How Much Does a Retrospec Skateboard Cost?

Retrospec Skateboard Review

This article is all about how much does a Retrospec skateboard costs. From classic designs to modern-day innovations – Retrospec offers all at prices that won’t break the bank!

A Retrospec Skateboard is perfect whether it’s just something fun on weekends with friends and family or as an addition to competitive skating leagues such as “Pro” level competitions where you must stand out from other competitors!!

But how much does a Retrospec skateboard cost?

We’ll tell you about that and a lot more in this article. Read on to know more.

Different Types of Skateboards and Their Prices!

how much does a Retrospec skateboard cost

Retrospec offers a wide range of skateboards aimed at different customer bases. You must understand what you should be looking out for to choose a skateboard that will suffice your requirements.

1. Retrospec Longboards

The Zed Longboard – It is the freshest longboard that interests people who desire the ideal surfboard shape and feels. Zed conveys you intensely, transporting you to a period of sun, surf, pungent air, windy days, dewy evenings, and reverb-soaked hits of days of old.

Zed Pintail Longboard – Retrospec Zed Pintail Longboard Skateboard is, in like manner, one of the best longboards that surfers desire. With a praiseworthy surfboard shape and feel, it boasts high strength and control.

ZED Pintail is designed around California seaside thoughtfulness with 41 inches of bamboo and Canadian maple, 70x51mm 85a PU wheels, and ABEC-7 headings.

Rift Drop Through Longboard – The rift is a skateboard that allows you to ride in situations like commuting, cruising, and downhill riding. This skateboard ensures comfort to your knees and provides the handling you need at high speeds.

Tidal Drop-Down Longboard – This skateboard should be your priority if speed is your thing. Its sunken deck keeps your feet low to the ground and moves between the board’s tails, so you can bomb slopes and speed without wobbling.

2. Electric Longboards

Tidal Rev Electric Longboard – This longboard promises to redefine the way you ride. Tidal Rev Electric Longboard lets you reach high speeds and go miles with the push of a button.

It puts you in charge of your jumps and tricks with its powerful dual hub motors, 4-speed modes, and a 12.5-mile range.

Tidal Rev Plus Electric Longboard – Although both electric boards offer the same, the plus model provides a better mile range of about 15.5 miles.

3. Cruiser

Quip Cruiser Skateboard – Quip is the most versatile skateboard that Retrospec offers. It is tiny yet solid and reasonably sized to be taken on the go. Effectively pack Quip in your rucksack and take it anyplace.

It is also ideal for driving or relaxing moving around the square.

4. Regular Skateboards

Alameda Skateboard – Whether you’re crushing step sets or taking an easygoing journey, Alameda is a smooth ride entirely because of the high bounce-back direction and strong wheels.

Additionally, its Canadian Maple deck offers sufficient strength for skaters of all levels.

Style with Accessories

Retrospec also offers different accessories and safety gear that you can buy alongside your skateboard to utilize it to its max. It provides other cool helmets, flasks, safety pads, etc.

You can choose different colorways that Retrospec provides for their skateboards. Furthermore, you can also offer custom colors and initials to add to your skateboard and personalize it even further.

Why Does Retrospec Have a Popular Fanbase?

People seem to be very much satisfied with their Retrospec skateboards. All the Retrospec skateboard reviews have been very positive to date because the company is continuously improving its skateboards.

They are making slight changes to make them more rigid, comfortable, and performance-oriented. These minor tweaks take months of research and development and prove vital while competing with other skateboard brands.

Final Words

By now, you know how much a Retrospec skateboard costs. The next step for you is to choose what you want, what you want to achieve, and what you want to feel. Buying something like this is not like buying something ordinary.

Different skateboards aim at different visions. It would be best if you chose the skateboard that complements your lifestyle, whether it be longboards, electric boards, cruisers, or even conventional skateboards. After all, your skateboards represent how you ride and what kind of a rider you are.

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