why are my skateboard wheels squeaking

Why Are My Skateboard Wheels Squeaking?

It is really annoying when a skateboard makes squeaking sounds, especially when you are at the peak of the ride and carving. This makes you think why are my skateboard wheels squeaking? Well, don’t worry. It is not a big deal and can happen. After you go through this article, you will know why this …

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yocaher longboard review

Yocaher Longboard: Best Longboard Brand?

Longboarding is an exciting and fun sport to do. Many people enjoy doing it whenever they get time. It’s trendy among youngsters. Longboarding is another variant of skateboarding which is a more commonly used term for the sport. Here we put up yocaher longboard review to discuss the longboards made by Yocaher. Yocaher is one …

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List of Different Types of Skateboards Explained!

No matter whether you want to refresh your mind or want to involve yourself with physical activity, a skateboard is an excellent tool for you that not only gives you amusement but also ensures physical involvement and easy transportation. However, it may be tricky to choose particular types of skateboards as markets are loaded with …

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Flybar Skateboard: Best For Beginners?

If you grew up watching Tony Hawk, you have definitely wanted to invest in a skateboard at some point in life. Being one of the most popular youth activities, skateboarding has a great fan following, especially among adrenaline junkies. If you are looking for a skateboard to buy, look no further read our complete Flybar …

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