How to Push and Carve on a Yocaher Longboard?

how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard

Pushing and carving are longboarding basics. Want to know how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard? Yocaher longboards are an excellent option for anyone looking for a longboarding experience that is both affordable and environmentally friendly.

However, due to its unique structure and design, it is common for beginners to be unsure of where to begin.

So, here we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard. It may take you some time to nail the moves, but hopefully, this article will let you know what you’re doing wrong.

But before you start, make sure the board is set up safe and road-ready!

Now it’s time to get your longboarding on.

How to Push and Carve on a Yocaher Longboard: First, Learn to Push!

Everybody learns at different paces. Take your time to learn the basics, and pretty soon, you will be advancing towards the more complicated moves.

how to push on a yocaher longboard
how to push on a yocaher longboard

Step 1: Practice Foot Placement

It is essential to mention that pushing with both legs has more pros. But as a beginner, you can start by putting your front foot on the longboard first, then your dominant foot on the back. 

Remember to put your front foot behind the bolts and at a 45° angle towards the front wheel. However, the back foot needs to be perpendicular to the board. You can move it a little back or forth according to your comfort.

While practicing, do not stiffen up. ‘Be zen’, and just let yourself go with the flow. 

Don’t forget, longboarding is supposed to be fun.

Step 2: Now, Push!

To push, you need to pivot your back foot forward. Don’t forget to keep it even with the trucks. Now, just put a slight pressure on the dominant foot while keeping your whole body leaning forward.

As you roll ahead, you are going to put your foot back on the board and just keep going. After that, you will be able to do multiple pushes at a moderate speed.

Step 3: Adjust Trucks and Wheels

longboarding tips! The trucks and wheels are significant because they help you to turn while securely anchoring your wheels to your board. 

For this reason, there are numerous factors to consider while selecting trucks and wheels. Thankfully, Yocaher launches readymade longboards. So, for someone new to longboarding, the choices are pretty simple.  

How to Push and Carve on a Yocaher Longboard: Now, Onto Carving!

Time to know how to carve on a Yocaher longboard. You must know that carving mainly revolves around turning swiftly. So, keeping that in mind, don’t choose hills or bumpy roads as it will only result in vain effort and injuries. Try to learn it in a flat space first.

how to carve on a yocaher longboard

Step 1: Check Your Trucks

With the above information in mind, to carve effectively, at first, you will have to make sure that all your trucks are tight but not too tight. Because if they are, you won’t be able to move or even turn properly.

At the same time, don’t keep it too loose, or else the wheel will rub on the board, and you will find yourself getting a wheel bite.

Step 2: Time to Carve

Following the ‘pushing’ instructions, just make sure to start at a moderate speed. But once you do that, you will notice you need to turn, and that’s when carving comes into place.

In addition, to do carving properly, you will have to shift your entire body weight on one side of the board, either front or back. However, you might be wondering how to turn sharply on a longboard while carving.

Well, primitively, you will only be able to do little turns. But once you get familiar with that, you can practice small curves on ramps or driveways and, with time, work your way up to a good balance.

For better practice, you can also carve around objects. Take your longboard to the limit and see how far you can go while maintaining control. Carve fast, then carve slowly. After all, practice makes you an expert, right?

Step 3: Slow Down a Bit

Once you are over with pushing and carving, it is time to learn foot braking. It is considered essential to learn to stop riding when needed.

Place your front foot to the center of the board and carefully balance and slightly scrape the ground with your back foot. In this case, it’s a good idea to work on stabilizing your front foot by strengthening it over time.

A point often overlooked is that everyone’s foot brake technique differs to some limits. Try to select the most comfortable and safest option for yourself.

Now you need to know how to stop on a longboard. As far as the method is concerned, you will simply need to jump off the board forward and leave it behind. It is important to realize that attempts to jump backward will only result in minor mishaps. 

Remember, to slow down your speed, you will just have to push while stomping. And ending with that, my friend, you just learned everything about pushing and carving on a Yocaher longboard.

Get Started with Your Yocaher Longboard Now!

Now, you should understand how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard. Just follow the above steps carefully and take enough time to practice. Whenever you have the slightest concern, come back to this article. Make sure you’re familiar with the local longboarding laws and regulations. Happy riding!

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