what to do with old skateboard wheels

What To Do With Old Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboarding is a sport that youngsters enjoy, but after a while, the broken or old skateboards start to wear out. If you don’t prefer to throw the skate wheels away, we have some excellent ideas in today’s article. No part is permanent, and after a certain period of time, your skateboards will wear out. You …

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How Long Do Longboards Last

How Long Do Longboards Last? – Average Lifespan!

Longboarding is a popular sport that youngsters love to play in their leisure time. If you love to ride for long distances and want to cruise for a long period, we often pick a longboard. When we go out to the market to buy a skateboard like a longboard, we merely ask, “How Long Do …

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why won't my skateboard turn

Why Won’t My Skateboard Turn?

Learning to skate is a tricky task at the beginning as you need to balance yourself! The first stage is mastering skating techniques and learning how to balance the board when practicing or riding it. After that, the turning round comes! Hey, you might be learning to skateboard, but the board is not turning! What …

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