why won't my skateboard turn

Why Won’t My Skateboard Turn?

Learning to skate is a tricky task at the beginning as you need to balance yourself! The first stage is mastering skating techniques and learning how to balance the board when practicing or riding it. After that, the turning round comes! Hey, you might be learning to skateboard, but the board is not turning! What …

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Why is Skateboarding So Hard

Why is Skateboarding So Hard?

Success is built on failure! In skateboarding, you learn through failure how to develop a successful ride. Skateboarding is enjoyable if you have the proper riding skills! But what if you’re not a good skater? When you first start to learn skating, you might wonder, “Why Is Skateboarding So Hard?” How do correctly learn skateboarding …

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Electric Skateboard VS Electric Bike: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to energy-efficient and alternative fuelled transport medium, electric bikes and electric skateboards are one of the popular choices for recreational and commuting use. Although both of these are electric, there are still differences between them, which make them ideal transports for different riding purposes. If you are to compare electric skateboard vs …

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