is electric skateboard worth it

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It? Should You Buy One?

The demand for electric skateboards in various countries is increasing along with the number of users. Many of us buy skateboarding as a hobby, while others efficiently use it to travel to different places in their daily lives. Electric skateboard has many advantages as well as many disadvantages. Electric skateboards may not be suitable for […]

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is CCS a good skateboard brand

Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand? Reveal The Truth Behind It!

Many people do not want to skate because they think skateboarding is probably an expensive hobby. Here the CCS logo skateboard complete is a great option to replace their minds. The whole meaning of the CCS skateboard brand is California Cheap Skates; their skateboards are specially made for beginners, adults, kids, and tight-budget consumers. However, […]

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Electric Skateboard VS Electric Bike: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to energy-efficient and alternative fuelled transport medium, electric bikes and electric skateboards are one of the popular choices for recreational and commuting use. Although both of these are electric, there are still differences between them, which make them ideal transports for different riding purposes. If you are to compare electric skateboard vs […]

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