Can You Put Cruiser Wheels on a Skateboard? Possibilities, Consequences, and Process

can you put cruiser wheels on a skateboard

Cruiser wheels are the perfect choice for getting fast roll on any terrain, smooth riding, and a steadier shot around town. But what if you have a skateboard? Can you put cruiser wheels on a skateboard? Will it fit directly or need modifications?

Read on to understand the possibility of making a combination of cruiser wheels and skateboards and its potential consequences. You’ll also get the process of making this modification, along with recommendations and considerations linked to the upgrade.

Can You Put Cruiser Wheels on a Skateboard?

can i put cruiser wheels on a skateboard

Sure, putting cruiser wheels on a skateboard will be lots of fun to ride. Its larger, softer wheels will let the rider roll over various terrains while enjoying a smoother ride. However, the riders have to sacrifice roll speed due to this customization. Cruiser wheels aren’t also designed for technical moving; you can perform plenty of tricks and travel around the town.

Another difficulty is that skateboard wheels can rotate only in one direction, while cruisers’ bearings can rotate in both directions. It means putting cruiser wheels on a skateboard can cause the axle to bend or snap since it will exert various amounts of force on the axle.

Furthermore, many of the most recent skateboard trucks have depressions that only tightly accumulate standard skateboard wheels. The cruiser wheel might not fit on it properly, which won’t allow it to be secure.

In this case, you may need to add a riser to prevent potential wheel bite and tighten the truck, as well as get a hard brushing.

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The Smoothest Cruiser Wheels to Put on a Skateboard

As you can put cruiser wheels on a skateboard, picking the best cruiser wheels for a skateboard can give you optimum performance after attaching it to a new deck. However, remember that the wheel should be less than 70 mm. Following are some recommendations that are worth checking:

Reflex-Formula ABEC-11/Pink wheels can be your best bet, as these are softer. The STR formula is also a decent option, as it is gummy, soft, sticky, and very fast. However, this may wear out quickly as well.

Elixir formula’s Seismic wheels are also impressive models due to their smoothness and rebound. However, seismic wheels have a little bit larger core for strength or cornering feel, resulting in a bit of a harsh ride.

Another model is Powell’s 80A ATF formula, which is slightly better than ABEC-11’s “Classic” formula in terms of grip and rebound.

Overall, choose cruiser wheels that are bigger and softer. But if you need wheels only for cruising, consider risers.

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Things to Consider Before Putting Cruiser Wheels on a Skateboard

Following are some key aspects that you should understand before attaching cruiser wheels to a skateboard:

Size of Board and Wheel

best cruiser wheels for skateboard

Modifying a skateboard is easy to do at home, but only if you do it correctly. The first thing to consider is the board. If you intend to use a cruiser wheel, you should have a skateboard that can accommodate them.

The next thing is wheel size. Typically, skateboarding wheels range from 48mm to 60mm, while street skating wheels are around 52mm to 54mm. A state board cannot support 70 mm or larger wheels.

Attaching a slightly larger wheel than standard can help you easily ride up transitions and skate uneven terrain. Though these are suitable for street skating, they will make the skateboard feel heavier.

In contrast, smaller skateboarding wheels are ideal for skating on flat ground and riding at a lower speed. So if you prefer to ride faster, opt for larger wheels.

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Understand the Working Principle of a Cruiser

Cruisers aren’t much faster than skateboarders and aren’t suitable for performing advanced tricks like wheel slides. It means this only allows you to cruise around the ground and perform basic tricks. It’s worth keeping in mind so you don’t get bored after modifying. Even trying to replace the wheels can also damage the board and trucks.

Check all the parts

Changing a wheel on a skateboard isn’t limited to this certain task. It needs to check all the other parts to make sure they are functioning properly. If you desire to put a cruiser wheel on a skateboard, you’ll also require supportive hardware. Start by inspecting the trucks carefully, and they should accumulate all the key components securely.

Change the truck even if you notice minor damage. Next, use top-class bearing so you get smooth and reliable rolling out of your skateboard’s wheels.

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Putting Cruiser Wheels on a Skateboard

regular skateboard with cruiser wheels

As you already know, putting cruiser wheels on a skateboard is a smart decision to get a faster and smoother ride. More excitingly, the process is fairly straightforward for any do-it-yourselfer using the right tools.

Start the process by removing the skateboard trucks using a pair of pliers. Replace the existing bolts with new 1 1/2′′ bolts so you can attach the riser pad conveniently. Now set a 1/2-inch riser pad in the middle of the deck and the baseplate of the truck to lift the board around 1/2 inch.

After placing the riser pad, install the trucks over it and secure the bolts. Then attach the bearing to the cruiser wheel, install the wheels on the trucks, and finish the process by tightening.

After that, taste the setup to ensure that all of the parts are working together to provide the desired improved riding experience.

Some Benefits and Drawbacks of Putting Cruiser Wheels on a Skateboard

Adding cruiser wheels to a skateboard will make it easier to cruise around. Even people who want to change their experience frequently ask if they can put cruiser wheels on a skateboard because they may become bored skateboarding for an extended period of time.

This customization not only makes the skateboard lightweight but also helps it perform advanced moves efficiently. Typically, controlling and steering a skateboard is a bit harder for beginners. Hence, this modification can help them learn skateboarding very easily.

Another advantage is that cruiser wheels are considerably softer than typical skateboard wheels, which helps them absorb bumps more effectively. Hence, this upgrade will provide you with easy-to-control and smooth riding opportunities even on cracked or uneven terrain. Cruiser wheels also work better on pebbly ground.

If you prefer to experiment with different hardware, this customization will assist you in experiencing new sensations. In addition, if you want a faster riding experience, go ahead and put cruiser wheels on your skateboard.

But keep in mind, this customization will make it difficult to perform technical tricks and stunts like sliding and grinding.

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1. Can you perform flip tricks with cruiser wheels?

Yes, you can do flip tricks with a cruiser skateboard, thanks to its aggressive kicktail and low-key nose. Hence, skateboarders across state borders can easily perform flip tricks with cruiser wheels compared to the typical street skateboard.

2. Is it okay to put cruiser wheels on a normal deck?

Yes, cruiser wheels can be put on a normal skateboard’s deck, however, they have some limitations. The rider can feel awkward riding due to this combination. It also needs to lift the truck to prevent wheel bite, keep the trucks tight, and the brushings should be hard enough.

3. Is a regular skateboard good for cruising?

Though you can use a regular skateboard for cruising, a cruiser board is the preferred type of skateboard for this certain move. Cruiser boards are a bit shorter than a longboard and longer than a normal skateboard, making them easier to maneuver and cruise the streets. However, longboards are the perfect choice for a comfortable and long ride.

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Final Words

In the end, you can put cruiser wheels on a skateboard, which is preferable for both pro and beginner riders. Though, it needs to go through some modifications, still it worth for beginners to learn skateboarding very easily regardless of the terrain.

Similarly, an inexperienced stakeborder can use this modification to cruise around town and get high riding if they get tired of the slow ride. But remember, after adding cruiser wheels to your skateboard, you will no longer be able to do many tricks. So fix your goal first, and then go ahead.

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