Why Are My Skateboard Wheels Squeaking?

why are my skateboard wheels squeaking

It is really annoying when a skateboard makes squeaking sounds, especially when you are at the peak of the ride and carving. This makes you think why are my skateboard wheels squeaking? Well, don’t worry. It is not a big deal and can happen. After you go through this article, you will know why this happens and how you can fix it. So to figure it out, keep reading.

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Why Are My Skateboard Wheels Squeaking?

why are my skateboard wheels so loud

In order to find out why your skateboard wheels are squeaking, you need to inspect the wheels. Sometimes, due to excessive use, the diameter of the wheel could get decreased, which may cause it to have flat spots or dents.

And dents or flat spots can cause a bumpy or squeaky feeling during your skateboard rides. Plus, it may put uneven pressure on the trucks, axles, and bearings, which can be the reason for your skateboard wheels making squeaky sounds.

Another reason for skateboard wheel squeaking could be the dry bearings. There are two wheels on a skateboard and each one is equipped with a bearing inside it. If the bearing gets dry, it could start to make a noise, which results in the wheels squeaky.

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How to fix the squeaky wheels of a skateboard?

why is my skateboard so loud

If the wheels are damaged or have flat spots, you need to replace the wheels to fix the issue. If the wheels are okay and you are still getting that squeaky noise while riding, then you need to focus on other solutions.

A skateboard starts to make noise if the bearings of the wheels get damaged or dried up. There are a few things that you can do to fix this and stop your wheels from making this sound.

Lubricate the bearings with some wax or oil. Each wheel consists of one bearing. Use a skateboard tool or axle to remove the nuts.

Then the wheels will come off. You will see the bearings inside the wheels. To take the bearings out, hold the wheels and tilt them.

After you get the bearings, don’t just start lubricating them. First, clean the bearings as well as the wheels with a brush. This will remove the dirt.

After the cleaning is done, now lubricate the bearings. Avoid over-lubricating.

Now, it’s time to put the bearings back into the wheels. Your skateboard wheels making squeaky sound issue should be fixed now.

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Other reasons that can cause skateboard to squeak

squeaky skateboard wheels

Bushing of the skateboard truck

Skateboard trucks sometimes squeak because of the bushing. Bushing keeps your skateboard trucks stabilized and prevent direct friction and contact. Inspect your bushing to see if there are any signs of wear and tear.

It could decline over time because of the weather, temperature, and condition.

If the bushing of your skateboard has a tear and uneven surface, you need to replace them. However, if you are not currently going to change them, you can try interchanging them. Sometimes, this could also fix the issue for a while.

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Riser Pads

The riser pad separates the board from the truck. These parts work to prevent fractures and reduce vibrations. If there are any rips or cuts, they don’t work well. You need to inspect your riser pads regularly, otherwise, your skateboard could get damaged. Also, to avoid noises and vibrations, make sure the screws are properly tightened.

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1. What does it mean if the skateboard makes a squeaking sound?

When your skateboard is making a squeaking sound, you can assume that it is being made by any loose nut or the bearing/ bushings are dry or worn out. To fix, this, you need to lubricate them and if the issue persists, you need to replace them.

2. Why my skateboard wheels are squeaking?

Dry bearings could cause skateboard wheels to squeak. Each skateboard wheel comes with one bearing inside it. Your skateboard will start to make noise if these bearings get dry.

3. Why my trucks are squeaking?

If the nuts or bushings of the trucks get damaged or dry, the trucks will start squeaking. And if a skateboard is being used for a long time without replacing the bearings and nuts, the truck could get squeaky.

4. Why my bushings are so squeaky?

If your bushings are dry, worn out, or you haven’t replaced the bushing of your skateboard for a long time, it can get squeaky. Most of the time, worn-out bushings can cause squeaky noise.


If you were wondering why are my skateboard wheels squeaking, you have found your answer, I hope. The article also discusses a few other reasons that could cause your skateboard to make squeaky sounds other than the issue with the wheels. The easy solutions to these issues are also mentioned.

So, before you go and start searching for a mechanic, or buy a new skateboard, you can try these fixes.

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