Top 2 Best Retrospec Skateboard Review In 2020!

Among all types of recreational sports, skateboarding has been one of the most rapidly growing one. It is entertaining and is an exciting activity that can lift away all kinds of boredom and bring the serotonin back in your brain. As you already know, the market is full of skateboards that are from different manufacturers. And, if you have already made your pick among all of them and picked Retrospec, you would want a source where you can get an honest retrospec skateboard review.

You have already found what you were looking for all this time. We are going to guide you through, and hopefully, by the end, you will be able to pick on of the best ones up for your daily skateboarding needs.

Why Choose Retrospec?

If you are somewhat familiar with the skateboard market, you know how overfilled it is with units that are from different manufactures. Among them, the one manufacturer that has been maintaining its overall quality in all its offerings is Retrospec.

Aside from maintaining a consistent quality, they are one of the companies that genuinely care about their customers. Their customer support is top-notch, and you will be able to get in touch with one of their support members within just a couple of minutes after you dial their helpline.

Lastly, they have an extensive lineup of any traveling option that you can think of. This means you are going to have many options to choose the very best one for your traveling or recreational needs.

Top 2 Retrospec Skateboard Review

As we have mentioned above, Retrospec has an extensive lineup of travelling options. And the same goes for skateboards too. It is quite easy to get baffled among all these options. That is why we went through the most popular ones and chose only the best units. These are:

1. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

When it comes to skateboards, most of the ones that are available in the market will come with some sort of cheap trucks. But that is not the case with this longboard.

To start with, it comes with rugged 7 inches thick aluminum trucks. They are quite durable and will be able to hold up to the pressure that is exerted while riding the skateboard in uneven terrain. These are not only sturdy but also lightweight, which means they will not add that much weight to the board.

Alongside that, it comes with a 44-inched artisan longboard that is from a sustainable source, and it is combined with Canadian maple that is of 8-ply in thickness. This board is not only durable but also will be able to offer you superior stability.

Other than that, it comes with high-quality bearings too. The precise ABEC-7 bearings will be able to offer you a smooth and responsive riding experience. It has enough tolerance to withstand high speeds.

Lastly, the wheels that come along are of good quality too. They are of 85A PU, which are incredibly durable and will last for an extended amount of time.



Retrospec Skateboard Review

2. Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5" Classic Retro Plastic Cruiser

If you were looking for a retrospec quip skateboard review, you have come to the right place. These are one of the plastic boards that the manufacturer is offering along with their extensive lineup of skateboards.

First of all, unlike most of the boards that are available in the market, it comes fully assembled. That means you will not have to worry about figuring out which intricate parts go where. It will be fully ready to ride right after you take the packaging off.

Just like the label states, the board is of plastic. This overall construction makes it extremely lightweight. It weighs less than five pounds, and you will be able to carry it around in your backpack with ease.

But do not let the small and lightweight form factor fool you because it is incredibly durable. The board is made of highly flexible injection-molded plastic. You will be able to enjoy a smooth and stable ride on it.

Alongside that, it comes with incredibly durable polyurethane wheels. They will enhance the overall riding experience and will make it more smooth and enjoyable. Lastly, the ABEC-7 bearings that it comes with will be able to stand high speeds with ease.



Retrospec Skateboard Review

What to Look for Before Buying?

We know that you are pretty thrilled to get your hands on one of the boards and start your skating adventures. But there are some factors that you should keep in mind before you invest in one of the boards of the market. These will help you make an efficient decision.

Upper Surface

The upper surface of the skateboards has a crucial role in the overall control and stability of the ride. If they come with some sort of slippery coating, it will be quite hard for the riders to control the deck.

Alongside that, they will also face difficulties in the case of stabilizing the board. That is why you should opt for the ones that come with an anti-slip or grooved coating.


The deck is the most critical part of the skateboards. That is why you should put a significant amount of importance on this before you make a purchase.

What you should first factor in while you are choosing a board is the overall length of the deck. Keeping that in mind, you should opt for the ones that have adequate room for your legs.

Besides that, you should also consider the overall flex of the deck. If the deck flex is not what you prefer, then you should go for the ones that come with sturdy and stable decks.


Weight Capacity

You should also factor in the overall weight capacity before you make a purchase. Each of the boards is capable of accommodating a certain weight. If your bodyweight exceeds the total limit, then you will not only have a tough time trying to control your ride, but there is a possibility that it might break off while riding.


Wheels and Bearings

Wheels and bearings are two of the essential components for skateboards. In the case of bearings, you should opt for the ones that have enough tolerance to handle high speeds.

Other than that, for the wheels, you should go for the durable ones, or else you are going to have to go through the hassle of replacing them frequently because of casual wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much weight can an average skateboard handle?

Most of the boards that feature a durable construction will be able to take riders that are up to 220 pounds. Some might come with more weight capacity while there might be some that have a lower limit than that. It all depends on the overall construction of the deck.

  1. Will it be possible to learn skateboarding by myself?

Yes, it is possible to learn skateboarding entirely by yourself. But while learning it, you should put appropriate safety gear on. You should not skate without helmets, and it would better if you can wear knee and elbow pads while you are trying to learn skateboarding.

  1. Are the wheels of the skateboards replaceable?

Yes, you can replace the wheels of the skateboards. As time passes, the wheels tend to wear out, so you have to get a new set of wheels to enjoy a smooth and stable ride. In that case, you should consider if the wheels that you are planning to buy are compatible with the trucks or not.

Final Words

With all that, we hope that we were able to offer you all the information that you were looking for in a retrospec skateboard review. We would like to conclude here by wishing you good luck and hoping for your utmost safety on the road.



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