How to Clean Bearings on a Longboard: Easy Cleaning Tips for Longboard Riders!

How to Clean Bearings on a Longboard

How to clean bearings on a longboard? Longboarding is a thrilling and exhilarating sport that allows riders to glide down hills and cruise along streets with ease. But like any piece of equipment, longboards require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. One crucial aspect of longboard maintenance is cleaning the bearings. Dirty or worn-out bearings can cause your ride to feel sluggish and reduce overall performance. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of cleaning your longboard bearings, so you can keep rolling smoothly and effortlessly. So grab your cleaning supplies and get ready to give your longboard the TLC it deserves!

Key Steps To Properly Clean Bearings On Your Longboard!

Cleaning the bearings on a longboard is an essential maintenance task to keep your board in top condition. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Gather Your Supplies:

  • A skateboard tool or wrench
  • A clean rag or paper towels
  • A small container or bowl
  • Isopropyl alcohol or a bearing cleaner
  • Lubricant (like skateboard bearing oil)

Remove the Wheels:

  • Use the skateboard tool or wrench to remove the nuts that hold the wheels in place.
  • Slide the wheels off the axles.

Remove the Bearings:

  • You might need a bearing puller, but often you can just leverage them out with the axle.
  • Pry each bearing and spacer out of the wheel. Be gentle to avoid damage.

Clean the Bearings:

  • First, remove the rubber shields from the bearings. Pry them off carefully with a pin or small tool.
  • Place the bearings in a small container and cover them with isopropyl alcohol or bearing cleaner. Shake gently to loosen dirt and grime.
  • Let them soak for a few minutes, then remove and gently brush them with a soft brush or toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt.

Dry the Bearings:

  • After cleaning, dry the bearings thoroughly with a clean rag or paper towel. You can also spin the bearings on a pencil or similar object to help remove excess liquid.
  • Allow them to air dry completely to avoid any moisture-related issues.

Lubricate the Bearings:

  • Apply a small amount of skateboard bearing lubricant. Avoid using WD-40 or other household oils, as they can attract dirt and debris.
  • Spin the bearing to distribute the lubricant evenly.


  • Replace the rubber shields on the bearings.
  • Insert the bearings back into the wheels, making sure they’re seated properly.
  • Place the wheels back on the axles and secure them with the nuts. Don’t overtighten; the wheels should spin freely.

Test the Board:

  • Give your longboard a test roll to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Remember, regular maintenance of your longboard bearings will not only prolong their life but also improve your riding experience. If you notice significant damage or wear, it might be time to replace the bearings entirely.

What to Use to Clean Bearings

When it comes to cleaning bearings, the best thing to use is a degreaser such as WD-40 or Liquid Wrench. This will help remove any dirt and grime that has built up over time on your bearings. Additionally, you can also use rubbing alcohol or acetone for more stubborn buildups of grease and dirt.

Be sure to let the cleaner sit for several minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth.

How to Clean Bearings on a Longboard


What Can I Use to Clean My Skateboard Bearings?

Skateboard bearings require regular cleaning and lubrication to keep them running smoothly. Here are some items that can help:

* Bearing Cleaner – A bearing cleaner, such as WD-40 or a degreaser, will help break down any grime and dirt on the bearings.

* Towel/Wipes – Wiping off excess dirt and grease with a towel or cleaning wipes will also help.

* Lubricant – Once all of the dirt is removed, apply a light lubricant like oil or wax to help protect the skateboard from wear and tear.

Finally, make sure you take all necessary safety precautions when taking apart your skateboard!

How Often Should You Clean Longboard Bearings?

Longboard bearings should be cleaned regularly to ensure optimal performance. It is recommended to clean them at least every few months, or after extended use in wet or muddy conditions. Cleaning steps include:

* Remove the wheels from the board and take out the bearings from each wheel.

* Soak the bearings in a degreaser overnight.

* Rinse off any remaining degreaser using warm water, then dry with a lint-free cloth.

* Put some light oil on each bearing before reassembling your longboard for maximum protection against dirt and moisture build up.

Can I Use Wd40 on My Longboard Bearings?

No, you cannot use WD40 on your longboard bearings. The lubricant contains petroleum-based oils which can damage the bearing seals and eventually cause them to fail. It is also a poor lubricant for skateboard bearings as it does not hold up to high speeds or resist water well:

Instead you should use oil specifically designed for skateboard bearings such as:

* Bones Speed Cream

* Muc-Off Dry chain lube

* Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant These lubricants will provide better protection against water and debris while still allowing your board to roll smoothly over time.

What Can I Use to Lubricate My Longboard Bearings?

Lubricating your longboard bearings is essential for a smooth and comfortable ride. To lubricate your bearings you can use:

* Light machine oil

* Mineral oil

* Speed cream or wax lube Each of these options will keep the bearings running smoothly, so choose the one that works best for you.

How to clean your longboard or skateboard bearings

FAQs Of How To Clean Bearings On A Longboard!

Do I need special tools to clean my longboard bearings?

  • Basic tools like a skateboard tool or wrench are needed to remove the wheels. For the bearings, a bearing puller can be helpful but isn’t always necessary. A pin or small tool to remove the rubber shields and a small brush for cleaning are also useful.

Can I use household items to clean my bearings?

  • Isopropyl alcohol is a common household item that works well for cleaning bearings. However, avoid using water or corrosive substances. For lubrication, it’s best to use a lubricant specifically designed for skateboard bearings.

How often should I clean my longboard bearings?

  • This depends on how often and in what conditions you ride. Generally, cleaning every 2-3 months is a good practice, or more frequently if you ride in dirty or wet conditions.

What should I avoid when cleaning bearings?

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or water, as they can cause rust. Also, be careful not to lose any small parts like spacers or shields, and don’t over-lubricate, as this can attract more dirt.

Can I reuse the lubricant or cleaner?

  • It’s not recommended to reuse the cleaner as it becomes contaminated with dirt and debris from the bearings. Always use fresh cleaner and lubricant for the best results.

How long does it take for bearings to dry after cleaning?

  • It usually takes a few hours for bearings to air dry completely. You can speed up the process by spinning the bearings or patting them dry with a clean cloth.


Overall, cleaning your bearings on a longboard is an important part of maintaining your board. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily keep your bearings clean and running smoothly. Taking care of your bearings not only ensures that they last longer but also helps to make sure that you enjoy a safe and smooth ride every time you go out for a longboard session.

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