What Kind of Grip Tape Does Flybar Skateboard Use?

what kind of grip tape does Flybar use

Over the years, skateboard designs have developed to be more than just a plaything. Some things have been added to ensure safety and an appealing appearance. And when we talk about safety, the first thing to consider is the grip tape.

Very few skateboard brands offer such high control and safety as Flybar, and most of it comes from grip tape. But what kind of grip tape does Flybar skateboard use? And how did it gain such a popular fanbase in the market?

If you’re interested to know, read ahead to find out.

What Are Grip Tapes?

what kind of grip tape does Flybar use

A grip tape is a coarse layer of silicon carbide and/or aluminum oxide that provides friction between your soles and the skateboard surface. Grip tapes are mandatory to prevent your feet from slipping off the board.

All skateboard brands have their grip tapes with unique designs. But what about the materials and friction levels? There are primarily three types of grip tapes — standard, specialized, and non-abrasive.

1. Standard Grip Tapes

These are the prevalent ones in the market. Even though they have higher grits to adhere to the shoes, these are capable of thinning down the outsole of your sneakers. But the level of grit varies from brand to brand.

2. Specialized Grip Tapes

Specialized grip tapes are equipped with a better formula that provides tight gripping and quick loosening when needed, making them more suitable for technical or professional skateboarding.

These vary in designs, colors, and opacity. There are ones with marvelous, customized artwork. Some of the grip tapes even glow in the dark, and some others are transparent.

3. Non-Abrasive Grip Tapes

The third kind is the newest type in the market and the most desirable one due to its finer texture as opposed to that of the standard ones. These tapes can grip the shoes, as well as standard tapes do. However, they cause almost no damage to the shoes. The hassle-free cleaning is a bonus.

Flybar Skateboard Grip Tapes!

All that knowledge above was provided just so you can get a clear idea about the differences in grip tape types. Now, we are finally going to answer your question. Which grip tape is used by the popular skateboard company named ‘Flybar’?

Flybar Skateboard Grip Tapes

The materials that Flybar uses for grip tapes are usually high-quality non-slip plastic, and they will provide adhesion even on humid or rainy days. They’re durable and minimize shoe damage to a great extent. You can perform cool tricks with ease.

Since Flybar skateboards come as a complete product, you don’t even need to buy or assemble the parts on your own. All the components are made with top-quality materials, and the skateboards are truly worth every penny. Take a look at their products.

How to Clean Grip Tape?

When it comes to cleaning, the non-abrasive grip tapes take the cake. You only need to wipe it with a wet rug, unlike the standard and specialized tapes, for which you need to buy grip gum from skate stores.

You can also buy a cleaning tool with a textured surface which is commonly known as a ‘rubber cement pick-up’.

Removal and Replacement

After using your skateboard several times to perform tricks, both your deck and your shoes will be worn out. Getting your deck in the air becomes difficult with smooth grains. Hence, replacement is mandatory.

So, how to remove grip tape? It might be tricky for first-timers, but not to worry, we’re here to guide you throughout the process.

Step 1: Remove the Old Tape

The best way to remove old tape is to use a hairdryer or a heat gun to melt down the adhesive underneath. Then you can peel off the worn-down tape without hassle.

Step 2: Remove Residue, or not!

Sometimes, a little glue residue can still be stuck on the deck. You can use it to your advantage and stick the new tape onto it. If you want to get rid of it, use acetone to rub it off the skateboard. Nail polish remover is the most commonly found version of acetone.

Step 3: Stick on the New Tape

The next step is to put on the new grip tape carefully, aligned straight with a deck. After sticking it, you must rub it gently with your palms to prevent air bubbles.

Usually, most grip tapes are made in a way that they are slightly larger than the deck. This makes it easier for them to fully cover the surface. So now you have to mark the tape along the perimeter of the board, using any tool with thick edges such as screwdrivers. For an elaborated explanation, you may read more.

Step 4: Smoothen the Sides

After marking, you are to cut it along the marking you just made. Use a small blade in angular motion and try to do it in one smooth go. When you’re done, you’d find the sides of your board a bit rough. To soften them, you can use sandpaper.

Step 5: Punch Holes

The last step is to punch the holes matching the board. Here’s a video that may come in handy.

Tips You Should Follow

Here are two tips and tricks you can follow to get the best use:

  • Always keep your shoes clean. This will increase the longevity of both your shoes and your skateboard.
  • Use anti-air bubble grip tapes if you’re bad at DIY

Final Words

Getting to do different tricks on your new skateboard may be cool, but it shouldn’t compromise your safety. Flybar knows that, and that is why it has designed a high-quality grip tape skateboard with a custom grip tape fingerboard to allow better control and maneuvering!

Now you know what kind of grip tape Flybar use, and why it deserves such praise. So, add it to your board before starting your skateboarding journey!

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