What Is the Best Loaded Longboard for Cruising?

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What is the best loaded longboard for cruising? Loaded longboards are definitely a game-changer when it comes to cruising. They have a top-notch quality as they are manufactured with only the best durable materials.

It is not a surprise that they cost significantly more than the usual longboards. So, if you are planning to invest in a loaded longboard, you must make sure you pick the right one for yourself.

Are loaded longboards worth it? Definitely. But how to choose the best-loaded longboard according to your height, size, and skills? We are going to find out what is the best loaded longboard for cruising!

Which Factors Matter While Choosing the Best Loaded Longboard for Cruising?

Loaded Boards Coyote Longboard Complete

Loaded Boards Tesseract Bamboo Longboard Complete

Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard Complete

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Complete

Loaded Boards Vanguard Bamboo Longboard Complete

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Complete

Loaded Boards Omakase Palm Bamboo Longboard Complete

Loaded Boards Omakase Roe Bamboo Longboard Complete

what is the best loaded longboard for cruising

Loaded longboards have different features subtly etched into their designs and structure. You will surely feel the differences while riding different types of longboards.

Now, which one is your style? Which one will make your cruising experience smooth and comfortable? Some things to keep in mind:

A longboard for cruising has to be:

  • Easy to transport
  • Great for commuting local streets
  • The perfect size for you
  • Have square longboard wheels, which are best for cruising. They slide with the road better, and even if they break off the inside, the moving transition remains smooth, nice for carving and cruising both. Round wheels will do great too.

What Size Longboard Should I Get According to My Height?

For longboarding, you have to keep in mind that your longboard size matches your height. Here, I am showing you the size chart for cruising:

  • If the rider’s height is up to 5’10”, the longboard size should be within 32-40”.
  • If the rider’s height is more than 5’10”, the longboard size should be more than 40”

The best-loaded longboard for cruising would be the one that provided a great riding experience for commuting and freeriding.

Some Best Loaded Longboards That Are Suitable for Cruising!

best loaded longboard for cruising

The best loaded longboard for cruising will vary depending on the rider’s weight, height, and riding style. However, some of the might include the Loaded Longboard, the Bamboo Loaded Longboard, and the Bear Grizzly Longboard.

The Loaded Longboard is a great option for those who are looking for a high-quality longboard that is loaded with features. It has a durable construction that is perfect for cruising and has a comfortable riding style that is perfect for beginners. Additionally, it is loaded with features such as a kicktail, a drop-through deck design, and a sliding rail.

The Bamboo Loaded Longboard is another great option for those who are looking for a high-quality longboard that is loaded with features. It has a durable bamboo construction that is perfect for cruising and has a comfortable riding style that is perfect for beginners.

Longboards, albeit having similar purposes, also have different features to offer. Some loaded longboards that you could choose from are given below:

COYOTE: Best Loaded Longboard For Cruising!

The COYOTE is like kut-thaka, the smaller version of the Kanthaka. The kut-thaka has been discontinued and replaced with the Coyote. This loaded longboard is a great commuter, designed to ride the city roads. Due to its small size, it is easily portable and can be kept anywhere. You can do some tricks on it.

POKE: Best Loaded Longboard For Cruising!

According to many loaded longboards reviews, The Poke is a great city cruiser. The standing platform is bigger, which makes it much more comfortable for long city rides. It’s very durable and does carving. The small nose helps with some tricks.

TESSERACT: Best Loaded Longboard For Cruising!

The tesseract was built for freeriding and freestyling. With a hard deck, it is more focused on speed. When you are going fast, it remains secure and helps you slide easily. 

ICARUS: Best Loaded Longboard For Cruising!

The ICARUS being an advanced pumping and carving loaded longboard, offers a great choice for cruising. Carvers are a great alternative for cruisers, and the mid-size Icarus is definitely a good shot.

FATTAIL: Best Loaded Longboard For Cruising!

Fattail is primarily a carver and pumper on flat grounds. The small tail and nose on the Fattail are a great help for kick turns and doing freestyles. It would be a nice option for cruising due to the flexibility and stability that the freestyle option provides.

VANGUARD: Best Loaded Longboard For Cruising!

The Vanguard is known for its responsive carving board. It has two sizes, so you can pick the smaller one for cruising. Again, look at the sizes mentioned above to pick the right one for you!

TAN TIEN: Best Loaded Longboard For Cruising!

A loaded Tan Tien slides beautifully, helping you glide down the hills with perfect ease. You can maintain a consistent speed on it while gliding down the streets. Works great as a cruiser.

OMAKASE: Best Loaded Longboard For Cruising!

Omakase is the newest addition to Loaded’s loaded longboards collection. It is shaped like a cruiser but bigger. Perfectly user-friendly. The huge size makes it much more comfortable for cruising and commuting.

This one’s carving and pumping features are also top-notch, helping to shift super-fast between the front and back.

So, Which One Would You Pick?

To me, the obvious winner is the OMAKASE. This newest addition to Loaded longboards is winning the hype game. The ultra-wide cruiser is a comfy game up in longboarding. Loaded’s longboards are suitable for cruising, and their city cruisers even more. 

Final Words

It’s really up to each longboarder to decide which board fits them best. The moment their feet hit the deck, they should know how they want to play with that one. It’s an exhilarating experience, of course. So, take your pick among the wide range of loaded longboards.

Loaded Boards have a guide up on their website to see which longboard falls under which category. So, whether you are up for cruising or want to try out some different things, everything is available for you. Hopefully, now you can decide what is the best loaded longboard for cruising for yourself!

How to Push and Carve on a Yocaher Longboard?

how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard

Pushing and carving are longboarding basics. Want to know how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard? Yocaher longboards are an excellent option for anyone looking for a longboarding experience that is both affordable and environmentally friendly.

However, due to its unique structure and design, it is common for beginners to be unsure of where to begin.

So, here we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard. It may take you some time to nail the moves, but hopefully, this article will let you know what you’re doing wrong.

But before you start, make sure the board is set up safe and road-ready!

Now it’s time to get your longboarding on.

How to Push and Carve on a Yocaher Longboard: First, Learn to Push!

Everybody learns at different paces. Take your time to learn the basics, and pretty soon, you will be advancing towards the more complicated moves.

how to push on a yocaher longboard
how to push on a yocaher longboard

Step 1: Practice Foot Placement

It is essential to mention that pushing with both legs has more pros. But as a beginner, you can start by putting your front foot on the longboard first, then your dominant foot on the back. 

Remember to put your front foot behind the bolts and at a 45° angle towards the front wheel. However, the back foot needs to be perpendicular to the board. You can move it a little back or forth according to your comfort.

While practicing, do not stiffen up. ‘Be zen’, and just let yourself go with the flow. 

Don’t forget, longboarding is supposed to be fun.

Step 2: Now, Push!

To push, you need to pivot your back foot forward. Don’t forget to keep it even with the trucks. Now, just put a slight pressure on the dominant foot while keeping your whole body leaning forward.

As you roll ahead, you are going to put your foot back on the board and just keep going. After that, you will be able to do multiple pushes at a moderate speed.

Step 3: Adjust Trucks and Wheels

longboarding tips! The trucks and wheels are significant because they help you to turn while securely anchoring your wheels to your board. 

For this reason, there are numerous factors to consider while selecting trucks and wheels. Thankfully, Yocaher launches readymade longboards. So, for someone new to longboarding, the choices are pretty simple.  

How to Push and Carve on a Yocaher Longboard: Now, Onto Carving!

Time to know how to carve on a Yocaher longboard. You must know that carving mainly revolves around turning swiftly. So, keeping that in mind, don’t choose hills or bumpy roads as it will only result in vain effort and injuries. Try to learn it in a flat space first.

how to carve on a yocaher longboard

Step 1: Check Your Trucks

With the above information in mind, to carve effectively, at first, you will have to make sure that all your trucks are tight but not too tight. Because if they are, you won’t be able to move or even turn properly.

At the same time, don’t keep it too loose, or else the wheel will rub on the board, and you will find yourself getting a wheel bite.

Step 2: Time to Carve

Following the ‘pushing’ instructions, just make sure to start at a moderate speed. But once you do that, you will notice you need to turn, and that’s when carving comes into place.

In addition, to do carving properly, you will have to shift your entire body weight on one side of the board, either front or back. However, you might be wondering how to turn sharply on a longboard while carving.

Well, primitively, you will only be able to do little turns. But once you get familiar with that, you can practice small curves on ramps or driveways and, with time, work your way up to a good balance.

For better practice, you can also carve around objects. Take your longboard to the limit and see how far you can go while maintaining control. Carve fast, then carve slowly. After all, practice makes you an expert, right?

Step 3: Slow Down a Bit

Once you are over with pushing and carving, it is time to learn foot braking. It is considered essential to learn to stop riding when needed.

Place your front foot to the center of the board and carefully balance and slightly scrape the ground with your back foot. In this case, it’s a good idea to work on stabilizing your front foot by strengthening it over time.

A point often overlooked is that everyone’s foot brake technique differs to some limits. Try to select the most comfortable and safest option for yourself.

Now you need to know how to stop on a longboard. As far as the method is concerned, you will simply need to jump off the board forward and leave it behind. It is important to realize that attempts to jump off backward will only result in minor mishaps. 

Remember, to slow down your speed, you will just have to push while stomping. And ending with that, my friend, you just learned everything about pushing and carving on a Yocaher longboard.

Get Started with Your Longboard Now!

Now, you should understand how to push and carve on a Yocaher longboard. Just follow the above steps carefully and take enough time to practice. Whenever you have the slightest concern, come back to this article. Make sure you’re familiar with the local longboarding laws and regulations. Happy riding!

Are Leather Shoes Good For Skating?

Are Leather Shoes Good For Skateboarding

You can skateboard with any shoes, but you won’t be comfortable while skating. That is why skateboard shoes come in to give you extra room for comfort and protection. Here the question arises, which types of shoes are suitable for this sport?

There are different types of skate shoes with various materials for the best skateboarding experience. Most of the skaters suggest using leather ones. But are leather shoes good for skateboarding?

This article will answer your queries about whether leather shoes are actually helpful or not and guide you to the comfortable and protected skateboarding experience you deserve.

List Of Types of Skate Shoes!

Types of Skate Shoes:are leather shoes good for skateboarding

If you thought that all types of shoes are fit for skateboarding, then you are wrong. There are some specific characteristics of skate shoes. You will find 3 types of skate shoes in the market.

  1. High-Top Shoes

These are mostly considered “Athletic Shoes.” It has a higher cut that extends above your ankle to give you better support. Giving some extra cushions all over your ankle delivers you additional safety.

Because of the higher cut, it is also suitable as winter shoes.

  1. Mid-Top Shoes

If neither high-top shoes nor low-top shoes feel comfortable on your feet, mid-shoes can be the right pick for your preference.

These are usually not higher than your ankle, still give more stability than low-top shoes. Additionally, you can style with your mid-top shoes even in winter because they are mostly warm.

  1. Low-Top Shoes

These shoes are lighter than other shoes. Lower cuts make them more comfortable to wear. You will enjoy more ankle movement freedom. These will go perfectly with whatever outfit you choose.

However, low-top ones don’t have much padding near the ankle. There will be insoles to protect your ankles, so don’t worry a bit.

Materials of Skate Shoes!

Good skateboarding shoes provide grip and stability to prevent minor injuries. So, it is essential to know your skate shoes materials before spending money on them.

Why Are Leather Shoes Good For Skateboarding


Most popular skaters recommend this material for its durability, smoothness, and stretchiness. Suede is made from the underside of an animal’s skin and has a smooth texture.

There are few drawbacks of this material as well. Your suede shoes might collect dust and dirt more than others. So, you need to spend a little bit more time cleaning up your shoes.

Patent Leather

When skateboarding, you should not let safety issues take over your mind. Allow your shoe material to do its job of protecting your feet.

Patent Leather provides you with an excellent grip and stable flick to provide you enough protection. You can use these as formal shoes as the top layer is a bit shiny.

Keep in mind that this leather is prone to scratches. So, you will have to be more careful down the road.

Full-Grain Leather

Are you familiar with the sanded method in leather making? Full-grain leather doesn’t go through this process. As a result, it makes these shoes more long-lasting.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t give you enough room for flicking and gripping. Don’t go for this option unless durability is your only concern.


If you are against using animal products, then the canvas is best for you as it is made of textile. Its main feature is ventilation, easy movement, and lightweight construction. However, this material doesn’t seem to be that durable compared to others.

Pro skateboard riders believe other skating materials are suitable since canvas does not support the best flick.

Synthetic Leather

Are you looking for something affordable, long-lasting, flexible, comfortable, and eco-friendly? Then the synthetic leather material would be the right choice for your needs.

The material is soft, washable, dust resistant, and long-lasting. Besides, it makes you feel like you’re wearing genuine leather.

9 Reasons Why Leather Shoes Are Great for Skateboarding!

So, leather material is the best for skate shoes. But why is that?

We were able to form a list of why leather is suitable for skateboarding after going through customer feedback, expert opinions, and advice from experienced skateboarders.

Let’s start with the benefits of leather on skateboarding shoes.


Compared to other shoe materials, leather is the most durable one. You can use a pair of leather skate shoes for years regardless of how intensively you skate on the road.


Skateboarding will surely give scratches to your shoes, which is something you cannot deny. But not all types of leathers are prone to scratches. Quality material shoes allow you to easily remove the scratches and make the leather texture smooth again.

Easy to Carry

Heavyweight shoes are rough for skateboarding. You can wall-ride, flip, grind, or perform any skill you want wearing leather shoes as the material is pretty lightweight.

Good Gripping

Leather shoes give you grippy gum rubber on your soles. It makes the shoes perfect for gripping onto surfaces.

Safety Measurements

Do you know that leather shoes give you extra protection to your ankle, toes, and ligaments? It provides you seam, padding, toecap, various types of soles, lace, etc. So, you got no reason to worry when it’s about the safety of your feet.

Smoothness and Stretchiness

You cannot skateboard if your feel doesn’t feel flexible. Your leather shoes will provide the much-needed smoothness and stretching for skateboarding like a pro.


No one loves sweaty feet. Your feet sweat more while skating. But you won’t have to worry about sweaty feet anymore because leather shoes offer great breathability and ventilation.


If your budget is low, you can go for artificial leather shoes. There’s no need to stop skateboarding for the budget.


The majority of skaters prefer leather to other materials. One of the reasons for this is that it has unisex features.

Why Are Leather Shoes Good For Skating: Choose Your Shoes Wisely!

You may now easily choose your skate shoes materials. If you occasionally ride on a skateboard and go down the road, then the canvas is the right pick for you. But, if you are a serious skateboarder, you should avoid it.

In case you plan to practice more technical skateboarding tricks and stuns every day, suede or full-grain leather would be the best option for you. Because the grip is much better, and the materials are durable as well.

Experts’ advice goes with the suede or patent leather for regular skateboarding. So, pick your shoes wisely based on your needs.

what kind of shoes are best for skateboarding?

The best shoes for skateboarding will vary depending on the type of skateboarding you are planning to do. However, some general tips that can be useful include choosing shoes that are lightweight and have good grip. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the shoes are durable and can withstand a lot of abuse.

When buying shoes, it is also important to take into account your feet’s width, length, and shape. You might also want to try on different shoes to see which ones fit best. Be sure to also factor in the cost of the shoes, as high-quality shoes can be expensive.

Finally, it is always a good idea to have a skateboard and some skateboarding skills to try out different techniques and tricks. Skateboarding can be a fun and enjoyable activity that can help you to stay active and emission-free!

What shoe material is best for skateboarding?

There are a variety of shoe materials that are best suited for skateboarding, but the most popular material is PVC. PVC is durable and offers good grip, making it the material of choice for many professional skateboarders. It also does not deform under extreme conditions, making it a durable option for those who skate in rough environments.

Wooden boards are also popular, but they tend to be heavier and less durable than PVC boards. They also tend to be more susceptible to damage from water and other environmental factors.

Metal boards are rare, but they are becoming increasingly popular as they offer better grip and durability than other materials. They can also offer a more stylish appearance than traditional wood or PVC boards. However, they are more expensive and may not be the best option for those who skate in wet or humid conditions.

Do your shoes matter when skateboarding?

Some people believe that shoes matter when skateboarding, while others feel that it is more about the board and technique. Ultimately, what matters most is that you are safe and have a good time. If you are uncomfortable or falling off the board, then you are not doing it right. Skateboarding is a sport, and like all sports, it is important to invest in the right equipment.

When it comes to shoes, there are a few things to consider. You need a shoe that is flexible and comfortable enough to move and react quickly. Additionally, be sure to get a shoe that is designed for skateboarding and has good grip. The last thing you want is to lose your balance and end up in a precarious position. With these tips in mind, you should be ready to take on the streets!


Are Leather Shoes Good For Skating?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on the type of skating that you do and the type of leather shoe that you are using. For ice skating, leather shoes are generally considered to be the best option because they provide good grip and are durable. However, if you are a street skater or use other types of terrain, you may want to choose a different type of shoe.

If you are unsure whether or not leather shoes are a good option for you, it is always best to consult an expert. There are many different types of leather shoes, so it is important to find the right ones for your skating style and needs.

Suede vs Canvas vs Artificial: Which Is The Best Shoe material?

The best shoe material depends on the personal preferences and needs of the individual. Some of the most popular shoe materials include suede, canvas, and artificial leather.

Suede is a luxurious material that is made from the hides of sheep or goats. It is soft, supple, and durable, making it a popular choice for high-end shoes. Canvas is a lighter and more versatile material than leather that is also water-resistant and breathable. It is most commonly used for sneakers and athletic shoes, as it offers good flexibility and breathability. Artificial leather is a popular choice for shoes because it is durable, comfortable, and looks realistic. It also retains heat well, which makes it perfect for warm weather shoes.

Is It Good To Skate In Leather?

There are a few things to consider if you are considering skating in leather. First, you should make sure that the leather is of good quality and is fit for purpose. Second, it is important to be properly protected against injury. Third, make sure you are skating in a safe environment and following all safety guidelines. Last but not least, be sure to enjoy the experience! Skating in leather can be a fun and exhilarating experience that can be enjoyed by all.


So, considering what serious skateboarding requires, budget, comfort, and preferences, are leather shoes good for skateboarding?

For most cases, the answer would be yes. But, again, you can opt for less pricy and durable options if you perform skateboarding occasionally.

Choose the most comfortable materials for you, not the comfiest materials for others.

Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand? Reveal The Truth Behind It!

is CCS a good skateboard brand

Many people do not want to skate because they think skateboarding is probably an expensive hobby. Here the CCS logo skateboard complete is a great option to replace their minds.

The whole meaning of the CCS skateboard brand is California Cheap Skates; their skateboards are specially made for beginners, adults, kids, and tight-budget consumers.

However, they are providing you with skateboards at an affordable price range, which does not mean that they provide you with poor quality. Many consumers have different observations about their built-in quality in this price range; the most common question is CCS a good skateboard brand?

That’s why we think that in this guide, we will discuss the whole features of about CCS brand.

Why Is It So Cheap?

is CCS a good skateboard brand

Compared to other best skateboard brands, CCS brand provides their skateboard at a much lower price.

If you are a beginner, or if your budget is very short, then it will be challenging for you to buy the best pro skateboard at your price. It is an outstanding alternative option considering the quality of the low price range.

However, if you want high components with quality boards, then I think it would be better to spend 40 bucks more and choose another better option.

However, if you want to gift your kid, or if you’re going to learn new skateboarding. Then I will suggest that choosing a CCS skateboard would be a smart option without going into the high price range.

CCS Skateboard Overview!

In this section, we will analyze every component of the skateboard part by part and write the complete ccs skateboard review.

So that you can easily acknowledge whether ccs boards are good for you.

Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand


  • Great and reasonable price range
  • Lightweight and user-friendly design
  • An excellent option for kids, adults, and beginner skateboarders
  • Significant bearing, great quality deck, and other tools included
  • When you need more experience, you can easily upgrade it.
  • Consumers recommended the best skateboard brand.


  • The wheels size is so small
  • A not great option for advanced skating
  • You always need to maintain the wheels and bearing.

CCS Deck

CCS a Good Skateboard Brand: ccs deck

If we first look at the ccs deck part properly, then we can see that it is made of maple wood materials, which has eliminated the warping problem as well as provided outstanding toughness.

In the field of design, comfortability and longevity have been given equal importance.

Its deck has been given 32 inches long as well as 6 inches width to improve its stylish side. It also has a perfectly shaped nose and tail, specially designed to get a great riding experience in street skating with proper stability.

According to the feedback from consumers, the blank deck of ccs is not heavy as the other brand skateboard, so you can easily flip with great control during the ride. 

CCS Trucks

ccs complete skateboard: ccs trucks

The truck is an integral part of any skateboard board that is connected between the deck and the wheel, as well as balancing the whole part. Consumers highly praise CCS trucks for their stability and solidness. Its kingpin is built very sturdily, so it doesn’t have to be twisted in any way.

Another great aspect is that if ccs trucks are lost in any way, or if you want to buy one separately, you can buy it separately from CCS.

CCS Bearings

CCS Skateboard Overview: CCS Bearings

CCS has used great quality bearing to give their outstanding skateboard performance, receiving 7 ratings from ABEC. Though its performance does not decrease easily with time like other regular bearings, you must clean it properly at least 2 times a week. But if you want to get smoother and faster results, you can buy more high-grade skateboard bearings.

CCS Wheels

Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand:CCS wheels

In terms of quality, they have designed their pair of wheels with outstanding strength. They have designed the wheels in a soft way to get faster and smoother performance on any rough and slippery road.

The soft wheels are 52 millimeters in width, which provides better flipping and popping performance.

The wheels are much smaller in size, the manufacturers have given it a very durable quality tag, I don’t think the quality of the wheels is so excellent quality, but it is in the average. So later, if you want, you can use large size wheels of any other brand.

Finally: Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand?

Is CCS a Good Skateboard Brand

Undoubtedly CCS is one of the most highly graded best skateboard brand, which does not compromise their quality and performance. They have a large customer base, which is constantly growing.

The CCS skateboard brand is widely acclaimed for its affordable price range. Their skateboards and accessories are much stronger in terms of quality as well as built quality is extremely great. If you are looking for the best complete skateboards on budget, then undoubtedly, the CCS skateboard is a great option.


In this guide, we have tried to thoroughly discuss everything you need to know about the CCS brand. I think after reading this guide; you got the answer to your question, is CCS a good skateboard brand? As I said before, I would highly recommend the CCS boards to all ages. However, if you want to get advanced skating performance, it is better to avoid the lower price skateboard of the CCS brand.

How Far Can Electric Skateboards Go? Know The Truth!

How Far Can Electric Skateboards Go

When you decide to buy the best electric skateboard, then like other questions, how far can electric skateboards go also becomes an essential question, especially when you want to choose an e-skateboard that is suitable for you. You need to know everything about in detail.

You can see in the market different models of an electric skateboard are different ranges. Also, the ranges depend on many factors on how far they can go. In this guide, we will discuss all these aspects in detail. So let’s start our expedition.

How Far Can Electric Skateboards Go?

how far electric skateboards go
how far electric skateboards go


As we have said earlier, electric skateboards come in different types, sizes, prices, and other features, depending on the users. As a result, it is difficult to say exactly how far an electric skateboard can go. But on an average e-board, one charge can go up to 8 to 20 miles. Also, many expensive long-range electric skateboard models can go 45 miles or more.

Also, electric skateboards range are depends on the user’s weight, uphills and downhills roads, electric skateboard average speeds, motors types and power, outside temperature, electric skateboards batteries performance, and many more factors.

How to Increase Electric Skateboard Range?

There are many easy ways to increase the range of electric skateboards; if you simply maintain these, you can increase the range. Let’s know a few points.

Choose Large Wheels

Many of us do not know that bigger electric skateboard wheels can easily keep the distance, as well as provide faster performance. However, this does not mean that you should choose huge large wheels because too large wheels can prevent friction, which can affect acceleration.

Avoid Heavy Weight

When you carry overweight or near the carrying capacity of your e-skateboard, it will be much more difficult for the e-skateboard motor to run, also will require more energy; at some point, the extra charge of the battery will decrease. Heavyweight e-skateboards also restrict speed, so choose e-skateboards as much as possible, which are made of the lightweight deck and light materials, which are able to give better performance.

Avoid Difficult Roads

Many times in thought situations, your e-skateboard battery starts consuming a lot, which is a big obstacle in the field of more extended range. For example, if you travel on bad roads, upper hills, and muddy roads, your e-skateboard chances to damage and negatively impact the battery. So try as much as possible to move the flat surface.

Ride With A Single Motor

This is an effective method, which has a very effective impact on range increase. If you do not need immediate movement, you can use single motors, which will provide a maximum range with minimal power consumption from the battery. As well as protect from overworking and help get a higher lifespan.

World’s Fastest Electric Skateboard!

how far can electric skateboards go
how far can electric skateboards go

There are many people who are interested in knowing about the most powerful electric skateboards because the fastest e-skateboards are much higher in terms of speed and range. So basically, we tried to collect a short chart for them, and we shared some of the most powerful e-skateboard models and speed range.

Electric Skateboards Name Top Speed (MPH)
NGV Next board 68 mph
Carvon EVO 4WD 50 mph
BajaBoard Pantera 40 mph
Fiik Spine 30 mph
Enertion Raptor 2.1 30 mph
Exway X1 Pro    29 mph
XTND 28 mph
Meepo NLS 26 mph
Boosted Stealth 24 mph
Evolve GTR 22 mph

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

How long does an electric skateboard charge for?

It is very difficult to say precisely, but on average, a full-charged electric skateboard can last up to 2.5 to 5 hours or more. But depending on the battery capacity, charger’s output, and many other things, it can be more or less.

How fast does an electric skateboard go?

You can see various types of electric skateboards in the markets with different speed ranges. The average electric skateboard is 15 to 30 mph faster. Many e-skateboards are built exclusively for PRO riders with super fast motors, which are the speed at 40 mph or more speeds. But because of safety, we suggest regular riders do not use these types of super fast e-boards.

What is the fastest boosted board?

Boosted recently launched their new e-skateboard, ‘Board Stealth,’ they claim that it is the fastest and most powerful electric skateboard ever; it is capable of running at 24 mph. Besides, this model is the most expensive electric skateboard, which is priced at $1599.

Can you overcharge an electric skateboard?

The short answer is “No.” Do not overcharge the e-skateboard; try to refrain from it. As a result of overcharging, the battery cycle is destroyed. That’s why the battery life is gradually reduced. At one stage, the battery charge does not last long. At present, some e-skateboards have overcharging protection, which means that after charging is complete, if you do not disconnect the charge for a long time, even then, there will be no damage to the battery and charger.

Is an electric skateboard worth it?

Undoubtedly electric skateboard is a worthy selection for anyone. There are several reasons behind this; if you want to contribute to the protection of the environment, then you must choose an e-skateboard. Not only that, it is easier than driving a vehicle, it can be moved easily to any small-sided area, as well as gas, oil, and no extra cost is required for repairing. Also, it is much safer and more reliable because of its slower speed.

Wrapping Up

Though the range of an electric skateboard is extensive at first, but if you do not maintain it properly, its efficiency will decrease day by day. So pay special attention to the proper maintenance of electric skateboards. As well as how fast do electric skateboards go or how far can electric skateboards go, it depends on the inside elements of your e-skateboard and how you run the e-skateboard. I think you have cleared a lot from our complete guide.

How to Practice Skateboarding? The Guide For Learn!

how to practice skateboarding

Like various kinds of street sports, skateboarding is no different to give you the excitement and thrills while you are on board. Skateboarding might seem very tough in the beginning. But you can do much better over time by learning and continuous practicing.

Whether you are a beginner or an average skateboarder, this guide on how to practice skateboarding will give you every detail about practicing with your skateboard.

How to Practice Skateboarding – a Beginner’s Guide

This detailed how-to guide will help you to figure out the basics within a very short time, even if this is the first time you are about to ride on a skateboard.

how to practice skateboarding! a complete guide

Getting the Right Skateboard

The main parts of a skateboard are – a deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. These parts have different sizes, weights, flex, and many other specifications. You can buy a skateboard with the whole setup or customize these parts according to your height, weight, and using purposes.

If you don’t have any knowledge about these parts, go to any skateboard shop near you, and take advice from the shopkeepers. They can find you the right skateboard which will be perfect for you.

You can see here the top skateboard bands and 10 best skateboards review in the current market.

Having Necessary Safety Gears

For any beginner, safety gear is more than necessary. Often, people fear to start learning skateboarding because they think they might face injuries. If you have taken safety measures before starting, you will be protected and also have the confidence to ride over the track fearlessly.

You can have a helmet, thick socks, knee pads, and elbow pads as safety gear. In the case of a helmet, make sure you bought the right size. Go to a shop and take a proper measurement of your head before buying a helmet.

Getting Appropriate Shoes

You might think that specific shoes are not that essential while skateboarding. But this is not completely true. Shoes play a vital role as the bottom of the shoes needs to have a nice grip over the skateboard so that the board doesn’t slip underneath your feet.

Regular snickers, which are comfortable and durable, work well with skateboards. Besides, you can use other types of shoes that have flat bottoms with strong edges and sides.

Starting with the Basics

It is essential to start with the basic movements before you go on trying the upper-level ones. Decide which foot you want to keep in front and by which one you want to push the ground while getting on the skateboard. It totally depends on your comfort zone and preferences.

There are two types of skateboard stance – regular and goofy. Keeping the left foot in front is the regular stance; the goofy stance is for the right foot keeping in front.

Having the Perfect Balance

Riding on a skateboard is all about having a good balance. After getting on with a foot, and pushing with the other foot, you should try to stay still while the skateboard is moving forward. You might fall on the first try, but don’t just give up, and try to keep the balance.

Start slow, and increase the speed time-to-time after you have habituated with less speed. Besides, try to cope up with the motion inertia while you stop riding. This will enable you to keep up the balance on the skateboard whether you go slow or fast.

Turning the Skateboard

Now that you have learned riding and pushing, it’s time to know how to turn the board. Basically, turning needs shifting your body weight. For turning right, shift your body weight forward. On the contrary, rotate your ankles to turn left.

While riding straight forward, you can stand on the board. But in the time of turning, bend your knees so that your center of gravity remains close to the ground. This enables you to keep a good balance while turning and prevents any fall.

Taking Lessons and Advice

Don’t hesitate to take lessons and advice from other skateboarders who do better than you. If you can afford, join a skateboarding class to learn methods and tricks. Otherwise, you can watch online videos to get a better idea about skateboarding.

If you are not finding any professionals around you from whom you can take advice, join different online forums or groups where you can ask your queries, and get responses and feedback.

How to Practice Skateboarding: Learning Other Stances Apart from Basics

After mastering the basics, you would obviously want to try the stances you see your favorite skateboarders perform. Let’s get introduced to different stances that you can do while skateboarding.

How to Practice Skateboarding with stances


It is a basic and probably one of the fundamental stances of skateboarding. You might think of it as a tough practice, but once you have mastered it, you will find yourself in a thrilling world of skateboarding.

Ollie is basically hitting the tail of the board down the ground while keeping the nose part up in the air. This requires both strength and balance of your feet.

While you put pressure on the tail, bend your knees, and pop the nose up in the air. Land on your front foot, and then keep the other foot to maintain a perfect balance. As soon as you land, straighten your legs and slide forward smoothly.


Basically, shove-it is a rotational stance of skateboarding where your skateboard rotates 180 degrees underneath your feet. It is partially similar to ollie, and you just have to pop up your board higher than ollie.

Put the highest pressure with your back foot at a stroke, which will take the board high in the air.

In the meantime, give a push with the front foot so that the board spins 180 degrees. Maintain balance with your feet, keeping them straight after landing.


Compared to other skateboarding tricks, grinding is a bit hard to practice. Start grinding on lower rails and edges. During the first few trials, land over the rail on your feet instead of the skateboard.

After you are habituated, ride to the rail slowly and pop up the board on the rail. Slide on it for a short time and then land on the deck. While going up on the rail, roll up at a small angle so that you do not feel any accidental stroke.

How to Practice Skateboarding: Essential Tips and Tricks

These following tips and tricks can hold your back to prevent unwanted situations and help you to make skateboarding your best outdoor experience.

Essential Skateboard tips and tricks

  • Warm up before skating
  • Do not use sandals as footwear while you are skateboarding
  • Avoid skating in the rain
  • Master the basic practices before trying any professional stance
  • Practice the high-level stances stationary in the first few trials
  • Try your own style and do not imitate others
  • Do not ever ride with another person on a skateboard

How To Push On A Skateboard!

how to push on a skateboard


Pushing is one of the most important skills that will help in learning other tricks on a skateboard: How can I improve my speed while pushing? Here are some tips that will help you increase your speed while riding a skateboard!

  • The push is the most important part of skateboarding, it’s what allows you to turn and speed up.
  • A skater can only push as fast as their legs will allow them to go.
  • Skateboarders must learn how to use their arms properly in order for them not to tire out too quickly.
  • Push your board away from you with both hands on the deck at all times when pushing, this way your feet are always under control and never leave the ground!
  • A lot of people think pushing means jumping off something or doing crazy stunts but there are different ways to push like walking, running and many more.

How To Turn On A Skateboard!

How To Turn On A Skateboard is a great way for beginners and experts alike to learn how to ride a skateboard! Our step-by-step tutorials will teach you everything you need, no matter what skill level or age. Your trucks are designed to turn your board as you lean from side to side.

Whether it’s learning tricks or mastering the art of turning, our guide have something for everyone! So whether it’s your first time on a skateboard or if this is just another day at the office – we want You out there shredding!

how to turn on a skateboard
how to turn on a skateboard

It can be a little tricky to turn on a skateboard, but with a little practice, it can be a cinch! To turn on a skateboard, you will need to do the following:

  • Place your foot on the board in the middle and push down on the tail.
  • While keeping your foot in place, lift your heel and swing your leg up and over the board.
  • Keep your heel down as you swing your leg over the top of the board, and then let go of the tail.
  • Shimmy your way over to the other side, and you’re ready to go!
  • Turn the skateboard so that the front wheel is facing forward.
  • Grasp the skateboard with both hands and place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Push off from the ground with your feet, and use your arms to propel yourself forward.
  • When you reach the end of your board, slowly turn the skateboard around so that the back wheel is now facing forward.
  • Push off from the ground with your feet, and use your arms to propel yourself forward again.

Remember to always use caution when skateboarding – be sure to watch out for obstacles and stay aware of your surroundings. And if you ever have any questions or difficulties turning on your board, don’t hesitate to ask a friend or family member for help!

 Final Words

By practicing thoroughly, analyzing the techniques, and noticing the progress day by day, you can sharpen your skill as a skateboarder. I hope you have learned all about how to practice skateboarding and soon will embrace it as a fun activity rather than a competitive sport.

Skateboard Vs Bike Comparison | Which One to Have?

skateboard vs bike

This article about skateboard vs bike. We have spent plenty of money on taxis, Ubers, and other ride-sharing services for short-distance traveling. And we really did not have that many options in our hands because walking would not get us to the destination that quickly. Well, not until we decided to get a cost-effective, athletic, and eco-friendly means of transportation.

When looking into those means, the two of the things on the top of our list are the skateboard and the bike. And the topic of skateboard vs bike is still a hot topic. That is where we decided to dig into the topic and do loads of research. And through that, we have finally decided which one to opt for.

Well, as you have clicked this article, there is a high chance that you are in the same dilemma as we were in the beginning. But worry not, we are going to provide all the information we gathered from our research. And hopefully, after acquiring all of them, choosing one will become easier for you as well.

Skateboard Vs Bike Comparison | Which One to Get?

Bike Type-Folding Bike
Age Range -Adult
Wheel Size-20 Inches
Suspension Type-Rigid
Special Feature-Lightweight, Foldable
Included Components-Kickstand
Number of Speeds-7
Size-20 inch


33 ratings

Bike Type-Mountain Bike
Age Range -Adult
Wheel Size-26 Inches
Specific Uses For Product-Trail
Suspension Type-Rear, Front, Dual
Special Feature-Lightweight, Aluminum Frame, Mountain bike
Included Components-Bicycle Pump
Number of Speeds-27


375 ratings

Bike Type-Mountain Bike
Age Range -Adult
Wheel Size-26 Inches
Suspension Type-Front
Included Components-Kickstand
Number of Speeds-24


615 ratings

Bike Type-Hybrid Bike, Cruiser Bike
Age Range -Adult
Wheel Size-26 Inches
Suspension Type-Rear, Front
Special Feature-Basket
Included Components-Basket, Bell
Frame Material-Steel
Brake Style-Linear Pull


Durometer Hardness-95A
Wheel Material-Polyurethane
Wheel Size-54 Millimeters
Load Capacity-220 Pounds
Age Range-5 years


201 ratings

Deck Width-2 Inches
Deck Length-37 Inches
Durometer Hardness-95A
Wheel Material-Rubber
Wheel Size-7.8 Inches
Load Capacity-440 Pounds
Age Range -Adult


129 ratings

Deck Width-8 Inches
Deck Length-31 Inches
Color-Slime Hawk
Durometer Hardness-95A
Wheel Material-Polyurethane
Wheel Size-3 Inches
Load Capacity-175 Pounds


706 ratings

Material-Aluminum, Maple
Deck Length-79 Centimeters
Durometer Hardness-95A
Wheel Material-Polyurethane
Wheel Size-52 Millimeters
Item Weight-2.3 Kilograms
Load Capacity-330 Pounds
Age Range -6 years Up


8,041 ratings

Skateboard Vs Bike!

The elephant of the room is which one is better between these two transportation means. Well, through this segment, you will get to know exactly that. So, sit back, relax, and read through!

Required Skills (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike

There is a high chance that you already know how to ride a bike. Well, this is not that much of an uncommon thing. Most parents teach their kids how to ride a bike. And the good thing about riding one of these is once you learn it, it will stay with you till the end of your lifespan. That means you will never forget it.

Now, the thing that a kid can learn must be easy, right? Well, yes! That theory is somewhat true. Learning how to ride a bike is comparatively easy. Riders will face a minimal amount of difficulties while learning how to ride a bike. And getting the hang of the basic skills will not require that amount of time at all.

On the other hand, learning how to ride a skateboard will take a good amount of time. It is not easy as it seems. The amount of practice that is required to acquire all of the basic skateboard skills, such as balancing, the stance, and shifting the foot, is comparatively high.

Also, the fact that the bike has larger wheels will make the riding process require less demanding skills.

Considering that, the learning curve for the skateboard is relatively steep. And for the bike, it is not that steep at all. In other words, it will be easier to learn how to ride a bike than to ride a skateboard.

Fun Factor (Winner: Skateboard)

skateboard vs bike fun factor

Riding both the transportation means we have in hand here is fun. But the level of fun for both is not the same. First of all, while riding the skateboard, you will face a lot of challenges. From moving your body in the right direction for turning to balance the body, all of them will be a pretty exciting thing to do.

Let us not forget that the terrains will be a challenge itself. Each of them will have a different type of smoothness, and some might be uneven. And for each of them, you need to change your riding style a bit, or else you will not be able to effectively ride on top of them.

Even when you are going slow on different terrains, there will be a need to adjust the riding style. For that reason, the entire city will become a big playground. This factor is what makes riding a skateboard exciting and a fun thing to do.

On the other hand, riding a bike is a pretty relaxing thing. The fact that the wheels are large in diameter will eliminate the challenges that you will face with the terrain with a skateboard. Also, the handlebar will make it easier to ride one of these as well. That is why it will not be that fun to ride these.

Of course, there is an exception. When you are riding through a downhill road, the fun factor will be as close to a skateboard. However, that feeling that the speed will provide will not be the same when you are commuting through regular straight roads.

Terrain (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike terrain

Even if you are a skateboarding professional, some of the terrains will be exceptionally challenging to tread on. Do you know why? It is because of the wheels. They are relatively small and can not cover that much surface area. For that reason, the non-smoothness of the terrain makes it difficult to ride them.

In fact, for some of the skateboards, it will be impossible to ride on terrains that are not that smooth. However, if the distance of the commute is not that long and if the roads in between are smooth, a skateboard would be a better pick compared to the bike.

In comparison, the bikes have comparatively large-sized wheels. They can cover a good amount of ground and do not face that much difficulty moving forward when the terrain is not that smooth. Little or small bumps will not be that challenging at all, whereas those can make the skateboarders stop a bit.

On that note, the bikes are better for climbing uphill terrains. Most of them will have dedicated gear for climbing high roads. And after switching, climbing the steep road will not be an issue at all. However, the case is not the same for the skateboards. You might have to end up carrying it and walking up.

Talking of which, bikes are better for downhill roads as well. Wondering why? For the brakes. You can safely come down a downhill terrain, whereas, with a skateboard, you would have to extra careful and maneuver your body according to the road’s speed and condition.

Exercise (Winner: Skateboard)

When it comes to exercising, the skateboard takes a massive lead. As we have mentioned above, you will face plenty of challenges while riding these boards. And while those challenges are what will make the riding session fun, they can make the session a bit tiresome.

After traveling a few miles on a sunny day, you will find yourself covered in sweat. Thus, skateboarding is a good pick for exercising. Also, if you decide to ride a longboard, the riding session can get a little bit less tiresome, but you still have to work for jumping curbs and constantly swerve over the bumps and cracks.

Conversely, biking is something that is pretty relaxing. The handle, the seat, and the large nature of the wheels make it pretty mellow. Yes, you have to work a bit in treading the challenging terrains, but the effort you need to put in will be relatively lesser than what you would have put for a skateboard.

So, if you are planning to do some workout while trying to get to places, opt for the skateboard. You will be sure to burn a good amount of calories.

Safety (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike safety

This is a factor where the clear winner is the bike. And there are a couple of things that make the bike the unambiguous winner here. First of all, the brakes. Bikes will have at least one of them, if not two. And with brakes, stopping the wheels will require about two to four seconds.

However, the skateboards will not have any brakes at all. To stop the wheels, the feet or sliding maneuver is a must. And this stopping maneuver will take a good amount of practice to master. So, tackling different obstacles on the road can get a bit difficult when you are on top of a skateboard.


On the other hand, the wheels of these boards are not that large in size. That means if the terrain has any cracks or unevenness, there will be a high chance of the rider falling straight to the concrete road. Even a small stone can make the rider fly from the board.

In addition to that, maneuvering the boards is not an easy task. The control that the rider will have over the direction and the speed is pretty limited. Steering the board properly demands an insane amount of skills. Whereas, with a bike, the handle makes the task easy. So, you will have more control over the overall ride.

That being said, while riding a bike, the rider will be in a sitting position. So, even if the rider does fall down the ground, the fall height will not be that high. But while riding a skateboard, the rider will be in a standing position. And falling from a standing position will be hurt a lot more.

Let us not forget that you are going to ride these on concrete and hard roads. And with a serious accident, you can end up with bruises and broken wrists.

Convenience (Tie)

Firstly, for carrying stuff, the skateboard will not be able to come close to the bike. On most of these, there will be a basket attached to the back or the front. And that can come in handy when carrying a good amount of stuff with you on the journey.

However, we are not stating that it is entirely impossible to carry stuff with you while skateboarding. For that, there will be a need to carry a backpack on your shoulder. And that is not the most convenient way of carrying heavy stuff, is it?

Secondly, when it comes to the convenience of portability, the skateboard will be the clear winner here. It is possible to pack one of these boards into the backpack and carry them indoors. And as the board is going to be with you all the time, there will be no need to worry about it getting stolen.

On the other hand, you would have to park and lock the bike up outside the building. And even if you do use a high-quality lock, the chances of it getting stolen still remains reasonably high. Also, you would have to ship them using a logistic or shipping service for transporting the bikes.

Other than that, bikes have another good side that you would be able to ride while being in your work dress. But the thing might not be applicable for riding skateboards. You would need to wear flexible and highly comfortable shoes for pushing the board.

Overall, there is no clear winner in this case. The bike wins in one case, while the skate wins in the other one. So, it is a tie.

Cost (Winner: Skateboard)

skateboard vs bike cost

One of the main concerns that most of the soon-to-be riders have is the cost. Most of them certainly do not want to spend that much amount of money on getting “cost-effective” transportation means. Well, if that is the case, the skateboard will be the ideal pick for you!


The initial investment for a good-quality board will be around $100. However, if high-ends are what you seek, there will be no need to spend more than $250. And the price for decent entry-level bikes starts at $200. Let us not forget that the high-end models will cost around $1000.

This difference in terms of cost will widen more if you consider the maintenance cost. Usually, it will cost you nothing to clean a skateboard. And if some of the parts do require replacement, the cost will not be that much. Also, the parts are highly accessible as well.

On the other hand, if you do not know what you are doing, you can damage the parts of your bike. That is why most of the riders opt for professionals. Also, the parts are not that cheap either. And considering the fact that some of the models utilize proprietary parts, getting your hands on them can get difficult sometimes.

Helmet (Winner: Bike)

skateboard vs bike helmet

As you know by now, skateboarding is comparatively less safe than riding a bike. For that reason, a good amount of safety gear is necessary. Among all of them, the helmet is the most important. If any accidents do occur, you can get serious injuries on your head without a proper helmet.

That is why you will notice most of the professional skateboarders wearing sturdy and thick helmets. And the thing with these is that they are not always comfortable to wear. Some of them are reasonably heavy as well. For that reason, it becomes quite hard to keep wearing them after a prolonged amount of time.

The case is a little different for the bikes. For the brakes and the riding position, the rider’s chances of falling down will be considerably low. That is why for casual riding, lighter helmets are more than enough. And those lighter helmets are pretty comfortable to wear. You can wear them for a prolonged amount of time.

Stopping (Winner: Bike)

The bikes will generally come with one brake if not two. And those will make it easier to halt the wheels. Some of the braking mechanisms are so good that they are capable of putting the wheels into a complete halt in about two to four seconds. So, you would be capable of stopping the bike pretty quickly.

On the other hand, there are no brakes on the skateboard. Your best bud is the feet and the sliding maneuver. And it takes quite a long amount of time to master the stopping maneuver for the skateboard. Also, you might not be able to put the board into a complete stop that quickly.

Considering all of that, we would say that the clear winner, in this case, is the bikes. They come with brakes, and most of them work exceptionally well in terms of stopping the wheels within a couple of seconds.

Race (Winner: Bike)

When it comes to racing, speed is the only thing that we considered. And in the case of going downhill, the skateboarders can catch up to the bikers. But you will not be racing on downhill tracks all the time, would you? Well, that is why if you are into racing, opt for the bike instead of the skateboard.

On that note, there are some e-skateboards that are as fast or can match up the speed of the bike. At the same time, e-bikes are available as well. They can gain a good amount of speed as well.

Skateboard vs Bike For College (Tie)

skateboard vs bike for college

When it comes to riding inside the campus, our pick would be the skateboards. It will be easier to carry them around. Also, thanks to the lightweight nature of those, you can even pack them inside a backpack.

But if you are thinking of reaching the college from your home, the bike would be the ideal pick. You would be able to reach classes faster, and your body will not be full of sweat even if your home is quite far from the college.

Skateboard or Longboard vs. Bike at a glance!

Now that we are finished with comparing the two transportation means in brief let us recapitulate the things in short. And for that, here is a well-put up comparison chart:

Skateboard or Longboard vs. Bike Chart

Factor Bike Skateboard
Required Skills Learning the bike is pretty easy. The basics are not that hard to grab hold of. In comparison, learning the basics is pretty hard for skateboarding. It takes a lot of time and patience.
Fun Factor Riding a bike is something that is pretty mellow and relaxing. The fun factor is not that high. While riding a skateboard, you face a lot of challenges, and those make the whole riding experience pretty thrilling.
Terrain The wheels of the bike are relatively large. For that reason, they can go through rough terrains pretty easily. As there is no handle and the wheels are relatively small, it can get a bit tough to ride skateboards on some terrains.
Exercise Riding a bike is pretty relaxing. There is no need to put that much effort into going to a different place with a bike. That is why they are not that ideal in terms of burning calories. You will find yourself putting a good amount of effort into riding skateboards. And that is why these are great to exercise.
Safety Bikes are pretty easy to maneuver. Also, as they have a handlebar and large wheels, you would have more control over the directions. Maneuvering a skateboard is not that easy. It requires a good amount of skill. Also, it can not offer that amount of control over the directions.
Convenience This factor is a tie. For portability, the skateboard takes the lead. And when it comes to carrying stuff, the bike wins.
Cost Bikes start from $200 and can reach all up to $1000+. Usually, skateboards are relatively cheap.
Helmet The hamlets of the bike are pretty light and comfortable to wear. Generally, the helmets for skateboards will be heavy and not that comfortable to wear.
Stopping Bikes come with dedicated brakes or brakes. Those will let you easily stop the wheels. There are no brakes on skateboards. So, stopping the board will require a good amount of skills.
Race In comparison, the bikes can reach higher speeds. The speed for the skateboards is pretty limited.
Skateboard vs Bike For College It is a tie. For reaching the college, the bike would be ideal. However, for cruising inside the campus, we would suggest getting the skateboard.

Some Recommended Models

Here are some of the models that we have found worth purchasing for the performance that they offer. Do note that we have chosen these through extensive testing, and the recommendations are from the entire team. 


1. EuroMini ZiZZO Campo – Best Foldable Bike

Storing and transportation are some of the issues with the bike. Well, those tasks become a bit easier with this offering from the Euro mini. It has a foldable mechanism, which will allow you to convert the bike into something that is small and easy to carry around and store.

2. SIRDAR S-700/S-800– Best for Rough Terrains

The thing that makes this one worth getting is the tires and the gear mechanism. It even has good shock absorbers. Those are going to do a proper job in offering a good riding experience in rough and mountain tracks.

3. Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike – Best for Smooth Rides

While cruising around the city roads, we found this one to offer an exceptionally smooth riding experience. an ideal choice for new trail riders or anyone looking for a comfortable, stable commuter with the ruggedness of a real mountain bike. Also, the tires are capable of going through multiple types of terrains.

4. Hireat Classic Cruiser Best Women Bike for Carrying Stuff

This one has good overall construction. Also, it has a basket on the front. That will make it easier to carry stuff from one place to another. And thanks to the comfort-forward nature of the bike, it will be highly ideal for women riders.


1. Hiboy AlphaBest Durable Board for Adults

One of the things that most of the skateboard brands are going to skimp on is the build quality. But that is not the case for this one. The deck and the parts of this unit are of high-quality materials. It should be capable of withstanding heavy usage pretty easily.

2. Happybuy MountainboardBest for Rough Terrains

Even though skateboards are not that capable of riding tough and rough terrains, the wheels of this one make it fairly capable of treading those terrains. Also, the tires are inflatable and can absorb impacts exceptionally well.

3. Tony Hawk 34″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard– Best for Smooth Rides

The thing that makes it capable of offering a smooth overall riding experience on top of roads is the high-quality bearings. Even the wheels are pretty high in quality. We experienced one of the smoothest skateboard rides on this.

4. WhiteFang Double Kick ConcaveBest for Beginners

This board has a beginner-friendly design. Also, thanks to the design, women would be capable of riding it pretty easily.
Read our article about longboard vs scooter. I think it will help u about this topic.


Is a skateboard as fast as a bike?

On downhill roads, these boards can catch up with the pace of the bike. But in the other cases, the bike is faster than the skateboard.

Is Skating harder than biking?

Yes, skating is considerably harder than biking. Getting the basics right and learning how to skate takes a good amount of effort.

Is it easier to ride a bike or skateboard?

It is fairly easier to ride a bike. There is a handle and seat, which offers good control over the ride. Not to mention, bikes have brakes, and skateboards do not have them.

Is skateboarding more dangerous than biking?

Yes, biking is safer than skateboarding. The skateboards do not have any brakes. Also, you ride a bike in a sitting position, where as the skateboard is ridden in a standing position. So, if accidents do occur, the fall damage will be relatively greater for the skateboard.


After going through the entire article, we hope that you now have a proper idea regarding the topic of skateboard vs bike. And now that you know all about the topic, choosing one should be that much of a big deal for you. No matter which one you choose, make sure you wear all of the gear while riding them.

Are Longboards Supposed to Bend? Yes Or No!

are longboards supposed to bend

This article is about are longboards supposed to bend? Longboards are designed for long rides, traveling, and curving at fast speeds. For quick and lengthy rides, firm handling and stability are essential.

That being said, did you ever notice that when you lean forward for some speeds, the board slightly bends?

If yes, then you might’ve wondered, are longboards supposed to bend? Well, longboards include a bending characteristic to help with stability, balance, and control.

Bending can be of different types for various riding needs. If you are to know in detail, this article got enough information about this.

What Does Longboard Bending Mean?

are longboard supposed to bend

How much a longboard bend is one of the critical measurements of a longboard.

Basically, a longboard bend or flex indicates the rigidity of the board deck. How many shocks a longboard can absorb, its steadiness at different speeds, etc., are also linked to the bending ability of the board.

Now, this bend can be of different types. Depending on your skills and expertise, you need to choose a board with the most suitable bend for your longboarding preferences.

If riding at high speed and stability are what you need the most, you will need one type of bend. Whereas, if it’s for shock-absorbing purposes, there are other types of longboard bend for this.

Types of Longboard Bend

Longboard bends are of three types. Each type has its distinct characteristics for specific riding needs.

Longitudinal Bend

This bend type focuses from the nose to the tail of a longboard. Because of its design and characteristics, when the rider tries to bend the board, it tends to go deeper into the center.

If you are familiar with the rating system, professional riders give bend or flex ratings on longitudinal flex. Now, if you are tempted enough to get one of these, be sure to check this longboard out.

Lateral Bend

When the board bends from left to right side, know that it’s a lateral bend. So, for example, whenever you’re bending your board sideways, you perform lateral bending.

This longboard is an ideal example of a lateral bend board.

Torsional Bend

In simple words, it’s the combination of the longitudinal and lateral bend. It’s important to remember that hard carving and sliding test the board’s torsional flex quality. A firmer board will return to the center faster or regain its regular shape.

If you think this is your bend type, this longboard can be the right pick for your style.

Different Levels of Longboard Bend

Longboards have different bend levels so that you can choose according to your preferences and skills.

  • Soft

Longboards with soft bends are not sturdy as other levels. Yet, it has an incredible shock absorption ability, giving you a smooth experience on rough roads.

  • Medium

This level of bend provides an overwhelming sense that offers driving energy to push. Moreover, it gives an effective absorption of stress while riding on rugged roads.

  • Stiff

This is the best bending level for high-speed riding. Also, it is excellent for slopes and high-speed free rides.

Why Do Longboards Bend?

As I’ve already said, the main reason for longboard bend is to give you enough strength and balance over the board. Also, it makes sure you don’t fall while cruising or carving on the ride.

Moreover, different types of flex levels will give you different riding experiences. For instance, at high speed, you’ll have a smoother ride. Furthermore, it has a bouncy push which helps to maintain the ride’s flow.

Are Longboards Supposed to Bend?

This is the most asked question about longboards. Well, longboards are supposed to bend. But interestingly, most longboards user don’t know why it has the potential to do so.

The main reason for the bending is to make the long rides even more comfortable for the users.

Now, you may ask why it has to be more comfortable? When you ride on a longboard for traveling, downhill racing, or long-distance sailing, you need to have complete control of the boards.

If you aren’t comfortable with the ride, you cannot control the board swiftly.

Consequently, while sailing on the board, you’ve to balance; otherwise, there’s always a risk of an accident. Also, you can maintain a good balance if the shock-absorbing quality of a longboard is decent.

This is one of the main reasons longboards are supposed to be bend, which is to have proper balance while riding.

As longboards have three types of bend, as I mentioned earlier, you can choose one as per your riding style, skills, and riding requirements. With the right bend-able board, you can enjoy a stable and well-controlled ride at high speeds.

After knowing why longboards are supposed to bend, you may wonder maybe expensive boards will give you this facility. However, regardless of inexpensive or costly, longboards are designed to bend depending on the flex type.

How Much Flex Does a Longboard Need to be Comfortable to Ride?

In most cases, the most recommended size for beginners is 33′′-38′′. Cause boards of this size range are easy to manage and control.

Besides, you can use a less than 33′′ longboard if you wish to ride on a small cruiser. But, make sure it isn’t too short for the rider.

However, how much flex a longboard needs will depend on your riding style. Also, on which surface you’re riding has equal importance on how much flex it needs.

Is Curvature Necessary on a Longboard?

Longboards must have a concave shape to function well. Longboards with a concave form provide the rider with more grip or traction than a regular board. Furthermore, it allows more ease in sliding, drifting, and turning.

Is Bending Well for Longboards?

For your surfing longboard deck, flex is undoubtedly something that should be taken into consideration. If the board bends, you can go for a lengthy ride without worrying much about the comfort. The added flex will absorb shaking pretty well, which is something you cannot get with a non-flexible board.


Hopefully, you got a total understanding of: are longboards supposed to bend or not. But simply put, longboards are designed to bend to bring you the much-needed stability, balance, boarding skills, etc., for riding.

So, whenever you want to buy a longboard, remember to choose one according to the flex level and type. In that way, you can get the most out of it and enjoy it.

Can You Do Tricks On An Electric Skateboard? Know in Detail!

can you do tricks on an electric skateboard

Many people think that there are many differences between electric skateboards and standard skateboards. But in my opinion, there are no significant differences except for some advantages and motors of the electric skateboard. If you want, you can make your regular skating a little more colorful by applying a few tricks, which will help you to prevent monotonous skating.

Though many people enjoy riding in different ways by using tricks in regular skateboards, but many of us are a little bit confused with electric skateboards that it is possible to apply tricks on an e-board or not. We have arranged this guide about whether can you do tricks on an electric skateboard or not, and many more related things have been shared.

But before understanding the tips and tricks, there are some basic things to know about electric skateboards, so let’s get to know them first.

Can You Do Tricks On An Electric Skateboard? Basics Things You Should Know.!

First of all, before applying any tricks, you must know how to balance on a skateboard properly. In this case, try to keep the foot as accurately as possible to get the ideal balance; your foot can not be separated from the board; push with the front foot to give the direction you want to go and try to balance yourself with the back foot.

Though skating is a lot of fun but put your safety first, take the necessary accessories with you before skating.

Before You Skating:

  • Properly wear all safety gear and helmets.
  • Test the e-skateboard braking systems.
  • Test the e-skateboard speed range.
  • Keep the remote of the e-skateboard in your hand.

Many people suffer from nervousness in skating. Try to keep yourself as peaceful as possible, and believe in yourself that you can. Electric skateboarding is very easy, especially for beginners, so there is no reason to worry or be afraid. First, stand on the skateboard with the correct position as shown above, then keep the speed of the skateboard as low as possible at first, then slowly increase the speed by keeping an eye on your surroundings.

Read the user manuals of skateboard well, especially the part of remote controlling, so that you do not click on the wrong button in the immediate situation. Also, practice regularly in any secluded park or garden to adjust yourself to the board. In the first case, you may fail again and again, but do not give up. This will help you learn how to ride an electric skateboard step by step, and you will get comfortable motorizing the e-board.

When skating, you should not look away or be distracted because you may have to stop suddenly at any time. In other words, when you stop, you must stop slowly or jump off the skateboard in a good position.

5 Easy Electric Skateboard Tricks: You Should To Know!

After adequately maintaining all the above things, you can use the electric skateboard tricks shown below.

1. Shuvit

This is a viral trick, the name of which initially came from a popular skater page. Its original name was Ty Hop. You do not have to do anything to master it, first put your front foot towards the front and keep the back foot slightly wide along the center of the deck.

Then apply arm-twisting on the e-skateboard nose, and push the skateboard with the back foot. It will make the skateboard lean forward and rotate over the truck. Then swivel up to 180 degrees and go back to the previous pose.

2. Ghostride Kickflip

The name says scary, but it’s a lot of fun skating tricks and a very easy trick; just hop off when you are riding. When you are in motion, kick hard under the deck of the electric skateboard so that you can turn your skateboard around, and the skateboard will land back on the wheels.

3. The Lookback

The lookback is called the most stylish trick; you can basically apply it to impress someone or surprise your friends.

To apply the lookback trick, you need to shift your body a bit so that you can ride at a backward angle. Also, before you pull back the skateboard, you can step off the skateboard with your foot. When your skateboard turns and comes back to you, bring your feet back to the top of the deck and rotate forward.

4. Tiger Claw

Though tiger claw is considered as a complicated technique for beginners, but as it is a very attractive electric skateboard trick, everyone wants to do it. You can do this with the traditional deck and the electric skateboard. You need to use your hands as well as your feet for this technique.

You need to learn to skate faster than usual. Since tricks are a bit difficult, we will suggest avoiding it at first. After learning everything about skating then you can apply this trick. 

5. Stand Up Slide

You can apply stand-up slide tricks when you reach downhill speed; I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. For this, when you go downhill, first create momentum, then rotate your legs a little so that you can keep your body sideways and face forward.

Keep weight on your leading leg for as long as you want. Then typically return to the previous position.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the differences between best electric skateboards and regular skateboards?

There are no major differences between an electric skateboard and a regular skateboard; the most significant difference is that an electric skateboard has battery-operated motors and can easily control speed, mode, level, and other things with a remote. There are also some additional features.

On the other hand, there are nothing advanced features in the regular skateboard; it operates manually through the user’s skill.

How hard is it to ride an electric skateboard?

Though it may seem difficult to many, in my opinion, it is much easier to ride a battery-operated electric skateboard than a traditional skateboard. However, at first, it is a bit difficult to adapt; you can easily master all the tricks to manage it in a few days.

How to fall correctly on a skateboard?

There are some precautions to be taken in the case of falling from an electric skateboard, especially if you fall incorrectly. There is a risk of serious injury and terrible damage to the skateboard. So first reduce the speed ultimately with remote, then get down from there.

Can You Do Tricks On An Electric Skateboard?

The short answer is “Yes.” If you want you can learn some special tricks which are suitable for electric skateboards, then you can do tricks on an electric skateboard.

Final Verdict

If you want, you will not be able to learn the tricks in one day; you will need some time to learn everything. We have tried to share simple, fun, and interesting 5 electric skateboard tricks; you can master these, and then if you want, you can also learn advanced tricks to present yourself as more pro skaters. Hopefully, you have gotten the detailed answer of ‘can you do tricks on an electric skateboard.’

How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks With Or Without Tool?

how to tighten skateboard trucks without tool

Most of the time, riders complain that their boards shake and don’t provide the much-needed support. The loosened truck of the skateboard is the most common reason why it happens.

This issue is something that most skaters experience from time to time. So, you will have to check and tighten this part quite often. Knowing how to tighten skateboard trucks is one of the must-have technical knowledge for you as a skater.

Using some most commonly used tools, you can tighten them with ease. Also, there will be other relevant information you need to know about the truck to skateboard safely down the road.

how to tighten skateboard trucks


Reasons Why You Need to Tighten the Skateboard Truck!

Apart from the safety issue, there are several reasons why the truck should be tightened all the time.

  1. Stable and Reliable Turning

A true skater only doesn’t skateboard on a flat surface. The advanced skills also tempt the rider to skate on uneven surfaces. If this is the case for you as well, you might face difficulties and have obstacles while boarding is a normal phenomenon.

A tight truck really helps to overcome such issues. You will be able to turn smoothly while maintaining superb stability. Even if the uneven surface is a long way to finish, it will ease the riding.

  1. Avoid Bites of Wheels

Skaters fall quite a lot when wheels roll harder while touching the board. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, check if the truck is well-tightened or not. Also, you can attempt tricks and stunts without worrying about any stability issues.

  1. Offers Sharp and Speedy Turns

Turning at a decent speed is one of the skills in skateboarding. If you are to acquire this advanced skill, you gotta make sure the truck doesn’t wobble on big ramps.

With no exception, tightening trucks is the much-needed hack here. It will make sure there’s no wobbling, and you feel comfortable while skateboarding on big ramps like a pro.

You can accelerate faster and turn smoothly. You will no longer be worried about frequent turns.

How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks With Skate Tool!

Here’re the steps to tighten a skateboard truck

how to tighten skateboard trucks without tool

Step 1 – Turn the Board

First, you will need to check the truck. How loose is it, and how much torque do you need to apply to tighten it again; these are the things you need to determine first.

For this, be sure to turn the board and locate where the trucks are.

  • Specify the Tightness You Need

Now it’s time to figure out how much your board tilts.

Be sure to shake the truck to see how flexible it is. The point is to make the truck not too flexible and not too stiff.

Keep in mind that whether the truck will be loose or tight will depend on your preference.

If the truck needs tightening, you can use T Shakte Tool and rotate the kingpin to make it tight as it suits your riding style.

  • Get Your Work Done

You might need an adjustment tool to tighten the truck. Generally, skateboard trucks have five bolts. Here are some steps you can follow to tighten your truck.

  1. Firstly, find the kingpin or axle pin of your truck. In general, it’s in the middle of the vehicle. Then remove the peg with a hex key to loosen the truck hook.
  2. Check the truck’s hanger, and remove its bushes. If you find any damage or cracks, you might have to replace the truck. But if it’s solid, you can proceed with the turning process.
  3. Then start spinning the bolt head with the tool. First, you have to rotate the device clockwise to tighten it up. After that, you can tighten the bolt even more according to your preference.

But if you feel that you’ve tightened it up more than what it needs, then turn the bolt counterclockwise to make the adjustment.

  • Analyze and Modify the Setup

The primary purpose of tightening a skateboard truck is to improve stability so that you can ride smoothly.

Having said that, once you’ve tightened the truck and put back its parts, you can hop on the board and do some skating tricks to check how the fixing was. If you’re not satisfied with the result, then repeat the processes mentioned above.

Side Effects of Tightening the Truck

Though there’re so many advantages of tightening the truck, some drawbacks are there as well. The main flaw you’ll see is the lack of flexibility of the board.

As tightening the truck decreases the turning circle, it’ll be harder to turn on your board. And, therefore, you have to turn sharply, which can make you fall if you aren’t skilled enough.

Depending on how you can adopt the change, you may have to consider getting a rear kicker.

How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks Without Tool: Other Possible Solutions of Tightening the Truck!

Tightening is the first solution that comes across when the truck gets loose. But there’re other alternatives. Here you get knowledge about how to tighten skateboard trucks without tool!

  • Replace the Eraser

You may need to replace the eraser if you find any split gums in your skateboard. If the gums are of poor quality, you may have a poor riding experience. Even the gum can damage if it compresses while riding continuously.

Therefore, due to the compression, some erasers distort and hinder the skateboard from running straight.

  • Use of Hard and Strong Eraser

For growing skateboarders, it’s recommended to use harder erasers. The added or additional weight of the rider requires harder gums. After all, the skateboarders don’t remain the same in terms of height and weight. That’s why this upgrade is necessary.

  • Replace the Trucks

You may tighten your trucks frequently to get the optimum result. But tightening the truck cannot solve all the problems regarding skateboarding. You’ll still face issues while riding.

In this case, the only solution is to replace the truck. But if you’re an occasional rider, then repairing the truck will be the cost-efficient option for you.

Tools to Use for Tightening Trucks

how to tighten skateboard trucks without tools

Generally, skateboarders use skate tools to tighten up the trucks. However, it’s not a tough job, so that you can use tools like wrenches and screwdrivers.

That means it doesn’t matter whether you use regular tools or skate tools. But to do the job with more ease, it’s preferable to use skate tools.

Can You Over-Tighten the Skateboard Truck?

Though you can over-tighten the truck of the skateboard, it’s not advisable. If you over-tighten it, you may face some difficulties while boarding.

For example, you cannot turn easily. Moreover, you will have less control over the board, which may cause accidents.

Why Can’t I Tighten My Skateboard Truck?

There are two reasons why you can’t tighten your board. They are:

  • The truck might break
  • Bushing might split

If you’ve somehow broken your truck, you can’t tighten it up. Similarly, another reason can be that over-tightening might split the bushings.

Be sure to get soft bushings for loose trucks and hard bushings for a tighter truck.


If you’ve read this far, I hope you got the idea of how to tighten skateboard trucks and other possible solutions along with it.

But if you’re a beginner, carry the tool with you while skating. You may need it anytime. Once you get used to the process, you’ll understand the required tightness for your riding style.

Ride Safe!