a kind and their quality speaks for themselves. The market is filled with numerous longboard trucks but Gen 5 surely does stand out in the crowd. They offer incredible performance for the price and the outstanding service that they provide makes them quite a steal.

If you’re looking for great trucks at a reasonable price then do give the Bear Grizzly Gen 5 a try and we can assure you that they’ll not let you down. That’s our Bear Grizzly Trucks Review.


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