How To Turtle Roll A Longboard: A Longboarder’s Easy Guide In 2023!

How to turtle roll a longboard

How to turtle roll a longboard? To turtle roll a longboard, start by pushing off the ground with your back foot. When you reach a comfortable speed, begin leaning forward and shifting your weight onto the front of your board. As you lean forward, lift up both feet and move them towards each other until they are together in the middle of your board.

Once this is done, use both feet to push down on either side of the board simultaneously while keeping your body low over it to help maintain balance. If you’ve done this correctly, you should be able to see that one end of the longboard has flipped up into an arch or “turtle shell” shape behind you as you continue rolling along on its underside. To finish out a successful turtle roll, simply ride out until coming to a stop or transitioning into something else!

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5 Steps To Successfully Turtle Roll Your Longboard!

To successfully turtle roll a longboard in surfing, follow these five steps:

Approach the Wave Correctly:

As you paddle towards an oncoming wave, keep your longboard straight and perpendicular to the wave. This positioning helps you maintain control and stability.

Grab the Rails:

Just before the wave reaches you, grab the rails (sides) of your longboard. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart, positioned around the lower third of the board. This grip is crucial for maintaining control during the roll.

Duck Your Head and Roll:

As the wave is about to hit, duck your head down towards the board and initiate the roll. Push the board forward and under the wave, using your back and shoulders to drive the motion. Your aim is to get the board to flip over with you underneath it.

Hold Tight and Stay Calm:

While underwater, hold onto the rails tightly. Your longboard will now be above you, with you hanging underneath. It’s important to stay calm and hold your breath. The turbulent water may jostle you around, but keeping a firm grip on the board is key.

Resurface and Regain Position:

As the wave passes, use the board to pull yourself back up to the surface. Flip the board back over and quickly climb back on top. Regain your position lying on the board and prepare to paddle out for your next wave.

Remember, the turtle roll is a technique that requires practice. It’s essential to stay relaxed and not panic when underwater. With practice, you’ll gain confidence and skill in handling your longboard in breaking waves.

Can You Turtle Roll a Foam Board

Yes, you can turtle roll a foam board! Turtle rolling is a technique used to carry large items like boards or ladders in tight spaces, such as when walking through doorways. To do this, you simply fold the item in half lengthwise and hold it close to your body with both hands.

For foam boards specifically, make sure that you don’t over-bend them as this could cause them to break. With careful execution of the turtle roll method, carrying bulky items like foam boards becomes much easier!

How to Turtle Roll a Longboard


Can You Turtle Roll a Longboard?

Yes, you can turtle roll a longboard. Turtle rolling is an advanced maneuver that allows riders to make tight turns without sliding or losing speed. In order to do this, riders must have quick reflexes and agility.

To successfully turtle roll a longboard:

• Position your body with legs bent at the knees and arms extended in front of you as if doing a push-up

• Lean hard into the turn while pushing off with one foot

• Keep toes tucked under at all times so they don’t drag on the ground

How Do You Turtle Dive on a Longboard?

Turtle diving on a longboard is a maneuver that helps riders come to an abrupt stop. To turtle dive, follow these steps:

• Place both hands on the nose of the board.

• Push down and forward while lifting your feet off the ground.

• Transfer your weight onto the back foot and keep it there as you slide to a stop. Practice this move in an open area with no people or obstacles around until you get comfortable with it.

What are the Three Rules of Turtle Rolling?

Turtle rolling is an increasingly popular form of exercise. It involves engaging the core muscles to roll over on a large stability ball. Here are three rules for successful turtle rolling:

• Position yourself correctly – Start by lying face down with your arms and legs spread out, firmly gripping the sides of the ball.

• Roll slowly – Use your stomach muscles to initiate movement and gradually increase speed until you have completed a full rotation across the top of the ball.

• Finish in balance – When you have reached one side of the ball, pause briefly before reversing direction back to where you started from.

This will help maintain control and stability throughout each move. With practice, these simple rules will help ensure safe and effective turtle rolls every time!

Does Turtle Rolling Work?

Yes, turtle Rolling does work. Turtle Rolling is a type of massage therapy that helps to reduce stress and tension in the body. It involves applying pressure over certain areas of the body, such as hands or feet.

The benefits of turtle Rolling include:

• Relaxation- it can help to relax tense muscles and relieve stress throughout the body.

• Pain Relief- it can help with pain relief for those suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

• Improved Circulation- improved circulation ensures better health overall by providing more oxygenated blood throughout the body. Overall, turtle Rolling is an effective form of massage therapy that offers many benefits for physical and mental wellbeing.

How To Turtle Roll A Longboard & Get Through Waves.

FAQs Of How To Turtle Roll A Longboard!

What is a Turtle Roll?

  • The turtle roll is a technique used by surfers, especially those with longboards, to navigate through breaking waves when paddling out. It involves flipping the board upside-down with the surfer underneath it to let the wave pass over.

Why is it Necessary to Turtle Roll on a Longboard?

  • Longboards are larger and more buoyant than shortboards, making it difficult to duck dive under waves. The turtle roll is an effective way to manage breaking waves without being pushed back towards the shore.

When Should You Perform a Turtle Roll?

  • You should perform a turtle roll when you see a wave approaching that is too big or too powerful to paddle over. Timing is crucial; start the roll just before the wave reaches you.

How Do You Keep Hold of the Board?

  • Grip the rails (sides) of your board firmly with both hands. Your grip should be strong enough to maintain control of the board but not so tight that it hinders your ability to roll.

What Do You Do with Your Legs and Feet?

  • Your legs and feet should be relaxed and free-flowing in the water. They can be used to help guide the board during the roll and assist in flipping it back over afterwards.

How Do You Resurface After a Turtle Roll?

  • Once the wave has passed, use the board to pull yourself back up to the surface. Flip the board right-side up and quickly climb back on top to continue paddling.

Is It Normal to Feel Disoriented Underwater?

  • Yes, it’s common to feel a bit disoriented while underwater during a turtle roll, especially in turbulent water. Staying calm and holding onto your board helps mitigate this.

How Can You Practice Turtle Rolling?

  • Start by practicing in smaller waves to get a feel for the timing and technique. Gradually progress to larger waves as you become more confident.

What are Common Mistakes to Avoid?

  • Not timing the roll correctly, losing grip on the board, and panicking underwater are common mistakes. Practice helps in overcoming these challenges.

Can All Longboards Be Turtle Rolled?

  • Most traditional longboards can be turtle rolled. However, the ease of performing the roll can vary depending on the size and shape of the board.


The turtle roll is a great way to make sure your longboard stays steady and secure while you’re traveling. It also allows for easy carrying of the board, especially if it is too large or heavy to carry comfortably in one hand. With practice, the turtle roll can be mastered quickly and easily, making it an essential skill for any longboarder who wants to take their board with them on trips or just around town.

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