Ccs Logo and Natural Complete Skateboard Review


As a great sport and activity, the skateboarding has boomed since 1950. Initially, every individual used to make the skateboard from wooden boxes and planks. And that sounds pretty much interesting. Later, the companies started manufacturing since 1959, and the skateboards became famous for its quality, durability and suitable materials what they make with.  Let’s see here ccs skateboard review.

Well, if you are someone who is planning to buy a right skateboard that can meet your needs, you need to know which brands are providing the quality boards, and which board is suitable for you. It seems a little bit difficult, but there’s nothing to be worried about it.

In this article, I will be talking about ccs skateboard review. Besides, I will include one of ccs quality skateboards that have come with the right materials and advantages. And I will be explaining all the aspects, pros and cons at ccs skateboard review. It will help figure out the right brands and the right brands that are suitable for you always. So, first of all, let’s talk about the ccs skateboard review.

Ccs Skateboard Review​


Over thirty years, ccs has been providing great skateboards as well as skate-inspired shoes, clothes, and snowboarding. They started the industry in California in 1985. There are something which makes it stand out is the reliability. Because millions of people trust the brand to get them the most exclusive products and hard-to-find items.

There’s one more thing that makes the ccs most popular is they have been providing excellent products at low prices. And have the quality that you expect from the price. So, their skateboard must be good at all.

Ccs Skateboard Review

I have included the ccs skateboard in my favorite list to share with you the advantages and disadvantages what I’ve noticed. There are lots of features the skateboard comes with, including the top quality deck, trucks, bearings, grip tape, and the wheels. Besides, the ccs skateboard is fully assembled when you unboxed it. It means the board is ready to ride when you can’t wait to ride it.

Moreover, the ccs skateboard is gained people’s trust providing great products at a comfortable price. So, I think the excellent rating and well-known brand might encourage you to buy without any consideration. However, if you want to know more details about the product, stay with the entire blog. Read all the aspects step by step what I have included. So, without further ado, let’s dive below.

Design and Factor

The ccs skateboard is designed for every type of skateboarder. It means whether you are beginner, intermediate or pro, you will have the suitable experiences with it. The board has been made with maple wood, which gives a natural color and looks. And clean design makes it pleasant while cruising around. Moreover, you will find extra stickers with an excellent graphic as well as some convenient tools.

The most beautiful part is the board is lightweight and easy to carry. You will be able to turn quickly by kicking the tail. It has a medium concave shape that feels good. Overall the board is ideal for skating.

8.5” widest it seems fine.

You can use a skater sticker to decorate the board.


The essential thing in the skateboard components is the deck. The deck has been made with Canadian maple wood meaning the quality wood which is perfect for skateboarding and makes sure the durability.

I think the thing what I love about it is the board have enough amount of flex and stiffness. Also, it’s great for cruising and tricks.

The ccs board is 8.5 inches wider, allowing you to put feet in control and balance. It ensures the safety and smooth riding at the skateparks or sidewalks.

It is made by Canadian maple, enough amount of flex, considerable for cruising, and tricks. So, if you were looking for the widest skateboard, I think it can be an excellent choice always.

Grip Tape

The ccs skateboard comes with black grip tape, including quality and perfect. It allows your feet locked in and feels comfortable and smooth while riding, cruising in roads, skateparks, or even downhill. If you want, you can order without grip tape when you tend to change with another grip tape else.


I think the trucks is one of the essential parts of the skateboard. Because of trucks need to be strong as it bears the full weight, and get lots of friction from corners in the skateparks or stairs.

The ccs made it high too with wider trucks considering the wider deck. And the size is 139 mm, which is standard, and perfect for getting the balance.

And it equipped with rough silver determining strength and durability.

Wheels and Bearings

It has two pair of softer wheels allowing you to make it easier to skate over imperfections rood or sidewalk. As a result, when you tend to outdoor with the skateboard, it feels smoother, and the wheels allow you to turn well. However, what I have noticed that you need to loosen the wheels to feels it as free as they should have. To do so, that there’s nothing to be worried about. They have included an excellent skate tool. So it took seconds.

Bearings are high quality, and smooth. It has achieved seven ratings from ABEC. However, to get a better experience, you can change it. I think it makes sense if you are a pro, and do spend pretty much time in skateboarding.



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Ccs Skateboard Review

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you will enjoy this board. It was made in the trusted hands of CCS, who have made a name for their affordable and quality boards. They have all kinds of boards and related accessories to give you complete support.

On the first look, you will notice a standard size and shape. But when you look at the details, you will notice this has its own unique CCS design that supports both commuting and doing tricks. The deck is made from natural maple wood. So it’s durable and hard enough. On top of that, maple wood is known for its resilience.

Be it temperature or damage, this deck can handle it. Very cold or hot temperatures are known to affect wood quality, but natural wood is durable enough to disregard it. On top of that, small accidents won’t crack this deck because it’s also very sturdy and firm.

When it comes to affordability, it’s difficult to compete with this skateboard. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting a cheap knock-off because it has a trusted brand on its back. So whether you’re getting back to skating after a while or starting anew, this skateboard will be your perfect companion.

It has just the right flex and stiffness to ensure its performance as both a commute and a trick board. So, whether you want to pop and flip or drive through a street, you can use it for all kinds of activities.

Finally, you can find it in different sizes and colors. However, it doesn’t come with a grip, so you will have to make additional purchases and assemble it yourself.



Ccs Skateboard Review

[CCS] Skateboard Tool - All in One Multi-Functional T Skate Tool with Allen and Phillip Heads

If you’re a regular skater, you need to carry some emergency tools. It may be for tightening the screws or unwinding them, but you need to carry it with you. But carrying around screwdrivers and sockets can be a hassle, so your trusted brand has the solution.

CCS is one of the most affordable and top brands of skateboards. And where they excel is they have all kinds of tools and accessories to give you the best skating experience.

However, their most significant addition is definitely the skateboard tool. It’s a small pocket-sized item that will cover all your skateboarding tool needs. The set includes 3 different sized sockets. These are for the hardware, wheel, and truck. The sockets will work on all standard boards regardless of the brand or size.

But that’s not all. If you look closer, you will notice this also has a nifty little screwdriver with two ends. One end has the Allen head while the other has a Phillips’s head. As decks depending on brands and types use two different screws, this tool has got you covered no matter the type of your deck.

So, this is the ultimate tool to have for all trucks. It might look unfamiliar at first, but using this is almost self-explanatory. One look at your wheels and tool, you will understand which is for which.

Although this uses a plastic body, the plastic is strong and won’t breakdown easily. Also, keep in mind that it might cost you a few extra bucks than other models out there, but this one works better than most of them. The screws and sockets will fit the socket like it was meant for it.



Ccs Skateboard Review

CCS Premium Skateboard/Longboard Blue Steel Bearings

If you’re new to skating, then we will tell you right away that taking care of your bearings is very important. So before you buy one, make sure it has all the necessary features. Hence, a brand like CCS stands out because they have been in the industry long enough to understand exactly what you need.

When it comes to bearings, the material is the most significant component. This one is made from steel, and as you know, it is still both affordable and has good endurance. Steel bearings make your wheels roll faster and are more durable. So, as a beginner or casual rider, steel will be great for you as it also has a reasonable price.

The other thing about bearings is they need to be cleaned and maintained. Whether you buy the most expensive product or the cheapest, all will need some level of care. That’s because since they’re constantly rolling against the surface, they collect dirt and dust.

And hence, this CCS item is recommended. With its removable blue shields, cleaning and lubricating it is super easy and quick. Further, this is pre-lubricated, so you won’t have to get into it right away. However, steel is known to rust quicker, so you should keep it dry and lube it more often.

Finally, you get this at a reasonable price, and one box will cover one board, so it’s definitely worth the money. Alongside that, it also has a good ABEC rating.



CCS Skateboard Wheels Set of 4

This CCS set of wheels is exactly what you need if you want you to use your boards for commuting and doing tricks. These are a standard set of parks/street wheels which just like their name is for riding on streets. Whatever trick you want to do, these are the perfect sized wheels to do them in.

When it comes to quality, these are top-grade. Parks and street wheels are known for having the hardest urethane. As a result, you get the slipping factor that makes it easier to move and flip around. On top of that, this set has a durometer of 100a. So, it’s also one of the hardest wheels you will find.

These are durable and resilient. However, that also means this will be more sensitive to pebbles and grits on the roads. But if you get used to riding it, you can get over it easily. This is recommended for beginners because these are the standard kind of wheels that you start with.

Unlike longboard or soft wheels, which are for skating on specific terrains, these are more for all types of terrain wheels. So, if you’re thinking of buying a deck for your child, we definitely recommend going with this one. As this is slippery, it has that added push that beginners would love to cash in before they get more control.

But that doesn’t mean it’s only for beginners. These wheels are great for skating through the city and doing tricks, and many pro skaters use this as well. Also, their affordable price adds to their value.



CCS Skateboard Trucks

Your trucks are the bridge between the wheels and the deck. They are what keeps the balance of the whole structure. So, we can’t stress its significance enough. You may choose a cheap wheel or deck, but you need a solid truck. Hence, we recommend the CCS steel truck.

CCS are known for being a reasonable solution to all your skateboarding requirements. But when it comes to producing quality trucks, CCS are a step ahead of themselves.

Their trucks are known for having supreme stability and sturdiness. In most cases, your board needs a lot of trial and error and even more tweaking to get the settings to exactly what you need. But with a good truck, the process becomes somewhat simpler.

A good truck will have a solid base plate. And that’s the case with this item. It has a steel base plate that will attach to the deck tightly and won’t wobble or loosen once tightly adjusted. The other thing that we love about this is the bushings.

And your truck controls how easily or comfortably you turn on your board, and although a lot of that is dependent on how you tweak your board, the bushings are of equal importance. This truck uses high-quality bushings that will help you turn with ease and control.

As we said, tweaking controls the turns. What that means is how you adjust the kingpin can pretty much decide how free or tight you want your board to be. Hence, the kingpin bears the brunt. Hence, this CCS truck has a sturdy kingpin that can handle the adjustments no matter how tightly or loosely you join it.




The ccs is a reliable brand, and millions of people trust them. So why you are not. Though it’s a great brand, however, I recommend the skateboard considering all the aspects and quality and suitable materials. Describing all the things, I think you have got what you wanted. So, before buying, make sure the board is worth the price and have value. I hope the ccs skateboard is going to be helpful and take people to a better buy.



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