are minority skateboards good:longboard vs scooter

Are Minority Skateboards Good For Beginner? Is It a Good Brand?

The Minority skateboard brand has been dominating the skateboard industry for many years, and they have a great lineup. Minority longboards or skateboards are primarily known to consumers for their quality, design, flexibility, speed, and safety. However, there are also several other advantages.  Before buying a minority skateboard, many people are curious to know whether …

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are eggboard good for beginner

Are Egg Skateboards Good for Beginners?

If you buy a beginner-friendly most suitable skateboard, then learning skateboard riding will not be a difficult task for you at all. However, the problem is that newbies make the biggest mistakes in choosing the best types of skateboard, which makes them easy learning process more difficult for them. Egg Skateboard is a well-known skateboard …

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Inflatable Skateboard Wheels

Inflatable Skateboard Wheels[Updated]!

Talking about Skateboard wheel reviews or skateboard trucks is doing only a bit. It is a different article today. We will be talking about Inflatable Skateboard Wheels in this one. In globalization, skateboarding is an excellent game in the world. This game is so challenging, But this is not a dangerous game. In spite of there cannot happen …

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