Can You Ride a Kick Scooter on the Sidewalk?

can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk?

Kick scooters are favorite among children and teenagers as a source of fun and exciting outdoor experience and a budget-friendly transport for going to school and other places. These are popular among children and adults as a convenient vehicle for going to nearby places.

You will see kick scooters roaming on roads, tracks, and other places. But can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk? Yeah, this is definitely a serious question, as you would not want to get caught for breaking any rules.

In this article, you will get to know all the guidelines for riding your kick scooter safely on the road and the laws regarding riding them on sidewalks.

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Handlebar Type-Foldable, Adjustable
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Number of Wheels-2
Wheel Material-Polyurethane
Wheel Size-7.9 Inches
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Suspension Type-Dual Suspension
Age Range (Description)-Adult
Brake Style-Rear Braking


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Handlebar Type-Foldable
Number of Wheels-2
Wheel Material-Polyurethane
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Item Weight-10.9 Pounds
Age Range (Description)-Adult


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Riding Kick Scooters on the Sidewalks Or Pavements — Is It Legal?

If you ask — what is a kick scooter? The general definition can describe it as a 3-wheeler or 4-wheeler street vehicle which generally runs by human power or electricity.

Whether your kick scooter is manual or electric, it can often create chaos on roads and pavements. You may think that they are small transports and there is no harm riding them on the sidewalk.

But they can create many unwanted situations, including small accidents that might cause minor or serious injuries to any passer-by walking on the sidewalk.

So, is it legal to ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk? The answer could be both “yes” and “no” because no one, including the law, can provide clear information regarding this. But they are not allowed on highways and other streets where vehicles run at high speed.

There are definitely some laws enforced about kick scooters for ensuring safety whether riding on the road or sidewalks. But there are strict rules in some countries and states, and even it is not allowed to use a kick scooter.

Laws Concerning Kick Scooters Riding on Sidewalk

Different countries have various rules and regulations about kick scooters, whether for streets or sidewalks. But some of them are kept just as a law, those were never applied properly, and this might be the reason that the public is often confused about if they should maintain them or not.

As each country has unique laws about this issue, we will be discussing the major ones that are mainly applied in the US to have a pretty good understanding of these laws.

National Laws of the US

longboard vs scooter

Scooters are now very popular in the US among people of all ages. Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious about saving our environment. These kick scooters play a vital role in this as they don’t pollute the air and other environment elements.

It is legal to ride kick scooters on the road, but on sidewalks, many rules differ from state to state. Here, we will discuss some common laws of the US.

can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk in nyc?

  • 10 states of the US have banned riding kick scooters on the sidewalks, but they are sometimes allowed in other states. But it is always a better option to check on the local regulations of the vehicle department in each state.
  • Two states of the US, including Pennsylvania and Delaware, have very strict restrictions about kick scooters, and they banned kick scooters from riding on both roads and sidewalks.
  • As sidewalks are mainly for pedestrians, you should prioritize them and not interfere in their regular movements while riding on sidewalks.
  • Often electric scooters are considered electric vehicles and need a license for use. Someone having a valid license and aged a minimum of 16 years can ride them on sidewalks lawfully.
  • You can’t ride your kick scooter over 15mph to 20mph on sidewalks. But there are some states where the speed limit is below this. In Colorado, you can’t ride on sidewalks over 6 mph speed. The power output of electric scooters must be within 750W, and the weight should not exceed 100lbs.
  • Kick scooter riders under 18 years must wear helmets on sidewalks. But it is better to wear helmets even if you are over 18 years so that you never experience any major injuries.
  • Among all the states, the District of Columbia and Florida give freedom to the kick scooters and the riders as they are not considered motor vehicles.

You can use those without a license but can’t ride them on sidewalks. Besides, using headphones while riding kick scooters is prohibited.

  • Some states of the US allow kick scooters in sidewalks and bike lanes. In Idaho, they are considered as bikes, and sometimes the law there doesn’t apply any compulsory rules regarding a license and helmets.

Best Kick Scooters for Kids and Adults

If you have not yet decided which kick scooter you should buy, we have here got some really good options for you to choose from. For buying the best one, you should definitely go through the specifications of these kick scooters and add them to your bucket list so that you can get yourself the perfect piece.

  1. Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk


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Nothing can beat this large-wheeled, easy-to-operate kick scooter, which will provide you a fast and smooth ride, ensuring complete safety. Because of these large wheels, it provides you more stability than other kick scooters out there.


  • Solid constructed body with aluminum-made frame and polyurethane-made large wheels
  • Lightweight body and easy folding feature make it a portable piece
  • Because of the adjustable height, both kids and adults can use it
  • The strong and sturdy deck can support weight up to 220 pounds
  • Rear-fender brake system ensures convenient braking by preventing motion inertia
  1. Mongoose Trace Youth/Adult Kick Scooter

Mongoose Trace Youth/Adult Kick Scooter

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If you are looking for a high-quality kick scooter with all the necessary features which will easily fit in your budget, then this is the one you should go for. It has a spacious deck so that you can put your feet comfortably while riding on it.


  • Adjustable height and handlebar
  • Easy folding for compact storage
  • ABEC-7 bearings of the wheels ensure durability and better performance
  • Handle is covered with soft foam for providing comfort
  • Can hold up to 176 pounds weight
  1. Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter

Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter

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Last but not least, we have another game-changer in the world of kick scooters. The Razor air kick scooter is mostly known for being the quietest scooter because of having an anti-rattle system. The disturbing noise of running scooters will be gone forever with this one.


  • Aluminum-made scooter frame ensures a sturdy and solid construction
  • Adjustable handlebars have rubber grips for giving you the ultimate comfort
  • Shock absorbing rubber tires are perfect for a faster and smoother ride
  • Goes easy on tough urban surfaces
  • Spacious deck allows you to keep your feet more comfortable

Should you ride your electric scooter on the sidewalk?

Final Words

Even if you are going for school or work riding on your kick scooter, it always gives the feeling of a fun outdoor activity. But you should always be careful about the rules and regulations regarding kick scooters. So, can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk? I hope this article helped and you have got the answer.

How Many Calories Does Skateboarding Burn: You Need To Know!

How Many Calories Does Skateboarding Burn

If you are willing to lose weight by burning calories, everyone around you might suggest jogging, running, doing exercises, and much more. Lets know  how many calories does skateboarding burn step by step!

But all these workouts are traditional methods that can make you bored and possibly cause a lack of interest. In this case, skateboarding can be a game-changer for you.

Skateboarding is something more exciting and more thrilling than your regular calorie-burning workouts. It will encourage you and push you through the process of burning calories so that you never feel punctured.

Then how many calories does skateboarding burn? You need to stick to this article to know everything about calorie burning by riding a skateboard.

Why Consider Skateboarding?

Essential Skateboard tips and tricks

Your curious mind might want to know why you should consider skateboarding as a calorie-burning exercise over many other activities.

Is it worth giving a try and adding to your regular workout routine? Yeah, it’s pretty normal to ask if you are not a regular skateboarder.

Skateboarding is like a complete package of workout methods for your body. Not only for kids and youngsters, but adults can also be benefitted from this street sport.

Let us go through the key points about why you should practice skateboarding to burn calories.

  1. Complete Workout

Skateboarding offers a full-body workout, including every part of your body where you can have excessive calories. Primarily, you need to use the lower part of your body while riding on a skateboard.

But the hands and upper part are also affected while turning, doing an ollie, kick-offs, and other stances.

  1. Working on Muscles

Movements while skateboarding enables you to strengthen your leg muscles and burn extra calories. You will have toned legs by which it will be easy for you to balance your body weight.

Besides, it also works on your back muscles to maintain a healthy blood flow all over the body.

  1. Balance and Flexibility

It is hard to find such activity that increases body balance, and flexibility like skateboarding does. Riding on a skateboard is all about balance.

Having complete control over your own body is not a big deal if you have a well-balanced and flexible body.

  1. Works as Cardio Exercise

Calorie burning process often includes cardio exercises to keep your heart rate up and maintain well-being. Skateboarding is great as a cardio exercise.

It works on your body fat, increases the metabolism rate, maintains motion control, and increases agility so that your heart works fine and healthy.

Parameters of Measuring the Amount of Burned Calories!

how many calories does skateboarding burn

You can’t just burn a noticeable number of calories at once; when you start skateboarding. It depends on how much time you spend on skateboarding per day according to your skill level.

If you are an average regular skateboarder, you can burn 300-400 calories per hour. But in the case of intensive riding, you might burn up to 800 calories in an hour.

How many calories you can burn through skateboarding is mainly affected by the following factors.

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • MET value
  • Heart rate
  • Duration of skateboarding

Researchers worldwide have presented various methods and formulas to calculate the amount of burned calories through different exercises and activities. But they differ from person to person.

One has to understand that an average person can’t burn the same number of calories that a sportsperson or athlete can.

Here we will discuss an approximate calorie-burning calculation according to a survey done by Harvard Medical School.

During a one hour of skateboarding session-

  • A person of 125 pounds weight can burn 300 kilocalories
  • person of 155 pounds weight can burn 372 kilocalories
  • A person of 185 pounds weight can burn 444 kilocalories

These three measurements can be used as parameters to calculate the amount of burned calories of any person practicing skateboarding.

Formula for Calculating Burned Calories!

The following formula has been developed for the exact calculation of burned calories.

  • Calories burned per minute = (MET × body weight in kg × 3.5) ÷ 200

MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) describes the amount of energy used at a specific time while doing any physical activity. But the MET value is not the same for every person. Age, weight, sex, body mass, efficiency, and many other factors affect the MET value. But the average MET value of skateboarding which is measured for a healthy and adult person, is approximately 5.6.

Getting Started

If you are not a regular skateboarder but want to get started with it, do not get stressed out. You can definitely progress with skateboarding along with burning some calories efficiently.

  1. Going through a Plan

As you start skateboarding to burn extra calories in your body, it is essential to set a goal and plan. How many calories do you want to burn? Decide and calculate approximately.

Do not just go with the flow of what others say; think about your body’s needs, strength, height, and weight.

  1. Taking Safety Measures

Before starting over, take necessary precautions and use safety gear so that this cardio exercise doesn’t lead to an accident. If you are just a beginner or an average skateboarder, go on with the basics first.

Don’t just try to perform professional acts and stances before being mastered with them. This could be life-threatening.

  1. Practicing

Take it slow to get developed in skateboarding. Practice according to your skills and ability. Do not just practice for hours because you think there is no change in calories in your body.

Make time for each session the same as doing any other exercise or workout. If you just stick to practicing skateboarding with proper steps and procedures, you will feel your body fat sweating and burning the excess calories. 

Final Words

For training every part of your body along with burning calories, skateboarding is an effective activity that adds more excitement, thrill, and fun to your daily workout sessions.

Reading this article, I hope you got a clear idea about how many calories skateboarding burns to practice skateboarding to stay fit and burn your calories effectively.

How To Ride A Landyachtz Dinghy | Complete Guideline!

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy?

The Landyachtz Dinghy is one of the well-known cruiser boards out there. It offers good quality and is a great choice if you want to do some tricks while cruising.

Now, that being said, knowing how to ride a landyachtz dinghy can be difficult for beginners and newcomers who just started with skateboarding.

But don’t worry, because, in this article, we will break down everything that you will need to know about how to ride this cruiser board. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the steps, shall we?

Here Our Complete Landyachtz Dinghy Review article. we discus about 2 best Landyachtz Board.

Riding Landyachtz Dinghy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the basic steps that one should follow when learning how to ride a landyachtz dinghy

Step 1: Getting the Appropriate Footwear

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy: Getting the Appropriate Footwear

Wearing proper footwear is the first step of riding skateboards and cruisers in the first place.

Skate shoes are the best option when selecting footwear to ride a landyachtz dinghy. Now, if you don’t have a pair of skate shoes, then your regular sneakers or running shoes will do the job perfectly.

But don’t select any flip-flops or sandals because you will need to move your feet easily and smoothly, and these sandals don’t offer that while skateboarding.

In a worst-case scenario, you may end up hurting your ankle in the process if you are not careful with picking footwear for yourself.

We recommended you Some skate shoes  check if you want to.

Step 2: Wear Your Safety Gears

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy: Wear Your Safety Gears

If you are a beginner or trying cruise skateboards for the first time, then it will take a few tries for you to get the hang of it.

As learning from your mistakes is how you get to understand balancing on a skateboard. So, you can be sure that you will fall from time to time when learning how to ride.

In order to be safe in this sort of scenario, it is best to wear your safety gear until you figure out how to maintain your balance on your landyachtz dinghy.

But even then, we suggest that you keep your safety gears on as it is better to be safe than getting hurt.

So, wear your helmet correctly, and don’t forget to add pads before starting to practice.

We recommend some safety gears bellow check if you want to!

From here you can find helmet/knee pad/elbow pad/gloves and others safety gears with your budget.

Step 3: Find Your Dominant Foot

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy: Find Your Dominant Foot

A key part of skateboarding is finding your dominant foot and learning how to use them. The foot you will use to put your weight over the skateboard is the dominant foot. This foot is used to balance your body during skating.

There are two types of dominant foot in skating – regular foot and goofy foot. When someone uses their left foot as their dominant foot, it is regarded as a regular foot, and the opposite is the goofy foot.

Finding whether you are a regular foot or a goofy foot is quite simple. Most of the time, the foot that you naturally move is your dominant foot. So, you can either go with instinct or do a small test to find your dominant foot.

Just ask someone to give you a small push on the back, and the foot that naturally moves forward to stop the pushing force is your dominant foot.

Remember, the opposite foot of your dominant foot is the one you will be using to push forward when riding your landyachtz dinghy.

Step 4: Stand on Your Landyachtz Dinghy

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy: Stand on Your Landyachtz Dinghy

Once you have settled on your dominant foot, put your dominant foot on the board first. Be sure to balance your body with your other foot.

And once you have placed your dominant foot on the board, you can check your balance by putting your other foot on the board too.

It would help if you kept in mind that your dominant foot or front foot should be placed slightly forward from the middle of the board, and your other foot should be placed near the edge of the board.

Step 5:  Pushing the Board with Your Feet

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy: Pushing the Board with Your Feet

After you manage to perfectly balance yourself (note that you may have to do multiple tries), then use your pushing feet to push forward gently.

Make sure that your pushing foot doesn’t touch the ground afterward. Lean your body a little so that you can easily gain the much-needed momentum.

We don’t expect you to nail it at the first attempt successfully. So, be prepared to lose balance when you try this.

If you feel like you are losing your balance, put your pushing foot on the ground to regain your balance.

Try this a couple of times until you feel like you are not losing your balance easily or at the beginning of the attempt. And just like that, now you know how to start moving with your Landyachtz Dinghy.

Step 6: Maintaining Balance During Motion

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy: Maintaining Balance During Motion

Here comes the most challenging part of skateboarding, keeping your balance while you are in motion. The core concept of maintaining your balance is to use legs and waist.

A pro tip is to just move your waist and legs towards the direction you lose your balance.

As you are just starting out, we suggest that you don’t start your balance practice with a strong push. Start with a low pace at first and then slowly increase the speed.

Step 7: Coming to a Stop

how to ride a landyachtz dinghy: Coming to a Stop

Once you have completed all the other mentioned steps, the final step that you need to learn is how to stop your board. This process is very similar to starting your board for movement. It would help if you used your pushing foot again.

When you are in motion and need to stop, just put your pushing foot on the ground slowly. It would be best if you didn’t use instant force as you might end up losing your balance and can come down to the ground with increased momentum.

So, slowly put your foot on the ground and start to apply pressure. And due to this resistance, your speed will start to decrease, and soon you will come to a stop.

And that’s it. This is how you can ride your landyachtz dinghy.

How to Ride A Landyachtz Dinghy: For The First Time Ever!

Final Thoughts

Landyachtz dinghy is one of the best cruiser skateboards on the planet. And if you don’t know how to ride a landyachtz dinghy, then you are missing out on a lot of excitement and adventure.

But, if you have come this far in the article, then you know every necessary steps to ride on this board.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your landyachtz dinghy and start cruising!

Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement: Step by Step Process!

electric skateboard battery replacement

Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement: Step by Step Process! If an electric skateboard is properly operated and maintained, its battery can last for many years. However, many skaters often want to replace their e-skateboard’s default battery with a higher capacity battery. So that they can get a long-time battery backup for skating; on the other hand, many people change their old battery and install a new skateboard battery.

If you want to replace the battery yourself, you must know how to change electric skateboard battery properly. The electric skateboard battery replacement process is almost the same for nearly every model. So there is no reason to worry. Our guide is basically made keeping in mind the skateboard of all models. So let’s start our guide.

Step by Step: Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement

In this section, we will share the complete process of e-skateboard battery replacement part by part, which will help you a lot in understanding. At first, we need to know what we might need. Then we will start our journey.

How do I change the battery in my electric skateboard?

Before Starting You’ll Need

  • A New Battery
  • A Hairdryer
  • A Stanley Knife
  • A Phillips Screw Driver
  • An Allen or Hex Key

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Zeee 22.2V 50C 5200mAh 6S Lipo Battery with XT90 Plug Compatible for DJI Airplane RC Quadcopter Helicopter Car Truck Boat Hobby


132 ratings

36V 10Ah Electric Mountain Skateboard Battery Pack 10S5P Lithium Battery with Wireless Controller System with Plastic Box


2 ratings

REVLON 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer


11,947 ratings

Stanley 0-10-598 Utility Knife foldable, Silver


1,176 ratings

SUNHZMCKP 8 in 1 Screwdriver, Portable multi-purpose screwdriver,High- Strength Bits, Phillips, Slotted, Torx,Suitable for outdoor and daily repair tools, The best tool gift for a man


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HORUSDY Allen Wrench Set, Hex Key Set Long Arm Ball End Hex Wrench Set, Inch/Metric T Handle Allen Wrench Set


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Step 1: Prepared the E-Skateboard

Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement: Prepared the E-Skateboard

First, place the skateboard upside down on a workbench, and see if there are any screws around. If you find any screw, then you can follow our next steps directly. And if you didn’t find it, then the screws are hidden under the sticker in any part of the deck. So if there are any stickers or tapes on the deck, then you have to remove it.

Step 2: Take the Grip Tape Off

Electric Skateboard Battery Replacement: take the grip tape off

Now we have to remove the tape, but in this case, we must remove the tape in such a way that there is no adhesive on the deck. In this case, we will use a regular used hairdryer.

First, turn on the hairdryer and lightly warm the entire part of the grip tape or sticker. After warming up for a while, you will lift up the edges of the tape with the help of a Stanley Knife, then pull the tape by hand and remove it safely. If any part’s adhesive level is very hard and tough to lift up, then warm that part again for a while with a hairdryer, and then remove it.

Step 3: Remove the Battery’s Holding Cover

e-skateboard battery replacement: take the cover off

If you see any screws, then remove the screws using a suitable sizes Phillips screwdriver. Then remove the screws and bolts that hold the battery cover in that place; use the right size Allen or Hex Key. Then you can see the battery case is being removed. You can see a rubber gasket with it; remove the gasket safely. Keep in mind the screws, bolts that you have removed; keep them together safely so that they are not missed.

Step 4: Unplug the Cables Ports

Now you can see yellow, red and black colors many cables and connectors arrived; you must remember the cables when unplugging them safely. First, unhook the big yellow cables which are attached to the battery, then unhook the red cables. (You may not get the cables of the same color, in this case, must be kept in mind the colors of the cable, which you’ve to unhook from the connector area) Then you will see the battery is completely separated.

Step 5: Install New Skateboard Battery

After removing the old battery:

  1. Take the same electric skateboard model battery and place it properly on the battery holding cover.
  2. Place the protective foams on the battery sidewall so that the battery does not move.
  3. Adjust the battery cables properly, and in the same way, connect the wires with the right wires.

After connecting all the cables, then hide the wires in the blank part on the battery sidewall, and then place the gasket in the right place again. Remember that the gasket protects your battery from various situations.

Step 6: Connect the Battery

Then with the help of a screwdriver and hex wrench, reconnect the battery to the electric skateboard deck. Then you connect the cables of the battery to the right place on the skateboard. Properly connect the red cables 5(+) with the other red cables.

Step 7: Test the Skateboard

Before placing the whole battery box, check once to see, the skateboard is actually correctly attached to all the battery’s cables. 

In this case, first, with the help of a remote, start the skateboard. Try to individually increase and decrease its speed. And watch all the activities. Then charge the battery and see it is charging or not. If you observe any difficulties, recheck the cables are correctly connected to the skateboard and place the right wires in the right place.

If you see that everything is OK, then place the cover on the main cables, and do not tighten the screws too tightly. Then re-apply the skateboard sticker or tape on the deck.

You can see here a list of some best electric skateboard battery

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

How long do electric skateboard batteries last?

It depends entirely on the type of battery. If you use a Li-Ion battery on your electric skateboard before it reaches 80% of its capacity, it will last up to 400 to 1000 charge cycles. It means your battery will last at least 1 year to 3 years. However, as a result of proper maintenance, an e-skateboard battery lasts longer.

Why are electric skateboard batteries so expensive?

Each electric skateboard battery has different types of cells, which increases the efficiency of the battery. However, most battery packs usually hold 10 to 30 battery cells, which greatly increases the performance and price of the battery.

Can a skateboard battery catch fire if mishandled?

The short answer is “Yes.” If you place the battery incorrectly, the electric skateboard will not turn ON, as well as it can catch fire immediately, so be very careful when replacing the battery. Also, if you do not have basic knowledge about electronic components, then it is better to avoid doing anything of an electric skateboard.

Also, if the temperature of the battery of your e-skateboard increases excessively, then there is a possibility of fire catching from here too. In this case, you should stop using it whenever you feel excessive temperature and see smoke coming out.

When does an electric skateboard battery stop working?

Water damage or battery damage can cause your skateboard to stop working. In this case, you first check the charger, then systematically check the battery, wires, and motherboard. You can read why electric skateboard won’t turn on guide to get a complete idea here.

How do I change the battery in my electric skateboard?

It is a very simple process; first, with the help of an Allen wrench and screwdriver, separate all the screws around the battery box of your skateboard properly. Then safely unplugged the attached cables on the battery box.

Then reconnect the cables of the new electric skateboard battery in exactly the same way. Test with the help of a remote, see if the skateboard is working properly. After seeing that it is working properly, attach the screws again with the help of a screwdriver as previously.

Final Verdict

Electric skateboard battery replacement is a very easy task; you don’t need to know any kind of rocket science or take the help of an electrician. However, it is very important that you have a basic knowledge of electric connectors. If you are a complete beginner and have no idea about electric cables and connectors, then it is better to avoid it yourself because if you accidentally tear any wires, it can be counterproductive. In this case, take the help of a professional mechanic.

How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels without Tools? You Should To Know!

Any regular skateboarder uses a skateboard tool kit to set up, repair, and maintain a skateboard whenever it is necessary. But if you are a beginner in the world of skateboarding, it might seem like a new experience using skateboard tools. Besides, new users often don’t feel the necessity of having these tools.

This article could be a lifesaver for anyone struggling to adjust and maintain the skateboard wheels. If you know how to loosen skateboard wheels without tools, things can get much easier as you don’t have to be confused while working with the wide range of various tools.

Why It Is Necessary to Loosen the Wheels

How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels without Tools

Skateboard wheels should indeed be fitted tightly with the trucks, so they don’t roll over and detach from the trucks while riding on your skateboard. But sometimes, you need to loosen them a bit to get the most efficiency from the skateboard.

Let us go through a brief discussion about why you need to loosen the wheels of your skateboard.

  • If the wheels are over-tightened, it will prevent the natural spin of the reels. As a result, you won’t be able to ride at a higher speed than a skateboard should.
  • Often tight wheels can encourage unwanted brakes of your skateboard. They can get stuck from time to time and cause sudden brakes, which will increase the chances of getting into accidents.

Generally, the main reason behind such accidents is the motion inertia produced while you ride the skateboard. When the wheels suddenly stop, the inertia pushes your body forward even when the skateboard comes to a standstill. As a result, you fall on the ground through a small air leap.

  • If you loosen the skateboard wheels at a standard angle, they will maintain the necessary mobility that you need for riding smoothly on your skateboard. It also provides you with a light feeling while riding, which helps you run at high speed without much effort.
  • Skateboards with tightly fitted wheels become less durable and might need an early and unexpected replacement because the wheels can get cracked after a few uses due to the high tension. So, it is better to loosen them up to an optimum point for long-term use.

Loosen Skateboard Wheels

How to Loosen Skateboard Wheels without Tools?

To loosen the wheels of any skateboard in a balanced way, you are always welcome to use any tool from a skateboard tool kit. Without any tool, it might seem a bit difficult for beginners. But with the proper procedure and techniques, you can master it within a few days.

  1. Checking on

First, you have to check whether the wheel is over-tightened or not. Because if you start to loosen them without proper checking, they can roll over because of being extra loose.

  1. Noticing the Wheel Rotation

Shake the board with your hand and notice if the wheels vibrate or not. If they don’t vibrate even a bit, try to roll them to check whether they run smoothly or get stuck sometimes. In case of getting stuck, it is confirmed that they need to be loosened to ensure smooth rotation.

  1. Loosen the Wheel Nuts

Now you have to loosen the nut which is attached to the wheel. In case of not having any skateboard tools, you can use a regular wrench. But you can also loosen the nuts of the wheels even without a wrench. Use your hand to hold the nut and rotate it counterclockwise.

  1. Finding the Exact Spot

Once you loosen the nut, the rotation of the wheels needs to be checked from time to time. Loosen it to some extent and inspect the turning if it is well enough or getting stuck in the middle.

In case the nut becomes too loose, rotate it back. You have to find the exact spot where the nut is perfectly balanced and turns freely without getting trapped or being too loose.

  1. Final Adjustment

After you have loosened the wheels correctly, adjust them back on the trucks if you had them separated. Check if the bearings are placed perfectly or not. You can also use any regular lubricant to get the most efficiency from the skateboard wheels.

Things to Consider

There are some tips and tricks, along with several key points which you need to consider while you are up to loosening your skateboard wheels without any tools. Those are stated below for making the task hassle-free and more convenient.

  • Don’t loosen the wheels too much because it can create several problems along with sudden accidents while you ride over the skateboard.

To check whether they are too loose or not, shake them holding in your hand and notice if they make any sound. Extra loose wheels make unwanted rattling sounds while moving.

  • While you use your hand for loosening the wheel nuts, be careful if the nuts are too tight because you might get hurt with those. You may use hand gloves for protection but remember to use gloves that provide essential grip so that you can easily rotate the nuts.
  • If you notice that the wheels don’t run well even after making the nuts lose, check on the bolts of the trucks. Because these bolts often get too tight, that prevents the wheels from revolving at the highest speed.

Adjust those bolts in the same way as the wheel nuts. Now rotate the wheels and check whether the rotation is well enough.

  • Do not use the skateboard without testing first in case of any repairing work, including loosening or tightening wheels, because this can lead to accidents and injuries if it doesn’t get tested properly.

If you think that the wheels are running well without any disruption, then you are ready to go.

Final Words

With the help of the techniques, tips, and tricks discussed above, it should be clear to you how to loosen skateboard wheels without tools. I hope this article will make things easier for you.

When to Replace Longboard Wheels: Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

when to replace longboard wheels

If you are interested in cruising or downhill racing, there will be no competitor of longboards for providing faster and smoother rides.

They are more efficient than regular skateboards because of their larger and softer wheels. But these wheels also need an upgrade after providing you a full-on service for a certain time duration.

The wheels of a longboard can last for many days with proper use and maintenance. If you are a longboard enthusiast, it is necessary to know when to replace longboard wheels. This will enable you to ride with full efficiency and avoid unwanted situations.

When to Replace Longboard Wheels: Why the Replacement Is Necessary?

when to replace longboard wheels

Wheels are the most vital component supporting the longboard on the road surface by providing speed and traction. But if they get damaged or lose their consistency, it will affect your speed negatively, and you won’t get to experience the highest efficiency while riding.

Using these wheels for several years, especially when they become worn out, will increase the chance of getting yourself in any mishaps and end up having minor to serious injuries.

When to Replace the Wheels?

How long your longboard wheels will last or when to replace them completely depend on your using purposes and maintenance. But usually, these wheels can last for several months and even for 1-2 years if used with proper care.

After using several days and months, you will definitely feel a difference while riding your longboard. If you notice the following changes, it is obvious that you really need an upgrade to the wheels.

Worn-Out Wheel Surface

As longboard wheels are made of soft material, they can get worn out while riding on rough surfaces aggressively. This is the most common sign you will notice after some months of longboarding.

But there are minor to severe levels of this type of damage. If you see some small cracks on the wheels, don’t freak out. You can still use them for several days. But in case of long and deep cracks, replacing wheels is definitely needed.

Besides having cracks, longboard wheels can get flat and thinner, having plot holes in certain areas. You should be careful about this and replace them as soon as possible as it might cause an accidental fall while riding.

How to loosen skateboard wheels without tools? Lets know the technique!

Decreased Speed

After using any longboard for a long time, the wheels can’t rotate smoothly against the bearings. As a result, they can get slow at any point while riding on the track and make you fall behind your competitor.

The wheels provide a longboard the necessary speed while riding downhill tracks. If you notice that your speed is not the same as before, it is high time you should think about replacing the longboard wheels.

Feeling Vibration

With new longboard wheels, it feels like you are just sliding effortlessly on paved tracks. But you will definitely have a feeling of vibration if the wheels are too old. Even if you are going through a flat and plain surface, you might feel that you are tossed at some points.

After a certain limit of rough using the wheels, they don’t ensure effortless riding and sometimes create vibration while rotating. This is definitely a sign that your wheels are showing you to get an update.

Broken or Damaged Bearings

Bearings work as a connector between the wheels and the deck of a longboard. Often, they become damaged due to frequent aggressive riding that thus affects the wheels as well.

If the bearings are broken and left unnoticed, the wheels try to back up this flaw by providing enough speed. This results in huge damage to the wheels and needs an immediate replacement for both the bearings and wheels.

Losing Bearing Grip

For a safe and fast ride, it is essential for the longboard wheels to have the necessary grip over the bearings. Otherwise, they might slip over the bearings and cause serious accidents.

The soft rubber of the wheels gets stretched, and the elasticity reduces over time. As a result, the wheels lose essential grip to hold on to the bearings. Check on a regular basis how tightly the wheels stick on the bearings — replace the wheels if you see them getting loose,

How to Make Your Longboard Wheels Last Long?

replace longboard wheels

Like every other material, it is natural for your longboard wheels to get damaged. Replacing is a must if the wheels don’t work well like before. But we can definitely maintain them well so that they live a little longer and you don’t need to think of replacing them frequently.

Here we have come with some tips to help you maintain your longboard wheels properly so that they may last longer than their average lifespan.

Complete Cleaning

If you are a regular rider on your longboard, you definitely know what your board goes through all day while riding over different surfaces. Dirt, mud, and other debris can easily make the wheels dirty and damaged.

Make sure to give them a complete cleaning whenever needed. Clean the wheels by separating them from the bearings and attaching them back after drying perfectly.

Wheel Swapping

While you ride, the same pressure doesn’t go all over the tail and nose part of the board. Sometimes, the front and back wheels don’t have the same stability after using them for some days.

Swap them to maintain equal load and pressure so that they don’t just get worn out too quickly.


Different lubricants and grease materials work great to increase the speed and performance of your wheels. You can use them on wheels along with bearings and related bolts. The lubricant will ease their work and ensure you a smooth ride on the wheels of your longboard.

Final Word

Even after proper care, your longboard wheels might need a replacement if they get damaged over time. Hope this article got you some help, and you now understand when to replace longboard wheels. Make sure to maintain them well so that you won’t have to find a replacement anytime soon.

How Do Longboards Go Faster Than Skateboards Makes Me Feel Good?

Whether you’re a newbie at the skateboard scene or trying to up your game, the skateboard versus longboard battle is always heated. Were you thinking to yourself, “do longboards go faster than skateboards?”.

Well, if you’re here, you must be looking for something fast. Don’t worry; we got you. There’s only one answer: go long or go home.

Do Longboards Go Faster Than Skateboards?

Longboard vs. Skateboard – Which Board Is Faster?

Longboards and skateboards have many different parts and components. The most important components are the wheels, trucks, bearings, and deck. Each of these parts comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, which look and perform differently.

Whether you prefer cruising or performing tricks, you’re experiencing the combined effect of all of these components.

We have gathered together a list of reasons that make longboards faster than skateboards.

This includes the appearance, features as well as parts of the board. All of these factors play their roles when you’re on the ride. If you want to know why we are saying so, keep reading.


With one look, you can notice how different longboards are from skateboards. The most obvious difference is the deck – the wooden part of the board. Decks come in many different shapes and sizes.

The geometry of the board determines how it is affected by air resistance. This, in turn, affects the speed of the board.

  • Size

Longboard decks are much larger compared to skateboards. Skateboards are usually 22-32 inches long. But longboards are a whopping 33-60 inches in length.

In addition, the skateboard is 6-8 inches wide, but a longboard is 9-10 inches wide.

With that size advantage, longboards are more stable and can keep their momentum. You can comfortably keep both your feet on the deck and shift your weight from side to side.

This is known as pumping. Pumping allows the rider to maintain their speed on the board without moving their feet.

Skateboards decks are more compact. You can’t use this technique of pumping because there isn’t enough space.

  • Shape

Longboard decks come in many different shapes. All longboards are fast, but some longboards with a particular shape are faster when it comes to performing riding techniques such as free-ride, drop-through, fishtail, pintail, etc.


Usually, skateboard wheels are around 50mm in diameter. The diameter of longboard wheels ranges from 65 to 100mm. Bigger wheels cover more distance every time they turn. So, they roll faster in the same duration of time.

Big wheels also handle obstacles better. A fun ride is a smooth ride, not a bumpy one. But everyone might not have a skate park nearby.

Or maybe you want to ride your board to commute—the small hard wheels of a skateboard jerk and wiggle with even the slightest bump on the sidewalk.

Smaller wheels have a smaller contact patch. This means that a smaller part of the wheel is touching the terrain.

So, every time a wheel hits something, the board loses speed sooner, and you can’t cruise. You just end up tired from dragging your feet on and on. Nobody wants to skate like that, do they?

Typically, skateboards come equipped with hard and resistive wheels that easily skid. Longboards come with softer wheels made of grippy material. So, it takes less effort to push and maneuver a longboard.


The wheelbase is the gap between the wheels. If your board has a wider wheelbase, the wheels are further apart from the center of the deck. The truck becomes less sensitive to the jerking of the wheels.

A longer wheelbase is especially a much-needed thing for taller people. Tall individuals have a higher center of gravity than their shorter peers. As a result, they tend to lose their balance more easily.

Truck Mechanism

This component is probably the biggest game-changer in the battle of the boards.

Skateboards have traditional kingpin (TKP) trucks. Such trucks fit top mount boards only. Boards with TKP trucks are more agile and easier to maneuver because the rider has more clearance above the ground.

Due to the TKP trucks, skateboards wobble at high speeds. Such trucks are narrower, so the slightest movement can make you lose your stability.

The longboards use Reverse Kingpin (RKP) trucks which are considerably wider. This type of truck is easier to maneuver at low speeds and much easier to control at higher speeds.

RKP trucks are also attached to a lower part of the board in comparison with TKP trucks. So, you have an excellent, low base to position your feet.


The effect of bearings on the speed is less evident than other components. There is no definite answer as to which board comes with faster bearings. However, we can all agree that we prefer more durable bearings.

Bearings are the unsung heroes that we take for granted. Eventually, no matter where you skate, the bearings become caked with dirt, rusted, or scratched.

Then they stop working. Even if you never step outside the skate park, you can’t prevent this from happening.

Longboards might seem pricier, but they promise durability. You are getting a board that is fitted with quality parts.

Skateboards are cheaper because the manufacturers want you to think you’re getting a good deal. These manufacturers end up choosing less durable parts just to hit that price point.

The Power of Confidence – Stability Is the Key

Yes, you read that right. The deal-breaker of the speed contest is within you, not the board.

If you’re using a stable board, you don’t have to deal with speed wobbles and skidding. You’re no longer worried about the next pebble or twig that might hit your board. Now, all that energy and concentration can be used to improve your skills.

Since you’re spending more time practicing, your rate of improvement will accelerate as well. In the long journey of mastery, staying confident and consistent is how a rookie turns into a pro.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Do longboard go faster then sakteboards?

Besides having fun, it’s also essential to maintain safety and take caution. It takes more time and distance to break a longboard than a skateboard.

So always remember to wear protective headgear, elbow guards, and knee guards. Try your best to avoid busy roads and crowded sidewalks.


So, do longboards go faster than skateboards? Yes, they do. Does that mean skateboards are unbearably slow? Nope, not at all. Skateboards are built to be light, not fast.

Aim to be the next speed maestro? Just get the longboard; you won’t regret it.

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks Or Not?

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks?

Amongst all the types of skateboards out there, a penny board is the most suitable for beginners because it is so easy to operate. However, you might be willing to learn skateboarding to do tricks on it mainly, and wondering are penny boards good for tricks or not.

The short answer to this question is: penny boards are not designed for tricks. Although the primary purpose of penny boards is not to do tricks, there are other things you can do very well with them.

However, you can still practice a few minor simple tricks using a penny board.

Here, we will discuss what you need to know before buying a penny board for doing these simple tricks.

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks?


Why Are Penny Boards Not Good for Tricks?


If you don’t know what a penny board is, it is essentially a skateboard but built with mostly a plastic deck and cruiser wheels.

There are also skateboard trucks included with some penny boards. The wheels are thicker and heavier, and they come in smaller sizes compared to other skateboard wheels.

If you compare them to traditional skateboards used for tricks, you will see that they are not ideal for them. The few reasons are –

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks Or Not

  1. Lack of Mobility

As stated before, penny boards come with plastic decks and large chunky wheels, where skateboards made for tricks come with slim wooden decks and thinner wheels. That is because it gives those skateboards mobility to move them more freely.

  1. Size

Shape and size are probably the most important factors to consider in skateboards for doing tricks. The size directly affects how well you will be able to execute the maneuvers. It also comes down to personal preference in some cases.

As penny boards are considerably smaller and different in shape than other skateboards, it is harder to do tricks with them.

  1. Build

Since penny boards are made of plastic, experienced skaters don’t recommend them for tricks. It’s not as though a plastic deck will decrease its durability, but a wooden deck will always glide better, feel better and last longer.

What Are Penny Boards Good for?

Penny boards are not made for tricks, so it’s not a big deal if they are not good at it. However, the boards have their sole purposes and selling points. They have also become increasingly popular. Penny boards are mostly known for the following:

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks?

  • Portability

These boards are notoriously known for their easy-to-carry size. Since they are pretty small and compact,  putting them in your bag or carrying them around in your arms isn’t a problem at all. They are also very lightweight, which adds more to the portability factor.

That is also why you will see penny boards at random places because people love carrying them around. It serves as a pretty big advantage to people who are not into doing tricks and want to move their board to different places.

  • Commute

Traveling short distances are a prime purpose of penny boards. The board features larger wheels and a smaller footprint, which allows the rider to gain momentum and speed with minimal pushing. It also makes it easier to travel rough roads thanks to the large wheels.

A penny board is perfect for going to places where you will use the board for some time, then carry it around for the rest of the time—for example, going to your school or a bus station.

  • Style

Regardless of what people might say, the main reason penny boards started getting so much attraction was their style. It features colorful and rich designs, and it also comes with many different shapes that attract various people.

These designs were new at the time and thus succeeded at gaining attraction from all over the community. It is also one of the reasons why they are still so popular.

Simple Tricks You Can Do with a Penny Board

A penny board might not be perfect for doing advanced tricks, but it can certainly pull off some basic and simple tricks that don’t depend on the board. These are pretty easy to do, and you can learn them very quickly.

Are Penny Boards Good For Tricks?


  1. Flip-on

It is where you put your board upside down on the top of your feet and then do a jump to flip the board and get on it simultaneously. It is one of the first tricks you could learn as a beginner with the penny board.

  1. Tic-tac

In this trick, you use your back foot as the pivot and just constantly change directions (left and right) to gain momentum and speed. You do this by twisting your hips.

  1. Nose Revert

You place one of your feet on the nose of the board to lift it. Then do a 180-degree spin with your upper body. If done correctly, your board should follow you along with the spin.

  1. Manual

This one is a very well-known trick you’ve probably seen people do. Here, you apply pressure on the back of the board to lift it from the front and then drive it on two wheels. It can be a bit hard to balance at first, but it is pretty easy to learn.

  1. Hopping Curbs

The hopping curb is a very useful trick for getting around streets or small obstacles like ledges. For this, you want to approach the ledge with a decent speed.

Just before hitting the ledge, do a manual. Once most of the board has crossed the ledge, put force on the front of the board, and you will skip right through the obstacle.

Should You Get a Penny Board?

Should You Get a Penny Board?

Penny boards are not for everyone. If the main reason you want to buy a skateboard is to learn tricks, then a penny board is not something you should consider.

On the contrary, if you prefer portability, ease of use, and style while skateboarding, a penny board is definitely the way to go.

These boards can also be found at very affordable prices, which could be another reason to consider them. They are also quite popular among kids. Overall, a penny board is definitely something to consider while shopping for skateboards.

Easy Penny Board Tricks


So, are penny boards good for tricks? They are not. But with everything being said, there are definitely reasons to consider penny boards. If you’re looking for style and versatility, they are your go-to choices.

We hope we’ve shared enough knowledge for you to decide now on whether you want them or not.

Electric Skateboard Won’t Turn On? Reasons & Solutions!

Electric Skateboard Won't Turn On

After many attempts, your electric skateboard won’t turn On? Whether your electric skateboard is brand-new or you have been using it for years, this type of problem can be worn by anyone at any moment, which is very frustrating for any skater.

An electric skateboard can have technical issues at any time. So don’t be too frustrated with why won’t my electric skateboard turn On because most professionals said it’s a common issue. However, in this guide, we will show you the strong reasons why skateboard not turning On and how to turn On electric skateboard; we will share some solutions.

Why Electric Skateboard Won’t Turn On?

Why Electric Skateboard Won't Turn On?

There are so many reasons why electric skateboard keeps turning off, but the most common issue is maybe your electric skateboard battery defected and can’t hold a charge properly. That’s why you will need an electric skateboard battery replacement or maybe a defective charger.

There are also chances that inside the electric skateboard may be disconnected from the charger or battery line, or you may not have plugged in the charger properly. There is also the possibility of a defective motherboard or system error.

So it’s a lot more difficult to ensure the main issues; However, we have arranged our outline in detail below; let’s take a look.

Battery or Charger Issues

electric skateboard Battery or Charger Issues


Even after you fully charge your electric skateboard, if it runs out of charge before using it once, it possibility has defects in your battery or charger. Follow the steps below to check the battery and charger.

Checking the Charger

Checking the Charger



It is much easier to test the charger than to open your e-skateboard and check the battery so that we will start with that first.

First, plug-in the charger and notice the red or green light. If the red light stays, it means your battery is constantly loading power, and if the green light stays, it means your battery is fully charged.

But one thing to keep in mind is that even after your battery charge is fully charged, or close to a full charge, when you again plug in a good charger, the red indicator will stay ON for at least a while or up to 1 minute. So if you have green stay even after charging plug-in, it means maybe there is a problem with your charger.

However, to ensure this, you borrow your friend’s electric skateboard charger, then use it to charge your board; if the same thing happens again, it means it is not your charger’s difficulty, maybe your electric skateboard battery or motherboard issues. 

And if the red light shines after plugging in the charger, then keep it ON charge until the green light shines. Then turn ON the e-skateboard; if it is turned ON, it means that it was your charger issue.

Checking the Battery

Electric Skateboard not Turn On:Checking the Battery

If your charger can charge properly, and your electric skateboard will not turn ON still or lose power too quickly, that means your electric skateboard has a battery issue. In this case, you need to test the battery to ensure it. But, before that, you need to separate up the battery from your e skateboard properly.

First, with the help of a Phillips screwdriver and Allen wrench, unscrew all the bolts on the skateboard, then safely separate the battery from the battery box.

Then unpin the two connectors of the battery to check whether the battery is still working; for this, take the help of a voltmeter to check its voltage. Next, attach the two-bit batteries of the voltmeter to the two pins; if the voltmeter is read up to 36 to 42 volts, it means the battery is OKAY, and if the value is lower than that, it means you have to replace electric skateboard battery.

Here you can read our researcher’s prepared best electric skateboard battery review to get the ideal battery for your skateboard.

Motherboard or Wiring Issues

Electric Skateboard Won't Turn On:Motherboard or Wiring Issues

If you do not find any issues after checking your battery and charger in the above way, it means that there are issues somewhere else in your skateboard; it may be in the wires or the motherboard; to identify this, you can follow our below’s method.

Checking the Wires

Checking the Wires

First, take a closer look at the motherboard’s wiring, which is connected to the charging port, because disconnected cables or incorrectly plugged cables can be the main culprits of this difficulty. If any cables are incorrectly plugged, then plug it properly. As well as carefully tighten the other cables and connect them, after that try to charging again. I think if there are any issues in the wiring, then it should be fixed.

Checking the Motherboard

Checking the Motherboard

If your electric skateboard has wiring and okay, then lastly, it chances a system error, otherwise your e-skateboard motherboard issues. If you can know how to check error codes on an e-skateboard, then check it. Otherwise, you can call the manufacturer’s customer’s care to know the trouble codes and the system guideline.

After checking the motherboard, if there are trouble codes, you will need to repair the e-skateboard.

After finding out the main issues of your e-skateboard, check its warranty paper. If there is a warranty period, then this is one of the best aspects for you. Then, you can repair your e-skateboard without any cost by contacting the supplier directly. Otherwise, if there is no warranty period, repair it with the help of good e-skateboard repairs.

If you are thinking of buying a new skateboard, then you can read our best electric skateboard review so that you can choose the good electric skateboard that is suitable for you.

Final Verdict

Electric skateboard is an easy transport that can easily take you to any near destination. Unfortunately, though it has many advantages, on the other way it can also throw you into a lot of disappointment. However, with proper maintenance, an e-skateboard can be operated for a long time without any issues.

But after you so much care in many fields, your e-skateboard can be worn in a very bad situation. One of the common issues is that the electric skateboard won’t turn On. However, the reasons we have shown above are the biggest reasons why your skateboard does not turn On. I’m pretty sure you will get the main culprits issues after checking your e-skateboard properly in the above ways.

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It? Should You Buy One?

is electric skateboard worth it

The demand for electric skateboards in various countries is increasing along with the number of users. Many of us buy skateboarding as a hobby, while others efficiently use it to travel to different places in their daily lives. Electric skateboard has many advantages as well as many disadvantages.

Electric skateboards may not be suitable for everyone, primarily because of their expensive price range. So if you finally decide to buy on this expensive budget, then before buying, you must first know that, is electric skateboard worth it? Then you need to consider other things, after that, you should decide whether to buy it.

To make your decision process more accessible, we have created this complete guide, where we have covered almost all the aspects of electric skateboard, which will help you to understand easily. Is it really worth it for you or not? So let’s first get familiarized with electric skateboards.

What is an Electric Skateboard? How Does It Work?

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It

An electric skateboard is similar to a regular skateboard, but it includes an electric motor and some advanced features, due to which electric board has made a lot of difference from the regular skateboard. With an electric skateboard, you will get a wireless remote controls system. Basically, it will help you to increase or decrease the speed, as well as you can command it to go forward and come back and control the whole board.

You can see many different types of electric skateboard in the market as conventional skateboards, bamboo skateboards, many more and they come with different speed range and features. However, almost all e-skateboards can run smoothly on the road from 15 kilometers to 80 kilometers per hour.

Reason to Buy an Electric Skateboard

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It? Should You Buy One?

There are dozens of reasons and so many benefits of an electric skateboard, which is why you need to buy an electric skateboard. However, some of the vital reasons we have highlighted below. 

Avoid Annoying Traffic Jam

One of the problems of the busiest city is the hour-long traffic jam, which besides wasting your time, constantly interrupts you in any critical work field. E-skateboard can be a great option to avoid the annoying jam, which you can continue on the road and walking space.

You Can Go Any Compact Space

Often, when you want to go through different short spaces for a shortcut, you can’t go because of the measurement of your car. An electric skateboard is an excellent option for easy access to any tight and shortcut space, public place, park, road, anywhere you can go effortlessly.

Improve Physical and Mental Health

Research has confirmed that your mental health is much better when you are immersed in any fun outside. An E-skateboard keeps your mental health, as well as physical health good, when you are riding and spending outside time with an electric skateboard. On the one hand, depending on your skating style, it also helps the leg exercises and balancing of your body.

On the other hand, you are getting the necessary Vitamin D from the sun, and every exciting moment during skating gives you a lot of pleasure as well as keeps you mentally healthy.

Better For Environment

Greenhouse gas is making our environment more critical day by day. In this case, in shortcut places, if you ride an e-skateboard without using the car. On the one hand, you can save some costing; on the other hand, you can be a part of protecting the environment from polluted carbon gas.

Reason to Not Buy an Electric Skateboard

Though there are many solid reasons and benefits of electric skateboard, but there are also many reasons and disadvantages of an electric skateboard. Here are some of them:

Not Legal for Everywhere

Electric skateboarding is still growing in popularity; it is illegal in many states, but it is not yet widely available. Soon, new laws and rules will come in different states, and it will be legal. However, before purchasing an electric skateboard and using it, you must properly check your state’s rules and regulations.

You Need Always to Charge It

The electric skateboard is battery operated, so any long-distance journey may require charging at any moment. So you always have to keep the charge along with the essential safety gear of the electric skateboard.

But this problem is not so significant; to avoid these battery capacity issues, you can place the best electric skateboard battery on your skateboard to increase the battery level. It will get a long battery backup, as well as you can stable ride faraway.

It will be Dangerous

Electric skateboards may not be safe for everyone because you must learn to control it properly before riding on the road. Besides, as a result of fast riding in the traffic area, there is a risk of an accident.

So no matter you are how experienced a skater, there is a chance of an accident if you handle it without properly maintaining a safety guide and wearing protective gear.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Many people tag electric skateboards as very safe; I do not completely agree with them. Because electric skateboard has many dangerous sides, many beginners are unaware of the dangers.

When you first go electric skateboarding, you always have to keep the basic safety things. During skating time, you must always have Helmets, Elbow Pads, and Knee Pads with you. If you are a beginner e-skater, then you must drive at a slower speed, as well as have greater control.

Most importantly, you must know your state’s electric skateboard laws, rules and manage them accordingly, always with safety protocol. During e-skateboarding, stay away from high-traffic areas as much as possible.

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It?

Is Electric Skateboard Worth It?

The best electric skateboard provides better performance, great brakes, and excellent balance; it also gives you a lot of fun in regular life and makes traveling a lot easier.

On the other hand, it is not legal for all states, and there are chances of accidents due to carelessness at the beginning level. The biggest thing is that its price range is almost beyond the reach of most people. When you decide to shift to e-skateboard, you have to personally consider whether it is really suitable for the work you want to take.

However, considering the overall advantage and disadvantages sides, in my opinion, everyone who is currently in the city, and the road facilities are good. For them, an electric skateboard is definitely a worthy selection in almost all cases.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly in current circumstances, the use of electric skateboards in regular life will gradually increase, and it will become an essential part of our lives. Hopefully, you have got answered your question, Is electric skateboard worth it? The rest of the aspects depend on you, so you have to decide on those personal aspects.