What Size Skateboard Do Pros Use?

what size skateboard do pros use

Picking up the perfect-sized skateboard is not that easy. So we look for What Size Skateboard Do Pros Use as they won’t make any mistakes to choose the ideal skateboard for them.

The majority of experts chose an 8’5″ deck, whereas street skaters choose 8.0″ to 8.125″, all-around pros prefer a deck size of 8.25″ to 8.5″, and park street pros enjoy riding with boards that are 8.5″+ in length. Although the sizes are considered to be less controllable than other small boards like 8″ or even 7’75”.

The top players or pro-activists frequently search for a ski lift with stronger flexibility and good stability over longer lifespans. There are many different deck sizes and styles to choose from, but professional preferences are always a good idea. So, let’s have a detailed discussion on the pro skater’s preference for skate size.

Different Skate Deck Sizes

skateboard deck sizes

Most skateboard decks are between 31″ and 33″ long. Decks having a length of 33″ or longer will typically be 8.5″ wide or wider. However, let’s take a look at the different types of decks.

  • Micro: 6.5″-6.75″: 45 lbs or less.
  • Mini or Small: 7.00″-7.50″: 46 lbs-59 lbs.
  • Mid Size: 7.50″-8.00″: 60 lbs.-101 lbs.
  • Normal Full Size: 8.00″ to 8.50″: 102 lbs.-152 lbs.
  • Complete Full Size 8.50″+: 153 lbs or more.

Skateboard Micro-deck

Kids under the age of five and small skaters under 3’6″ should use micro decks. Skateboarding’s width ranges from 6.5″ to 6.75″ while its deck length, which is typically similar to a size 3 shoe, ranges from 27.2″ to 27.6″.

Skateboard Mini-decks

Mini-decks are recommended for riders aged 6 to 8 who are between 4 and 5 feet tall. Those skaters who wear shoe sizes 6 to 8 can use mini skateboard decks, which have a width of 7.0″ and a 28″ length.

Skateboard Mid-decks

Teenage skaters who are between the ages of 9 and 12 and between the heights of 4’5″ and 5’2″ should use mid-size shaped decks. The skateboard’s length is 29 inches, and its width is 7’3″. For teenagers who wear shoe sizes 7 to 8, the medium-sized skateboard deck is ideal. For adults who street skate or use street surfaces, or for teens aged 13 and older, a medium deck width is ideal.

Skateboard Full-decks

Large decks are perfect for a variety of technical skills, and you can choose between sizes 8″ and 8’5″. The width and length of these skateboards range from 29 to 32 inches and are roughly 8 inches. For transitioning between types of terrain, including parks, rails, pools, and stairs, as well as street terrain, get a broad or full-size deck.

Skateboard Complete Full Size

It’s more than an 8.50″ skateboard. These bigger boards are fantastic for transition skating, giving the skater better protection for harder street flips, pools, or just cruising.

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What Size Skateboard Does a Professional Choose and Why?

professional skateboard size

The width and the person’s height should be equivalent. Therefore, the board needs to be broader according to the height of a tall rider. Professional skaters, on the other hand, often use boards that are between 7.5 and 8.25 inches wide. In order to capture their style, an 8.0 deck could be a good starting point. In addition, we’ll briefly touch on the key information you should be advised of before purchasing the ideal skateboard.

Size, Terrain, and Riding Style

  • We try various riding techniques, such as transition skating, which is done in vert, parks, or swimming pools.
  • A wider skate deck is essential for transition skating since you require more stability from a larger surface area under your feet.
  • When we try street skating, we do flip tricks and freestyle skating.
  • You might prefer a narrower board for street skating, and even better if you are riding in a less crowded place.

Skateboard Height & Weight

  • If you ask, what size skateboard should I get for my height? You need to know that the central part is that you need a broader board according to the height. The taller, the broader! Simple!
  • When you’re skating, a width variation of just a small amount of an inch like 25 inches might make a huge difference.
  • Commonly, conventional skateboards are between 2 and 5 pounds, and deck lengths for skateboards typically fall between 28″ and 33″.
  • Even though you might be moving faster and going downhill, you have the risk of hurting yourself more severely if you fall.
  • The average adult weight is 195 lbs., so professional skateboarders typically weigh less. For instance, Steve Caballero is only 134 lbs. and is about 5′ 3″.

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Size of Skateboarding Shoes

  • Gets the right size of skating shoes if you don’t want your feet to protrude too far from the deck because this reduces stability.
  • Kids typically choose a shoe size of 3 for children, and children aged 6 to 8 choose shoes in the 6 to 8 range.
  • Teenagers that are medium-sized skaters typically wear shoe sizes 7 to 8.
  • For a comfortable ride, choose shoes in the range of men’s sizes 7.5 to 10.

You can choose the appropriate shoe for skating by checking the shoe size chart below.

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Length of Skating Board

  • We usually take the measurement of skate length from tip to nose and from the tip of the tail, or nose and tail, which is how long a skateboard is measured.
  • 28″-32″ is the standard skateboard length. You can also have a customized board length as well.
  • Skaters should be able to handle a full-sized skateboard at 7.5 if they are 13 or older and wear adult shoe sizes of 8 or larger.
  • The ideal board for beginners are little mini decks if they are 6 to 8 years, around 3’5″ to 4’4″, and wear the show size 4 to 6.
  • Skateboard width: 7.25″ is optimal for a length of 29.50″, 7.50″ for 31.12″, 7.75″ for 31.12″, 8.00″ for 31.38″, and 8.25″ for 32.00″.
  • All-around skaters use standard-sized boards, typically in the 8.3″–8.5″ range, while transitioning between street and transition skating.

Skateboard Width

  • You should also review the width. The width usually equates to the skateboarder’s height and riding style.
  • Larger skaters typically like wider skate decks or boards.
  • While street skaters typically opt for a lower-sized skate deck.

Skateboard Wheel Size

  • Skate wheels are sized in millimeters and commonly range between 49 and 75mm in diameter.
  • Larger wheels help you go more quickly since they can rotate more quickly.
  • If you want speedier wheels, choose some huge ones. Get wheels in the 55 to 60mm range.
  • Also, larger wheels are slower to accelerate than their smaller counterparts and are more difficult to turn sharply.
  • For street skating tricks like powerslides or blunts, smaller wheels are great!
  • Smaller wheels correspond to a lighter board with a lower base, which is perfect for street riding in terms of technical abilities. Look for wheels with a diameter of 50 to 55 mm.
  • If you are an all-around skateboarder, pick the middle space. Choose wheels that are between 54 and 60 millimeters in size.

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Skateboard Size Chart:

skateboard size chart

Deck and Shoe Size

Skate Deck SizeSize of Shoe (US)Size of Shoe (EU)
7.5-7.75 inches6-7.5 38-40 
7.75-8.1 inches7.5-8.540-41.5
8.2-8.5 inches9-1041.5-43.5
8.5-9.0 inches10.5-1243.5-46
9.0 and more12 and more46 and more

Deck and Truck Size

Skate Deck SizeWidth of HangerWidth of AxleIndyThunderVentureTensorAce
7.5-7.75″127mm / 5 inches193mm / 7.6″1291455.0522
7.75-8.25″137mm / 5.25 inches203mm / 8″1391475.255.2533
8.25-8.75″149mm / 6 inches215mm / 8.5″1491495.544
8.75-9.75″160mm / 6.3 inches226mm / 8.5″1695.855
More than 9.75″183mm / 7.2 inches254mm / 10″215

What Size Should Your Skateboard Trucks Be?

The perfect size truck should be picked up by choosing a truck where the axle width is exactly equal to the size of the deck. To get the ideal truck size, try to match the deck width to the entire truck width. For instance, an 8.0″ deck fits a 5.25″ truck, whereas a 7.75″ deck matches a 5.0″ truck.

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The width of your skateboard deck should be equivalent to the size of your footwear. However, start with a deck width of between 7.5 and 8.0 inches if you typically wear men’s sizes 6.5 to 9. We advise purchasing a deck between 8.0 and 8.5 inches if you wear 9.5 or larger footwear. You can also follow the given suggestions below.

  • If you are under 4 feet 6 inches tall, get a board size of between 7.25″ and 7.75″.
  • A board size of 7.75″ to 8.00″ can be used for 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Try 8.00″ to 8.50″ if you’re at least 5 feet 6 inches tall.

What Size Skateboard is Best for Beginners?

what size skateboard is best for beginners
  • Everything is based on form, strength, and experience.
  • Starting with a standard deck is perfect for every obstacle you ride.
  • Skateboarders should begin with a deck that is 7.75″ or 8.0″ wide.
  • 52mm to 54mm is the ideal wheel size for newbies.
  • Start with an 8.0″–8.1″ if you aim to skate more on the street than on the transition.
  • Buying an 8.5″ deck is the best option if you prefer skateboarding ramps.

What size do most skaters ride?

  • Skateboards that are between 7.5 and 8.25 inches wide are used by the majority of experienced skateboarders.
  • On occasions when the racetracks are narrow, many skaters choose shorter boards.
  • You could size down to an 8 if you intend to skate on hilly terrain like ledges and do lots of flip skills.

Is a bigger skateboard better?

  • Better or worse? Heavy riders have a huge risk of injury since they require more stability. Therefore, get a larger or wider deck for stability and comfort.
  • Big decks are typically the best option if you want to surf pools and transition, mostly because they can handle extreme speeds and grind through thick copings.
  • A larger board is typically more comfortable for people who skate massive bowls and handrails or who prefer climbing down big gaps or ramps.
  • A board that is 8″ or larger will likely be more comfortable for you if your feet are larger, measuring size 12 or higher.
  • However, a medium-sized board is best for a regular skater.

Is an 8.5-deck too big?

Indeed, it is. The enormous board won’t allow for flexibility in tricks and will be heavy unless you own a size 16 foot. But wide skate decks are for cruising or transition skating.

We advise purchasing a deck between 8.0 and 8.5 inches if you wear 9.5 or larger shoes. Skaters who enjoy flips, landings, ledges, flat bars, and other technical actions usually prefer the narrower ends of the size range of around 7.75 to 8.25 inches.

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What brand of skateboard do the pros use?

Professional skateboarders most commonly choose from the Girl, Zero, Baker, Deathwish, and Enjoi brands of skateboards. They have excellent quality decks, wheels, bearings, and trucks to offer superb flexibility.

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1. What does “skateboard size” mean?

The size of a skateboard is measured from the nose to the tail tips. A skateboard deck width is determined according to the size of your shoes. Usually, boards range in length from 28″ to 32.”

2. Is it easier to skate on a smaller skateboard deck or a bigger deck?

For better movement or balance, short individuals should choose a lightweight, portable smaller deck. A wider or larger deck, however, is typically more stable and is thus used by taller people for added stability and strength. A broader deck is needed for pool rides, vert, and transition skating, whereas a small one is for street skating.

3. Are wider skateboards easier to ride?

Wider decks are more maneuverable and durable enough for newcomers. A wider deck could be better for you if your feet are super big since you’ll have additional space to put your feet up. Also, a wider skateboard might make it simpler to flip.

4. What size board does Paul Rodriguez ride?

Paul Rodriguez skates on boards that are 8.12′′ wide by 31.5′′ long, according to one source. It’s a perfect size, according to all professionals.

Final Part

Looking for the ideal skateboard? Thinking about “What Size Skateboard Do Pros Use?” Go ahead and follow the professional’s choice. That’s what we have talked about throughout the entire article.

So, you won’t have to roam around anywhere anymore as we have shared all the necessary information about the right and professional pick of skate size. Whenever you are out to get a skateboard, check out the deck, truck, and wheels’ quality and size according to your height and weight. Remember, getting the perfect skate will always support you, so it’s crucial.

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