How to Tic Tac Skateboard? Everything You Should To Know!

How To Do A Tic Tac Skateboard

So, you have managed to master the balance on top of a skateboard? Now that you can ride one properly, it is time to learn some advanced tricks.

And we are not talking about any simple tricks that most riders learn within a couple of seconds. Instead, we are talking about the one that will help you attain higher speed.

Even after being relatively experienced, we struggled a lot in terms of gaining more speed. Well, that changed when we learned how to tic tac skateboard properly.

However, most riders will make the process a bit difficult, which will make things complicated. But that will not be the case with this guide.

How to Tic Tac

What Is Tic Tac?

Before we get into describing the process to do the trick, we would like to ensure that you have a clear idea regarding the Tic Tac.

And having a good idea regarding the trick will be easier for you to learn the process. So, let us not waste any more of your time and get right into describing what this actually is.

First of all, Tic Tac is a maneuver that will let the rider gain more momentum. This maneuver depends on swinging.

You might have seen some of the experienced riders maneuvering this on the street when they were trying to get somewhere quickly.

Even if you did not have the chance to see someone maneuvering this trick, you have surely seen the swinging process somewhere else.

The swinging process is just like a pendulum. The rider will swing the board from left to right continuously. And this continuous swinging is what makes the rider gain more momentum.

How To Do A Tic Tac Skateboard?

Wondering how? Well, you might be thinking you can just gain more speed by pushing the board forward instead of looking like an idiot in the middle of the street trying to swing left and right. But this process is pretty effective because it generates forward momentum.

Want to know the best part about the maneuver? It requires considerably less amount of effort when compared to pushing.

Basically, you would be capable of making your board go faster without having to drop too much sweat.

Other than just gaining more speed, learning this trick can come in handy in other factors.

For example, if you can master this maneuver, you will find yourself capable of turning on the board. Also, it will help you learn some tricks, such as ollie, manual, and other popular ones.

7 Best Tips: How To Do A Tic Tac Skateboard?

We believe in simplicity. That is why we try to learn stuff in the simplest ways. And we had the same mindset when we were trying to understand this maneuver. That being said, let us describe the steps that you should follow to learn how to do Tic Tac.

Step 1: Lay the Board on the Ground

First of all, you need to lay the board on the backyard, grass, or local garden. Make sure that there is a good amount of moving space around you and that there are fewer obstacles.

Step 2: Train Your Muscle Memory

Once the placement is done, it is time to train your muscle memory. Get on top of the board and try simulating a few kick turns. That will make it easier to learn the whole maneuver.

Step 3: Get the Proper Stance

Now that you are ready to learn the maneuver work on getting the proper stance. Place the back foot on the very edge of the tail.

The big toe should be near the center of the edge. And keep the front foot roughly on the very top of the nose-side. We would recommend putting it on top of the hardware screws.

This stance will make sure that the body weight is directly on the center. And if the body weight is not in the center, you will not have the right amount of balance. So, make sure that you put proper importance on the stance.

Step 4: Anticipate Your Body

Next, you need to get the mindset ready. In this step, you will start swinging. Swing the body to about 45 degrees in any direction of the board.

While trying to swing the body, put some pressure on the tail. It will allow the front wheels to pull up a bit off the ground.

Practice this until your body is fully anticipated and can adapt with the balance on top of the board. Do not swing to the other side without practicing this for a good amount of time.

Step 5: Prepare for the Next Swing

After making the first swing, you need to get used to the front of the board returning to the ground.

Here, focus on getting your mind ready to make the next swing right before the front wheels touch the ground. Now, as the first swing is roughly 45 degrees, the second one should be the same. So, prepare accordingly.

Step 6: Swing to the Other Side

Once your mind and body are fully prepared to make the next swing, start moving your shoulder on the opposite side before the front wheel touches the ground.

In this case, you need to push gently on the tail, make the front go up a bit, and swing in the opposite direction right before the front touches the ground.

If you can time things properly, the speed of the board should see an increase. However, if the timing is not correct, the speed will deteriorate. So, practice is the key here.

Step 7: Repeat the Motion

The speed will not increase much if you carry out the swinging motion once. It would help if you repeated the entire action multiple times. Time things properly and generate a consistent rhythm, and you should see a dramatic increase in speed.

Tic Tac for Whom?

Even though the trick might seem simple, it is not really for everybody. There are generally two different tricks that can increase your speed.

One is to push off the board on the ground, and the other one is the maneuver that we discussed above.

Now, Tic Tac can increase the speed to a limited amount. But the pushing-off technique can allow the rider to increase the speed to a significant amount. And the more accurate the timing is for that maneuver, the more the speed will increase.

Nonetheless, this process is pretty easy to learn. So, if you are not ready to learn the other complicate trick, this maneuver is the right one for you!

Where to Tic Tac? – Perfect Places!

Any flat place is the perfect place for doing Tic Tac. Flat ground is a must for this trick. Without that, it will be pretty hard to take advantage of your muscle memory.

And as you know, this maneuver highly depends on that. So, while trying to carry out this maneuver, make sure that the ground is flat.

Now, if you want us to name a few places, the backyard, flat roads, sidewalks, and skating ground are some of the perfect places to carry out and practice the maneuver.

If you have any intention about Cruiser Skateboard then you can read to know what size cruiser skateboard should I get?

Recommended Boards for Tic Tac!

Any board that you are comfortable riding with will be good for carrying out this maneuver. However, we have found that with some of the specific models, learning the process gets easier.

So, if you did not get yourself a skateboard yet, we would recommend looking into these:

This one has the right-sized deck for the trick. And the sturdy nature of the deck will allow you to practice the maneuver properly without worrying about the whole thing breaking.

Also, you can check here minority skateboard review.

Like the previous board, this one has a reasonably large-sized deck. This large nature will offer a good amount of legroom. And you will be able to center your body weight properly.

Also, you can check here krown skateboard reviews.

The deck of the board is what makes it perfect for Tic Tac. It is exceptionally sturdy and can absorb impact reasonably well. So, while the front is returning back to the ground during the Tic Tac, you will not feel any impact at all.

Other boards will offer good overall performance, but these are the ones we have practiced the trick with. And we found that it was easy to carry out the maneuver using these than the other ones we had at our disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How do you move on a skateboard without pushing it?

The proper way to move your board forward without pushing it is to carry out the Tic Tac maneuver. All you need to do is swing the board.

  • Why do I go backward when I Tic Tac?

It is highly likely that the body weight is not in the center. Practice by lifting the board a bit and try to keep your feet in the right places. That will make you go forward instead of backward.

  • What is TAC in skateboarding?

Tic Tac in skateboarding is a simple trick that allows the rider to attain more speed without having to push the board.

  • How to do a tic tac Parkour?

Follow the same process as tic tac for the skateboard. That is, keep your body weight in the center and swing from one side to another. If you can time it right, you will see yourself gaining a lot of speed.

  • What is the easiest trick to do on a skateboard?

All tricks get easy with proper practice. However, for beginners, we would recommend ride switch, manual, and drop-ins.


Now that you know how to tic tac skateboard properly, you will not feel the need to push the board forward to attain more speed. That being said, we would highly recommend following the steps properly to get good results.

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