3 Different Types of Electric Skateboards: A Complete Guide!

types of electric skateboards

In the modern era, the use of electric skateboards is gradually growing; at one time, many people used electric skateboards for a hobby and entertainment, but now it has become a vehicle for regular travel, especially for short distances.

In addition to increasing the use of electric skateboards, many new riders are being added to this community. Unfortunately, in the lack of proper guidelines, many riders choose the wrong e-skateboards that are not suitable for them, and after that, they face many hassles.

You can see different types of electric skateboards on the market, which are specially made for different categories of riders. This is why before preferring an e-skateboard, it is so crucial to know the types of electric skateboards.

In this complete guide, we wrote about different types of electric skateboards and some more relevant info, which will help you pick the best electric skateboard for you.

Different Types of Electric Skateboards

First, we will discuss the main part of this guide. If you look at the different types of e-skateboards in the market, first, you will see two more categories of skateboards they are:

  • All-Terrain Electric Skateboard or Off-Road Skateboard
  • Street Electric Skateboard

There are several differences between the two categories, one of which is the usability of riding on their different roads. Let’s see their usability.

i. All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Off-road e-skateboards come with monster trucks that allow this e-skateboard to run on challenging terrains like dirt tracks and grasslands. Basically, this e-skateboard can drive on almost any type of road, which is why if someone wants to go riding out of the city, then an all-terrain e-skateboard is a great selection for them.

ii. Street Electric Skateboard

Like the name, its usability is also similar. This skateboard is specially designed for use on urban roads. However, the biggest limitation of the Street e-skateboard is its trucks and wheels, which are not capable of dealing with challenging terrain as off-road e-skateboard.

Street electric skateboards are the flawless option for regular streets, casual park strolls, sidewalks, and this type of urban road.

types of electric skateboards

Types of E-skateboard

After knowing about the two categories of e-skateboards, let’s know about the types of e-skateboards.

1. Longboards

A longboard is a non-motorized skateboard that is designed for newbie e-skateboard riders. Its basic design, softer wheels, and bigger deck provide more stability and a smoother riding experience for beginners. There are also several other characteristics that make it ideal for use as a Pro e-skateboard.

Longboard also has many other features; it is relatively easy to use, the design is highly optimized, and cruising is very useful in applying a variety of skateboard tricks. In addition, longboard wheels are much softer, making it easier to ride on smooth surfaces, rugged bumps, and cracks.

2. Shortboards

Many skaters feel it is difficult to ride or learn different skateboard tricks on longer and wider skateboards. Many place more importance on portability and smaller size. Basically, the Shortboard has been designed keeping their words in mind.

After seeing the name of this skateboard, you may already have guessed the structure. Yes, you got it! The structure of the Shortboard is much shorter, with smaller wheels and trucks; each component is closer together than the longboard. Also, it is very lightweight and portable, which makes it very easy to carry.

Its deck is very curved, which makes this skateboard very comfortable for applying various skateboard tricks.

So if you have no previous experience, then starting riding with a longboard is the best option for you. The Shortboard is an ideal option for experienced riders; it is able to run fast on the one hand, as well as several other advantages.

3. Penny Boards

The Penny board is another lightweight and small size e-skateboard that is made of plastic construction; small and lightweight designs convert it into ultra-portable. Though the name Penny board originally came from the name Penny Skateboard company, it has a long history behind it; However, we are not moving towards history now.

Though the penny board has several advantages, we want to start with its disadvantages. The Penny skateboard has a smaller design than the Shortboard, but its deck is relatively small. As a result, you have to struggle to do foot placement in its little space. So if you are not an experienced skater, then Penny board is not the finest option for you.

If we look at the advantages, then we can see that the Penny board comes at a budget-friendly price range and has a smaller, lightweight design, which is also a big reason behind the huge sales. In addition, the powerful motor used on this skateboard that’s why it can run very fast. Also, if you want, you can charge it easily and ride it like a regular skateboard.

Benefits of Electric Skateboard

Before investing a large amount in an electric skateboard, you need to know more details. In particular, it will be a worthy selection for you or not, that’s why you need to know more clearly about the advantages. This section will help you a lot.

The advantages of an electric skateboard far outweigh the disadvantages, mainly because it is relatively fast and manageable to use. Below we highlight some of the advantages.

Fewer Efforts Enjoy Your Ride:

Like a standard skateboard, an electric skateboard does not have to be pushed repeatedly, so you can comfortably control your riding with the help of a remote and go anywhere comfortably without any effort.

Save Your Additional Cost and Environment:

Other regular vehicles have an additional cost, which you have to spend from time to time, especially if you have a car that requires regular gas and occasional large repair costs for various problems.

One of the most useful advantages of an electric skateboard is that you do not have to face all these problems. If you purchase the best long-range electric skateboard, you can go over 50 KM on a single charge, which is enough distance for a regular journey. There is also no hassle or big cost for regular maintenance.

Also, being free of oil, gas, and fossil, the e-skateboard does not cause much damage to the environment, and you also contribute to the safety of the environment.

No Issues with Facing Traffic Jams:

Traffic jams are the daily companion of city roads, due to which a lot of time is wasted on this road. However, with the help of an e-board, you can easily avoid this annoying traffic and go anywhere timely.

Control Efficiently:

Electric skateboards have ESC installed, due to which its complete control is in the palm of your hand. You can go smoothly at full speed, on an upper hill, downhill, flat, or on any surface with full control. It also makes your riding safer.

Versatile and Portable:

Electric skateboards can be used in a versatile way. In particular, you can switch from electric to manual mode according to your needs and use it without hassles. As well as being portable, you can conveniently carry it anywhere in any situation.

Electric Skateboard Buying Guide and Size Chart

The perfect size e-skateboard is very important for efficient riding. To get a great riding experience, you have to choose an e-skateboard following some guidelines. So what size skateboard should you get?

No one can say exactly which size will be perfect for you and in which you will feel most comfortable in skating. So there is nothing to be afraid of size.

However, we can suggest some sizes: first, start from the deck of the e-skateboard. Here you can follow the size of your regular shoe. For example, if you wear Men size’s 6.5 to 9 shoes, then choose 7.5 inches to 8 inches deck in width. Otherwise, if you wear shoes larger than 9.5, choose 8.0 to 8.5 inches in width deck.

An e-skateboard of narrower size, i.e. 7.75 to 8.25 inches, is a great option for those who want to apply various technical and regular tricks. On the other hand, for those skaters who like large jumps, stairs like more for those wider and large decks, i.e. 8.25 inches to 9.0 inches e-skateboard, are a terrific option.

E-Skateboard Size Chart

Adult skaters who wear shoes of 8+ sizes can easily handle a full-size e-skateboard, i.e. 7.5 inches or wider deck e-skateboard. There are also different sizes of e-skateboard for younger skaters: Mid-size e-skateboard, i.e. 7.25 inches to 7.375 inches, are suitable for kids of 9 to 12 years old. Mini-size e-skateboard, i.e. 6.75 inches to 7.25 inches, are ideal for kids 6 to 8 years old. Lastly, for Micro size, i.e. 6.5 inches to 6.75 inches, an e-skateboard deck is a great option for kids under 5 years old.

Final Verdict

Whatever type of electric skateboard you decide to buy, you can worry free about one thing; an e-skateboard will not leave you unsatisfied. An electric skateboard is going to be a great option, especially for any short and long-distance trip and also for regular riding. Furthermore, the e-skateboard is ideal for beginners to experience any skills riders. Hopefully, our guide has helped you know about different types of electric skateboards and related queries.

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